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21 Things you must change in your life to succeed in 2016 and beyond

One of the best decisions to take is to be able to set goals in the next 12 months and reach it. Your life is one with hope and success is not negotiable because you were wonderfully created on earth to dominate in any area you decide to follow. But many will wish to succeed instead of taking action and changing some things about themselves.  

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No greatness comes by mere wishing. You need to take very conscious decision with clear set goals in order to succeed. In fact, the truth is that you were created and packaged in an era that success is simplified already. All you need to do is to know the secrets and follow them.  If you dare to succeed and take the right action with readiness to pay the price, there is no limit to your success. 

While some people will make resolutions for next two months, six months or a year from now, nothing will change except you change. Following are 21 things you must do or change in your life in order to succeed in 2016 and beyond.

1. Think Big: This is one of the very strong secret to success. You have been playing small for long, It is time for you to think big, I mean very big. Most people see themselves from other people’s eyes and are caged with little people mentality.  See yourself as that millionaire, that breakthrough-guy and that super human as well as the CEO of a big company. Believe in yourself and your dreams. Dream big and see your potential actualized, What I would want you to do is to take your book called Dream Book and write down what you want to achieve financially the next six months to one year from now. Write in on your book, pieces of papers or a vision board and past it close to your bed, carry one in your wallet or pocket, use it as screen saver or wall paper on your system  and visualize that dream as if you are there already and feel it. Close your eyes each morning as you visualize and speak to that dream to give it life. This way, the subconscious will attract exactly what you want and opportunities will start showing up. Let me say this, wishing is different from taking action. When you want a specific amount you want in your bank account in the next six months or one year, write the exact amount and date you want it and how you will go about getting it, Do not limit yourself as you write this. Just write freely and never bring the feeling of doubt. Once you do this, a road map will be down.

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2. Take Action: As a bread baker, I know how and what it took me to start my bread baking dream. I started by looking for where to learn the art of bread baking and approached several people who would teach me. I never learned it from get-rich-quick promoters but with someone who was already in business successfully. When I finished, I went to take more classes from two more bakers and started practicing. In order to make a difference next year, you must be ready to take action practically and not wish that all situations are perfect. The time to start is now, If it has to be done, it is now!

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3. Pay a Big Price: This is why most people are not succeeding in their endeavor, If you must make a big difference, you must be ready to pay the ultimate price. No venture, no success. In fact, it has been proven that the bigger the price you are prepared to pay, the bigger the breakthrough that is worthwhile. Inventions that changed the world came through failures, criticisms, losing relationships and being humiliated. But your readiness to pay that price will enable you to be very ready and prepared to pay any price that your big dream requires. If you are ready to pay the price, it means you will persevere, endure and pres on till you get to that big goal.

4. Destroy Fear in your life: One of the biggest item that holds men back from their potential and reaching their life dreams is FEAR. And in most cases, fear is not real and what you even fear will never happen. Great men have fears too, but the difference between big and small dreamers is that the bigger ones follow through even with that fear and succeed. What do you fear, write it down and destroy that fear. There is light at the end of the tunnel. If you don’t destroy fear in your life, it will destroy you. Take a big leap and destroy that fear for a greater breakthrough.
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5. Re-examine your life purpose: Most people live aimlessly in life because they do not have a life purpose. Once you do not have a purpose, then life become meaningless and you are tossed here and there,  You will start living your life by other people’s terms as well as society’s expectation instead of your personal expectation. You can read How to find your purpose in life. I mean what you were created by God to be and do. It is sometimes hard than just normal to do this. But go ahead to do it anyway.

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6. See Yourself as Super Human: God created you perfectly and he said before He formed you in your mother’s womb, He knew you, He also said His thought towards you is not of evil but of good and you will have an expected end. He also said “.. Ye are Gods”. The bible also say that Christ in you the hope of glory, As far as I am, you are God you are creative, See yourself as being wonderfully and lovingly made as a superhuman. You are creative and you are on this earth as an important person. Never see yourself as an ant but a giant, Act it and have that confidence.

