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45 Ways to make your first $100, $200 online and lessons from the expert models

In keeping with my Life Purpose which is also fused into this blog, I will first quote two mentors that will guide me and you in understanding my purpose of writing this post. I live by these two principles.

 “I will write with honesty and feeling.” – Ted Nicholas.
The opinion of others does not matter. What matters is the number of people that I can help by sharing advice and encouragement in my writing.  Craig Ballantyne

And my life purpose is:
To live consciously with sound mind, vibrantly give love, compassion and kindness. And bring out the Great Spirit within others to live their best and to know myself and my creator. And finally to leave this world in peace… Henry Omenogor

The journey to your first online dollar

Starting a business online and making money from it is looked at from various perspectives by different people from different countries. However, the model that work is the same. And one of the best ways to start anything and become successful in it is to get the shortest cut, discovering the secrets from those who have done it. This is call piggy backing.

I am not talking about all the dot com get-rich-quick schemes you read online on how they made money without doing anything or systems that promise to make you rich over night without lifting a finger. No that is not the ways of making $100, $200 that I  I am going to talk about. I am talking about starting your own business online and making money. 
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I am talking about the real ways to make money from your online business. So I am going to be showing you the perfect methods that work and what you can also replicate as outstanding business model. 

I am also going to be showing you experts who use the models and how you can also follow them and afterwards, we will look at the various ways to make money online fast.
If you are interested in knowing how to make your first $100, $200 online fast, then lets get started now.

Craig Balantyne Uses Inbox Magazine Model:  Craig Ballantyne is the quintessential editor at the Inbox Magazine classic, Early To Rise where he has been writing inspirational and life changing articles that are sent to your inbox since 2011. He brought to Early to Rise his skill and expertise in Strength & Conditioning coaching as well as Turbulence Training. Craig makes money through various method ranging from sponsored posts, advertising, writing for other platforms including  Men’s Health magazine, as well as Maximum Fitness and Oxygen magazines. 

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Paula Pant uses Passive Income Method: One of the best models of most financial and frugal living bloggers uses is passive income and Paula Pant of Blog is a genius in this. She knows her onion and you can start your first $200 online income challenge with her model. Paula rocks the definition of Passive Income as money that flows into your pocket while you’re sleeping. Or eating. Or eating cake while sleeping (a Nobel-worthy achievement in its own right).

Her concept is that instead of trading time for money doing anything, it is best to set up a system that will enable you work today and the reap from it continuously even while you are traveling the globe having fun. This is why setting up a blog and making money online is one best method.

Hey, it is not just enough to set up a blog. But you must write great content, I emphasize once again here. Paula talks about her core business which she is good at. She is the Real Estate Diva who believes that you should have others do the work while you enjoy getting paid from the fruit of your labor. To make your first $100, $200 and then increase and continue to make much more of it on daily, weekly and yearly basis, set up a system that rewards you for working hard today so you can reap the rewards for decades into the future.

John Lee Dumas of (EOF) is an online money maker extraordinaire. He banks $139,000 monthly writing about Entrepreneurship, Online Business Tips and Biggest of all running a Podcast. He is well respected and his model works. He established himself as one of the best in online business with his two epic products EOFire podcast  which commands quality sponsorship as well as his "Podcaster's Paradise" course which sells to net him monthly income of $200,000  on the average.

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John’s method of making money online is simple. He is not leveraging and concentrating on traffic, but providing  quality and premium content and products.
Taking to John’s model to make your first $200 online and massively launching into big income will require you to set up your own blog, position yourself as a brand and make money selling product that command real income.

Pat Fleming is another passive income earner who started small in 2008 and grew his blogging online business to one that nets him $150,000 monthly. Pat’s method can be modeled when you study his blog and think big. Pat has several blogs that nets him his monthly income from podcasting and blogging on internet marketing. He has several sites including, SecurityGuardTrainingHQ and a host of others. 

His main site called should be your model to starting and making your first $200 online and then increase it. Set up your niche blog, grow your blog farm and start selling your ebook, services, podcast of page content sponsorship as well as affiliate marketing.

The Queens of Online Income Models

I will like to show you three queens of online income whom you can model. Some are accidental income earners who wanted to start a hobby and just reach audiences. But they ended up becoming super motivators, inspirations as well as real income earners from the blogs. Women starters get their motivations from these online amazons who have several peculiar secret to their money making skills. They have set goals, they follow these goals and they are open to learning new methods that works and they apply these methods to increase their online business value and brand.

