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5 Things EDC does in Bread Baking and how to make long lasting, chewy bread

I went to Techiman in Bono East Region of  Ghana to run a One on One Bread Baking Training/Class and met a baker who was baking commercial bread already.  His bread is very small in volume and he had kept wondering why it's like that until he met me.

I showed him how to make Ghc1400 from one bag of 50kg flour, whereas they were struggling with making just Ghc700 from 50kg flour  when the cost of buying a bag of 50kg flour alone as of today is almost Ghc500. I had to give them some secrets, one of which I am revealing here. 

I consulted for an old-timer baker who have been baking for 35 years in Community 5 area of Tema, near Accra and she is also not using industrial ingredients that should make her bread have volume, stretchy, and long lasting. She wondered why her competitor's bread is bigger than hers and more in quantity.

That's what we will discuss today. So read till the end and know  how to get your EDC in your Community.

In my trainings also in Nigeria from Lagos to Warri, Portharcourt to Abuja, it's the same issue and that's what I help clients to solve.

Most people don't know what to add to bread for commercial purpose. Their baked bread does not have volume (not big), not stretchy and don't last long. And they don't know or understand how to increase the number of loaves they get from one bag of 50kg flour. This has led to many bakeries closing down.

Following are what EDC does in your commercial bread baking. If you follow me in my Social Media Page, Chef Henry Omenogor - - Bakers At Work, you would keep reading where I instruct that you should not use bread improvers. Don't waste your money on bread improvers. And don't ever bake bread without using EDC. It's a must.

1. You need EDC to help in binding of gluten protein in dough to maintain production of more gas by yeast in your bread.

With this, your bread volume will expand when baked with a good Galvanized Padded Oven. 

2. EDC stablizes your dough for commercial purposes: More messages and complain I receive from bakers is that of their bread collapsing after baking. Due to their wrong bread recipe and mixing, baked bread is easy to collapse.

EDC will enhance the gluten network structure that keeps the dough stable. And this will result to high quality bread that stands different conditions.

3. EDC helps in giving your dough a strong mechanical operability. This will prevent your dough from being sticky. It makes it firm, dry and elastic. When you mill your dough and it does not come out elastic or stretchy, the baked product will also not be stretchy. EDC helps to give your dough the required industrial elasticity.

4. EDC will give your baked bread an even inner texture. You see some bread with big holes and not so smooth texture inside. These are lack of emulsification.

EDC makes your bread have small holes and rich in texture and improve the colour of your baked loaves.

5. Prolong Shelf - Life. EDC when added to your dough mixing helps to improve your production and also enhances prolonged shelf life or ageing. This combined with Antimould will give your commercial bread the right richness and good shelf life.

6. EDC gives you soft bread. Let me tell you one truth. Customers in any community will consider buying a bread that is soft and chewy. Softness is a requisite for buying bread by customers. 

Bread that is soft with the right bread recipes will not age easily because it has a good tissue and this is an important factor for protein content. 

Making good commercial bread requires you use EDC.  Enzymes are in EDC and they help in breaking down dough starch to give bread soft and long shelf life.


We have EDC, Industrial flavours for Bread as well as Softeners and Antimould in stocks.

EDC: Ghc120/N5,000

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Butter Cream Industria Flavour: Ghc75/Ghc240/N9600

Softener: Ghc50/Ghc120/N6500

Antimould: Ghc75/Ghc150/N4500

Soy flour : Ghc35

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