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7. Have self love: Most people go through depression over issues of life that has happened before now. The past is past, Stop that depressive sate, that hate and start loving yourself as that will increase your inner self worth about yourself. Love yourself so much to the extent of kissing yourself if possible and see you can love other unconditionally. Forgive yourself of past mistakes and set backs as well as regrets and start living. Success is anchored on  self love and loving others, You become light when your forgive yourself and others/

8. Quit Smoking: Your health is very important if you want to be successful. Learn now to quit smoking. Read how to quit smoking in one day here

Kill all negative Emotions from your life: Emotions like Anger, jealousy, envy as well as covetousness are some of the causes of illness in humanity, Be happy with others and learn to adapt with them.

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9. Become an Inverse Paranoid: As an inverse paranoid, you see life as being wicked, you see all happenings as negative. But becoming an inverse paranoid will make you to  start seeing all happenings as being situations that are pushing you closer to your good goals and destiny for good. You start seeing positive in every negative situations of happenings. Sometimes, when God want to send you to your life purpose or success, he could package your greatness and success in troubles. Did someone hate you or disrespected you or do not like you or criticize you, just take it that they are pushing you closer to your success in life. Live positive.

10. Read Two Books A Week: If you start reading two books each week for the next , you would have ended up reading 104 books in one year. This is knowledge, wisdom and mentoring from people you have not met. Books changes life.  One of the books I would like you to read is by  Thomas K. Stanley, Ph. D and Willaim D, Dabko, Ph. D. This book will no doubt change your life. Read Battle Field of the mind by Joyce Myer.

11. Take Responsibility: Stop blaming others for your failures and why you did not succeed in the past. Take responsibility for your failure, actions and make a change. Never expect others to change but try as much as possible to change yourself for good.

12: Stop trying to be perfect and not make mistakes. This is mediocrity, We are all bunch of mistakes and so you should accept your mistakes and use them as tools for success. Stop being a perfectionist. Do not judge yourself and never allow other people

13.Stop taking opinion about you to be who you are. Be who you were made to be as original. There is no other you on earth. You are wonderful and be free. Fly like the eagle and not like a chicken. You were born to shine in this life

14. Get mentors and follow them: Decide to select your mentor. You can get mentors by reading their books or writing to them that you want them to be your mentor. Some will reject you and I advise you should never mind. Work with your mentor in terms of your goal in life.  This could also be through attending their workshop and seminars and getting their tapes.

15: Resolve Never to gossip or put people down: Only little people gossip and talk negative of others. Never do it as this could back fire on your success. When you meet those who gossip about others, just change the topic and be careful not to fall into gossip net.

16: Bounce back from your setbacks and mistakes: You can learn how to bounce back from life’s setbacks and mistakes. Life is like onion, peel it. You Will go through life adversities. But how you handle them is what matters. I use the formula called E+R=O meaning, Event plus Reaction equals Outcome, How you react to events in your life will make or mar you. Download my book on How to Bounce Back From Life’s Setback and Mistakes.

17:  Quit From Toxic Relationships: There are people around you who are toxic and negative minded. Unless you do away with them, you will continue to live like a mediocre. They are the ones that tell you that your dream is too big, not good, pull you down, gossip about you, make you feel you are worthless, shout you down on your next big ideas, tells you it cannot be done that way, are jealous and envious of your breakthrough. They are toxic and the more you bring them closer, you will certainly not perform at your peak.

18: Have a Clear goal in the next 5 years: It is important to define where you are going to be in the next 6 months to five years and write down plans on how to get there. The bible says my people perish for lack of knowledge. Be ready to pursue your goals with all your strength as if it was impossible to fail.

19: Learn New Skill and Attend Seminars: Yes, each year, you must try to learn at least one new skill. I do not mean just getting knowledge. I mean a skill that will give you money in the future or now. Instead of buying get-rich-quick books about making money online, it is better you learn a skill that will carry you. I dropped my certificate, went for practical training on Bread Baking and started baking my bread. This is a business that can sustain you now and in the future as you grow from it. It sells anywhere you find yourself, even when you relocate to the village, city or another country. Stop attending seminars that teaches you how to make all the money in one day or how to make millions in one day or get rich just in one day as they are actually meant to get your money. Take courses that are practical and start real business.

20: Pursue a single goal at a time: One of the major causes of failure is to start two or more project of dreams at the same time. You can segment and start with one with a written time frame and goal. If you are divided in terms of untiring your life dream or purpose, you may become jack of all trade and master of non.

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