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How I Memorized 500 Bible Verses in One Year and How you too can


When it comes to memorizing scripture, the psalmist put it best:
I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. – Psalm 119:11 NIV

That’s just one of hundreds of Bible verses that many children memorize in Sunday school. This one has stuck with me throughout the years along with many others.

How to cook Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana bitter leaf soup. Good for Liver Cleansing and Blood pressure regulator

Bitter leaf soup is one of the best soups in Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ghana, South Africa and other places. Aside the good taste of bitter leaf when eaten with Eba, Fufu, FunFun, Banku, Semovita, Corn meal, Poundedyam, even Kenke, it has a very useful value in health as it helps in the toning of the vital organs of the body especially the liver and the kidney. 

15 Practical Ways to Be Richer One Year from Today

I got an email from a reader who asked me what it will take him to become richer in the next one year and meet his financial goals from today.  He wants me not only write about it for my readers but also for me to make it in detail for anyone wanting to start his journey to a wonderful living. 
I have looked back into my life and that of others, especially what makes people meet their financial goals and what make them commit financial suicide. What I have been able to find out of experience is that we can speak to our finance and take action about it by taking some very simple actions through discipline. In all, the only true answer is that you need to get started today. The most important step, as always, is to get started.

5 Clear warnings you’re financially unstable and how to deal with them

Finance and money forms a larger part of our lives. Starting a business, running a business, saving money, buying a property, saving for that car, sending your kids to school, borrowing to start a venture or just raising capital for anything important, all forms part of our existence. Stability in finance is one crucial area that most of us shy away from. Unfortunately, in some of our societies, mediocrity and “false riches” are celebrated instead of reality. 

How to quit smoking in one day, saving your life and leaking wallet

Life is sweet. Life is good. And life is wonderful. But we do not know this reality until we get struck with illness that incapacitates us.  There is no doubt there are a lot of deaths resulting from smoking or disease caused by smoking. Yet, we all keep blind eyes as if they do not exist.
I have heard people reason that if their father, uncle, grandpa or mama smoked all through their lives and yet lived long, why would they not also smoke and live long. I am not wring here on  Journey to a wonderful living to ague logic. My goal is to see you have a great life with great health, sound wisdom and become an asset to your children and lay a good foundation for the next generation. In achieving financial success of a high degree, you need sound health to achieve it and also be a resource to people around you. I want you to age gracefully and happily.

7 Negative emotions that makes you remain poor

I have made mistakes in my life. In fact, I am a bunch of mistakes when it comes to life matters and I do not pretend about it. And I know so you are too. We will make mistakes tomorrow in all life issues, especially in our journey to wonderful living in financial freedom. But the truth is that most people are just stuck on issues of financial problems rather than standing and growing through it.

How to live with a winner’s mindset. Become unstoppable.

I am not going to get that job, I know my marriage will not work again. He used to be very kind, loving and caring when we were dating and now he has changed after our marriage. Life is not fair to me and I don’t know why. I am angry with God for making me loose that business. My friends are not treating me good. Why am I created this way…. 

Bread Baking Ingredients and functions Explained

There are bread and there are nutritious bread. Baking is an art. Just as you learn any other skill in life to be successful; you also need to learn the art of baking. However, what you must know is that once you go through the skill of bread baking, you will understand that it is not rocket science or hard.

However, in our trainings, we always first of all take the students through understanding the real structure of ingredients or components that make up a bread loaf.  It is important to know that bread is just a final result of such process or mixing, kneading, proofing, and baking.

Tony Egba, Social Entrepreneur Teaches how to achieve success by design

In the field of life, there are those who are master of none and there are those who are versatile and keep going and growing everyday with impact on the world, especially on the younger generation. It is no gainsaying that most people for fear of tomorrow would want to stay put in paid jobs. But there are those who dare and decided to follow enlightened knowledge  by choosing to live life by design, deciding to live freely, fearlessly and daring to succeed against all odds.

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