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7 Negative emotions that makes you remain poor

I have made mistakes in my life. In fact, I am a bunch of mistakes when it comes to life matters and I do not pretend about it. And I know so you are too. We will make mistakes tomorrow in all life issues, especially in our journey to wonderful living in financial freedom. But the truth is that most people are just stuck on issues of financial problems rather than standing and growing through it.

Most financial troubles come from bad decisions you have made earlier and some continue to make such mistakes till even as they read this unconsciously.
Mistakes in your finance that results from your emotion, especially negative emotion is had to cure unless you realize and address it.

Below are what you need to look into and ask yourself if you are a victim or victor as they could be causing you to remain poor.

You are afraid of your FEARS
According to my world renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown, most people are living in quiet desperation from fear. You are afraid to invest your money because you fear you will lose them. Yet you are never afraid of entering a commercial bus or driving your own car due to accident. So what are you scared of.  You are not afraid of being hit by a car when you go out.
You need to be able to destroy your fear. Fear stems from logic and procrastination and you need to destroy them before they destroy. In order to eradicate fear of losing money in any business investment, you need to get a proper financial education. You need to educate yourself. Fear will cripple you and make you a mediocre.

All you need to do here is to learn, understand and start investing or building your business with faith. I would want you to also know that you can fail your way forward by starting and failing and learning on the business. This is what makes you a champion.

Kill Greed
Most people are at the risk of losing what they have because of greed. In simple term, greed mean wanting more than what is necessary in all circumstances. Why will you want more of what you have already? Live moderately, live contently and kill greed.

Greed has brought sorrows to many business men and woman who want success. There is no way you will get enough of money and so you mush shun greed. Instead of focusing on being greedy, my advise is that you should focus on having the money that can buy you want. Wanting to amass wealth in greed will lead you to vain living and wealth gotten by vanity will diminish according to the scripture. When you practice enlightened wealth as thought by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen in their classic book Cracking the Millionaire Code, you will realize that the essence of making money is first to use it for the good of humanity. And when you make money for humanity, you will not be greedy and will not also lose it as you allow it circulate for the good of the world.

What you should focus on is not lots of money stashed in your bank account, but rather focuses on giving your family a wonderful future.

You are an exceptionally good person. The world has been made for you to dominate. You were created with bunch of talent and you are living in this world in one of the best time where you can exhibit your god-given potential easily and globally. You have “angels” in the globe waiting for what you have to give to the world. You are unstoppable and wonderful. 

If you feel excited about the above, I see know reason you should not be hopeful for a great future. If you now know that the future is great for you, it is time to marry action with your hope. Hopelessness kills dreams and gives weakens your foundation and then you give up.
Inventions, breakthroughs, technologies and books that you have access to today never came to reality through hopelessness. They had faith in their goals and went through various challenges to accomplish them and so you can. You were created in this world with power and you should be able to unleash your Potential.

I have encountered a lot of people who have told me they want to be financially free, but it ends there as they never take action to actualize their dreams. So they are real dreamers but not action takers.

I have always said it that the only way to get that hope into action is to start now and work hard. 

Living like Lots Wife - REGRET

Most people see themselves negatively and so people finally see them that way. Mistakes are a part of life but seeing yourself from the life of mistakes of yesterday will keep you perpetually poor. Yesterday is gone. You have now and future and as far as I am concerned, your future is wonderful and great.

Never see yourself with the eyes of yesterday. Lots wife in the bible looked back against the instructions that they leave without looking back and she turned to salt. Stop being a mould of salt and keep moving towards your goal.

Your mistakes of yesterday are passed. Just learn from them and move on with your life and financial future. 

You will encounter business failures and mistakes, but you should not look at that and miss your goals. High achievers see these challenges as stepping stones to greater success.
All of us have that feeling, and it can be as small as missing a party you’re supposed to attend, or as large as wishing you never invested in a particular company that turned out to be a scam.
You should aspire and perspire to be a better person, a better business person and decision make rather than dwelling in your past.

You are plagued with other people’s success - JEALOUSY
One of the negative emotions that brings most people down financially is jealousy. Jealousy is a sickness and once you are addicted to it, it becomes very hard to kill. It eats into your spirit and soul and causes you not only sickness but poverty. 

Jealous people are everywhere. They do not want their friends or anyone to achieve financial freedom except themselves only, You want to be celebrated alone and question why it has to be the other person that is making progress financially instead of you. Jealousy is evil and you must change your thinking to change your life. Once people notice you are jealous, it is going to affect your relationship, health and finance finally.

This is a spiritual principle and you just need to be happy at the progress of others in order to have more of it in return.

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