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How to quit smoking in one day, saving your life and leaking wallet

Life is sweet. Life is good. And life is wonderful. But we do not know this reality until we get struck with illness that incapacitates us.  There is no doubt there are a lot of deaths resulting from smoking or disease caused by smoking. Yet, we all keep blind eyes as if they do not exist.
I have heard people reason that if their father, uncle, grandpa or mama smoked all through their lives and yet lived long, why would they not also smoke and live long. I am not wring here on  Journey to a wonderful living to ague logic. My goal is to see you have a great life with great health, sound wisdom and become an asset to your children and lay a good foundation for the next generation. In achieving financial success of a high degree, you need sound health to achieve it and also be a resource to people around you. I want you to age gracefully and happily.

The very first question to ask is this: Is it worth it to take that puff and blow it away, leaving a tick of it in your lung? Is it really worth it to smoke?  The answer is No! While many us us know that it is a bad habit and a dangerous habit to our health, we still indulge in it, struggling to quit or not to quit or blindly ignoring it.What a great tragedy?
My problem with Cigarette Companies:
I have encountered a cigarette called Death while in the University. The pack of this Cigarette tells it all, as it has a human face drawn on the pack half skull and half human with a message that reads “Cigarette smoking causes Death”. And then in our community, various brands of this killer sticks float around while they are all written with the message “Tobacco Smokers are liable to die young”, while in India, the message is Cigarette smoking is injurious to your health. Yet Governments allow them to produce and pay tax heavily at the detriment of the society.

How we all started
Once you have gone through long years of smoking, the truth is that most people would not know how it all started with that single puff that led to this long walk to destruction. While some of us started it in the college, some kicked off in high schools and others were due to peer pressure in most cases.

Some of us were just adventurous and that was the spark. Unfortunately, addiction is a terrible mess that can destroy dreams of great minds with self delusion.
Some started smoking through showmanship and some kicked off with just observing someone whom they admire so much who is addicted to smoking too. Imitation!

Harmful effect of Smoking
Smoking will not only have you dead, it will suck into your bank account dry.  It will also leave your loved ones in confusing of why they could not help you from that harmful habit when you are gone. 

If you are a passive smoker or a heavy smoker that carries your pack each day, I will like you to consider sitting down and calculating just your six months of smoking and summing up your money to see where those money had disappeared to. You will discover that you have also used your money to buy poor health. You have had a leaking wallet through a harmful habit that started with one puff in back in the days.

Now once you have done the above math, I would want you to further multiply the number of months you have smoked since you started till date with the number of years and see how much you have lost buying cigarette alone to kill yourself.

If you cannot decide to stop smoking from today, I want you to know that addiction is enslavement and letting cigarette rule your entire life will lead you to financial loss and eventually death which will be a complete loss to your loved ones. What about the dreams you were born on earth to achieve? Will it just die like that? 

 How then do you quit smoking?
Addiction is a very hard thing to get rid of and I already know this. But when you place your health and wealth plus what your loved ones and you will benefit from quitting smoking, then it is worth the effort. All you need is the will power, and discipline and you will achieve it.

Two types of Quitters
There basically two types of quitters in terms of habits. I will categorize them into the Dog and the Lion.

By nature, dogs will always vomit and go back to its vomit. The Dog-like Quitters are those who will quit through New Year resolutions, impromptu decisions. They tell everyone around them of their quitting smoking and then in few days or weeks, they are back to the habit and too fully.

The Lion Quitters are those who are determined to go for what they want and meet their goals, They are people with positive mindset and discipline, even when the road to quitting is challenging.  They set one month goals of abstinence, and then after the one month, they move to two months, six months, one year and then they are off the hook. This is the way to quit smoking.

One of the best ways to quit smoking that has worked well is that developed by Los Angeles the Hypnotherapist Kery Gator who have helped several celebrities including Aaron Eckhart, Ed Norton, Emily Procter, Jerry Ferrara, Katie Cassidy and Martin Sheen to  quit smoking. The Kerry Gaynor Method - The Doctor Recommended way to QUITSMOKING FOR LIFE - No withdrawals, Cravings, or Weight Gain, guaranteed - StopSmoking and Start Living and take control of your health today.

Research: What happens to your body when you quit smoking?
Quit for 20 Minutes of Smoking and your blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal

Quit for 8 Hours and Oxygen in your blood returns normal

Quit Smoking for 24 hours and Carbon dioxide in your system is eliminated. This will result in your longs clearing smoking debris including Mucus

Quit for 48 hours and nicotine is completely flushed out of your body and you can taste and smell things normally unlike when you are in the habit.

Quit for 72 Hours, and your breathing becomes smooth and easy. You will notice that your bronchia tubes begin to relax and your will have increased energy.

Quit smoking for 2-21 weeks and your circulation improves throughout your body, increase your strength and energy for walking and running as well as climbing stairs

Quit for between 3 to 9 Months and see that coughs, breathing and breathing  related problems are eased as your lung will start working in an improved for up to 10%

Quit for 5 years and heart attack reduces to half of that of a smoker

Quit for 10 years and see that the risk of heart attack will be just like someone who never smoked before.

Staying Cool As you fight breaking the rule
It is not going to be easy with your quitting but you must be determined to quit. In order to stay cool and focus on your goal for health, wealth and happiness, you will need to be positive.The decision is just one day and it is today.

Meditate to be calm: Meditating each morning and night will help you stay cool when you fight the urge to go back and take a stick. Just close your eyes and meditate and see yourself with the Universe or God helping you to stay for the day without smoking, Meditate for success and good result on your journey to a smoke free life. Do this in a quiet place in the morning when you wake up and then before you sleep at night.

Exercise: Exercise will help your body mechanism to speed up with detoxification. And I will also advise that you take enough water after your exercise in order to burn out your system through sweat.

Question your smoking motive today and defeat smoking
The fundamental question and action to the answer will help you to decide today to quit smoking and take it gradually.
Why do I smoke?
How did I start smoking?
When will I stop?
What date do I put an end to smoking
How will I discipline myself?
Who will influence me to smoking?
Where will I always avoid quitting smoking?
Who will be my support and monitoring for me to quit smoking?
Write to me if you want to quit smoking and need a support.

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