Practical Bread Baking Video, Books, & Guide For N2,500, Ghc55 Promo. Instant download

Dear Prospective Bakery and Bread Baking Owner, I have used the last five years Teaching Baking and Bakery Science, and Establishing bakeries in Ghana and Nigeria. My physical and Distance Online classes has been result oriented. In reaching more people like you,  I have made all my teachings into PRACTICAL VIDEO,  EBOOKS ON BREAD BAKING AND MANAGEMENT, UNIQUE RECIPES AND BREAD BUSINESS COSTING.

Contact me on WhatsApp: Ghana: 0551689453, Nig. : 09028854666

Or Contact me for One-on-One Private Class for Ghc1800(four days in your home/bakery)

"I got it right. Thanks for the Videos and followup, business is good  ." Kate Osih Accra, Ghana

"Boss, we are grateful. We have created unique bread in our area now. Thank you so much...  Mrs Aisha Ibrahim .. CEO Zhara Gold Bakery, Gwagwalada Abuja...

My mentor, you are too good. With your eBook, I started baking bread rolls by hand and now your Abuja class was an eye opener and teaching was wonderful. .. Mrs Victoria Agada, Jos, 

Thanks k you for your support Chef. We started on a profitable note. Mrs Edu, Ogba

Get this Combo package of: Complete Video, Bread Baking and Bakery eBook, Bread Costing & Bread Business Plan.. 

N2,500/Ghc55, $17 (Limited time offer)

Or buy by contacting me on WhatsApp: Ghana: 0551689453(+233551689453), Nig. : 09028854666.

Contact me on WhatsApp: Ghana: 0551689453, Nig. : 09028854666

Or Contact me for One-on-One Private Class for Ghc1800(four days in your home/bakery)

You can move-up from a beginning home baker to full time commercial  bread maker with profit if you read through and take action today.

Baking a perfect, yummy rich home or commercial bread that lasts ten days (shelf life) is both science and art. Basically,  Bread is baked from four simple ingredients of flour, yeast, water and salt. But making real commercial bread require innovation and creativity to have your bakery and baking business established solidly and operated with sustainable profit.
Because bread making is one of the most challenging, but delicious and lucrative trade in baking industry endeavours, I have turned my trainings, teachings and personal baking experience into a COMPLETE BREAD BAKING VIDEO, BREAD BAKING BEGINNERS TO EXPERT GUIDE AND BREAD COSTING PACKAGE...

This is a rare cookbook and home Video training course with recipes for various tasty collections of bread types  made with  either Hands (without using mixers), made with  Mixers and/or made with Milling machines. This package provides all the processes.

"I am now ready to launch my bread that will stand out from others in Kuforidia.. Thanks Chef.. Oforiwa.

" Your unique ingredients are fantastic. Thanks for this class." Mrs Awul, Kasoa, Accra Ghana.

N2,500/Ghc55, $17 (Limited time offer)

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N2,500/Ghc55, $17 (Limited time offer)

Or buy by contacting me on WhatsApp: Ghana: 0551689453 (+233551689453), Nig. : 09028854666

"Thank you sir for this. You will not understand what I have learned within this short course. Things I have read without understanding before now, you made them so simple.. .. Freda, CEO, Feredas Bakery, Benin.

"I am so happy to inform you that we have kicked off and our revamped bakery is working. We bake 3 bags on daily basis now.. Esther Ezekiel, Manager, Tob Bakery.

"Now I bake smooth bread and business has increased. Pls I need more of the emulsifiers.. Thank you chef. Mrs Aighambge, Wieja. Greater Accra, Ghana.

" I am happy I came back from the UK and established this bakery with all knowledge from you. We now bake and supply to the sorounding  villages.. Mrs Juliana, Kumasi.

"Our bread has been accepted now. Sales increasing daily. Thank you so much for coming to train me at home"... Petra, Santase, Kumasi

"Chef , thank you, the investment is worth it. Business is great.. " Mrs Florence, Garu, Upper East Ghana

This Video and Book package takes you from the scratch through starting a profitable bakery, organising your bakery and making your first yummy commercial bread.

It gives you among others step by step baking of your local bread as well as creative loaves - Butter, Sweet(Sugar) bread, Sardine, Fruit, Agege, Tea Bread, Wheat Bread.

Complete Bread Baking Video: Watch me as I yeah and bake practicably. This video has produced many bakers doing wonderfully well today.

Bread Baking eBook.. this book is well detailed and showcases equipment and step by step guide of various recipes, science of baking, management, and running of a bakery. Here you will find tricks and guides you need to know..

Bread Baking Costing Guide. Know how to calculate profit and margins and how to know how many loaves you will get from 4kg, 12.5kg, 25kg and 50kg.

This bread cookbook and Video package includes:

  • Bakery Research and Type―Discover the type of bakery you should run in your community. You don't have to break the bank. Start small and grow. Understand different sizes and types of bakery you should operate based on your budget and community demands.

  • Tools and Equipments -You don't need all of the equipments to run a successful bakery if you have a small budget. What you need is basic equipments. Every baker need to understand how each equipment works and how to buy them at affordable prices.  Don't buy baking equipment without reading this book.

  • General and Commercial Bread Ingredients:  Why do people rush a particular bread and the other is not selling? The reason is the SECRET INGREDIENTS no baker is ready to tell you and that's what makes their bread fluffy, flavorful and yummy. That's what makes their bread chewy and can last for a shelf life of ten days fresh.

  • Recipes and Bread Baking Process: How to bake bread, science of bread baking and what happens inside the mixing, inside the oven and after cooling till packaging processes.

  •  Percentage and Formula for 4kg, 12.5Kg, 25Kg and 50kg. This is where most people get frustrated and confused. You will have the percentage of ingredients and quantity worked out and given to you as well as where to buy the items easily in your community

  • Watch me bake bread from the scratch and follow me till I bake it . The Video covers this step by step explanatory guide. 

  • Moving Up―How to move from novice to beginner and then to a full commercial bakery owner. How I did it and how you can.

  • Bread Baking Business CostingSome of us bakers invest and do not make profits. You need to know how to calculate and understand how quantity of bread that should be baked from one bag of 50kg flour

  • FAQ and Troubleshooting:   FAQs in the eBook addresses issues from baking challenges ranging from bread spoiling, smelling alcohol, types of ovens and how to bake with them, why bread gets deflated at the center, get burnt, how many loaves you should have from one bag of flour etc.

  • Licensing: Most people get discouraged when they think of licensing.  This section teaches you how to get NAFDAC or FDA number the easy way if and when you decide to get it.

  • Packaging and Marketing your Bread: Baking nice bread is one aspect, a greater aspect is in how to package and sell your baked goods. This section addresses how to go about getting your quality nylon or rubber and how to design your branded package smoothly. And various ways to market your Bread and retain customers.

Founder of Bakers@work Bakery and Baking Academy, Chef Henry OMENOGOR, author of several best selling books and distinguished instructor have been a leader in Healthy and  Rich Bread Movement in Africa for years. He keeps refining recipes daily  to be better than yesterday and this is what he has also brought into this package. I have dedicated my life to this mission of establishing bakers and bakeries.

N2,500/Ghc55, $17 (Limited time offer)

Contact me on WhatsApp: Ghana: 0551689453, Nig. : 09028854666

Or Contact me for One-on-One Private Class for Ghc1800(four days in your home/bakery)

Or buy by contacting me on WhatsApp: Ghana: 0551689453(+233551689453), Nig. : 09028854666

This price is a promo price and will go up very soon.
Take action today

To your success.
CEO, Bakes@work 

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