And the two biggest plus attitudes they have is that they are not afraid to fail with their can-do attitude as well as they believe in positive thinking that all that happens to them in their online business journey good or bad pushes them to the next level for success.

Jeff Ross of GoodFinancial Cents  started herblog to get clients to his Finance Advice Firm and wanted to use his blog to educate people and sell her services. But ended up making over $1,000,000 in less than a decade from that blog. She started making her first $200 from Google Adsense. The way to start here with making money from google adsense is not to set up a blog and expect to start making money immediately.

The right way is to write passionately to address an audience in a niche you love and have some level of knowledge. You could post once a day to once a week, but your content should be worth reading by your audience who would always have the reason to follow your updated post. Unique and not copycatted content is what will bring your site to search engines. Put yourself in the position of your readers who would also find your site through searching for your content. This is what the single mother of two Jeff Ross does well as she already know that content is king. Blogging is hard work and not for the slovenly. 

When I started Journey To Wonderful Living Blog, I find myself writing 500 words, some scrappy but I took it very serious to start writing contents that are rich and longer post ranging from 2000 to 5000 when I learned from the professional advice of Derek Halpern, the I intelligent founder of and this started to give me search links from various search engines.

Another way to start is the Food Blogging Model from Lindsay Ostrom who nets about $30,000 monthly from her blog which she started 5 years ago and started earning little income but got inspired with her passion for food and photography, she is the founder of
Lindsay’s model is to set up a system and start driving traffic to the system from followers she took time to grow from Instagram and Pinterest platforms where all sums to about 100K followers. Because of the high traffic, she is able to make money from Affiliates such as BlueHost for webhosting as well as from

Lindsay’s model is to focus also on using images and keep blogging and adding premium content till you get to that big breakthrough stage.

Michelle Gardner is an Amazon when it comes to blogging and online income. She has been running her blog  for years and she keeps sharing quality content on frugal living. The Financial blogger nets about $15,000 monthly from doing what she knows best and that is making money, living a good life and making yourself happy. Some of her best posts include among others as MakingExtra Income which she post on the average of 8 to 10 times monthly for her teaming audience.

If you want to model your online income to Michell’s, then you should be looking at setting up a blog that makes money from Affiliate income, product sales as well as selling advertising space. There are also several CPM ad networks you could also use to make money from your own bl is owned by an Infopreneur who writes and sells information from her online platform. I love Regina Anaejionu’s model of online income and anyone who is interested in making money online and want to move from $0 to $200 and then six figures should model her.
Regiina model is to own a blog as a business and educational selling platform and then sell her epic course through her social media and blogging expertise.

Let us now look at the other ways you can earn your first $200 online and fast.
Create your blog and sell a service
Sign up and promote Hosting Services such as Hostgator and BlueHost
Join Adsense or use Adsense Partner 

Use Adsense alternative Ad Networks including,,, and

Enroll with Ezoic which is an Adsense certified Partner

Write a book and sell on your own website using payment processing platforms such as AmazonKindle, Clickbank, 2checkout

Sign up and promote affiliates such as Amazon Associates, Clickbank, Commission Junction, ShareaSale etc

Start Creating Blogs for others. You can build a blog as this one – Start Your Own Business Magazine or Journey To Wonderful Living - you are reading with just a domain name and zero hoating with google domain. Yes, I built this blog for only a domain name of $10 and then my expertise service.  Want to have tours? Send me a mail to syobizng @ gmail
com. -- Please close it up when sending.

If you want a blog as this set up for you, contact me and I will set up your own blog for only one time $30 and the you pay for only domain name continuously on your own on yearly basis.
Sell Advertising space on your blog using

Become a financial consultant by using your blog to sell your advice to others. This is what ChristainPF is doing.

Write and sell your coaching, seminar or online course on your blog

Start your own podcast

Develop Aps and sell online

Write about money making and make money from it like

Start a Domain Registration company by joining

Own your online news site like

Start a member’s only website

Become a web designer or developer

Sign up at Fiverr and sell your services or expertise there for minimum of $5

Create crafts such as Teddy Bears and sell them online. Learn how to make things at

Buy and sell domain names at

Create and sell sites at Flippa

Finally I leave you with the words of Ted Nicholas  and Craig Ballantyne   again.
“I will write with honesty and feeling.” – Ted Nicholas. 

The opinion of others does not matter. What matters is the number of people that I can help by sharing advice and encouragement in my writing.  Craig Ballantyne

Let me have your thought

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