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How to live with a winner’s mindset. Become unstoppable.

I am not going to get that job, I know my marriage will not work again. He used to be very kind, loving and caring when we were dating and now he has changed after our marriage. Life is not fair to me and I don’t know why. I am angry with God for making me loose that business. My friends are not treating me good. Why am I created this way…. 

These are questions that come to most people in our society at large today. W e have all bee victim of this negativity.
In your community, you seem to know about those people around you who are seemingly “lucky” or so. They seem to always get what they want. They are winners. And you have wondered why it is not you who is winning all the way. The only answer to this is no secret but they have a winner’s mindset.

From the ages, winners are never quitters and all the winners you know have confidence and positive attitude that things will work out for them and it does. You need to believe in yourself and further make others believe and have confidence in you.

Hey! let me say this. Because we are born negative in our society, most people who exhibit self confidence are looked at as being arrogant.  And this has also killed most people’s ability to show their talents and skills in the society.  This stems from the fear of your not being judged by others. A man or woman with a winning attitude does not fear perception. They live their lives to the fullest flying and soaring all through tough times, challenges and hurdles.

If you must show your skill, it is going to be entirely different from showing off to people or just trying to be important, Trying to be important is arrogance but when you show genuine self-confidence, you should not be afraid.

There is a great difference between reality and faking. Society can always decipher this. Someone who has accomplished a lot genuinely will not show off and so will never pretend as over time it shows and that differentiates the fake from the real.

Why will I say the above after all and what is the connection with being a winner?
So what do any of these have to do with having the winner’s mindset?

A winner is different from a fake. A winner set goals and work towards that goal with diligence, hard work, perseverance and consistency. Winners earn “winnership” and winning has substance to show to others.  

Now that I have said the above, I know  you will now be asking the question below.

How Can I then Have a Winners Mindset when I have not accomplished much in my life yet? In fact, how can I build that reputation to earn winnership?

I have said the solution far above and I am going to stress on it here.

Recipes for Winner’s Mindset:
In my experience on life and that of others, both native and artificial intelligence simply teaches that you have to work hard and sacrifice a lot in order to make success and be a winner. The secret of the ages from Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Napoleon Hills and King David, Joseph and other great minds is just the same. Hard work, Discipline, Consistency and Strong Believe that it will work out good far even before you get to the goal.

Hard Work
Hard work in its simple meaning is working and working to achieve your goal irrespective of how challenging and what challenges you are going to face.  You must see every challenge that will come your way as a leap into the next level.  The difference between ordinary dreamers and realist is that winners are willing to stay on course and unchanging from their goals no matter what it takes. They work much more than others to achieve what others will not achieve. They are ready to pay the price. They start early and close late than others.  This way, you are able to gain the respect and admiration of your friends and peers.

Discipline is your ability to stay focus without being distracted from your goal. You want that goal achieved by all means. You will have to adopt a discipline lifestyle to be able to accomplish what you set yourself to do, You must be on fire. Live for what you want and discipline yourself to attain it. Winners do not quit. They stay, they learn, they ask questions and they are steadfast to get what they want.  Once you have discipline, you will not procrastinate and you will not also use your time for things of lesser value. Winners are disciplined. Even when you have the  ability to work harder than others but you do not have discipline, you will not go too far. Therefore adopt a self discipline life.

Persistence is a very important ingredient of a winners mindset. You must be consistent, and must insist on going on no matter what is presented to you. Winners never quit and so always persist. In a race, one person must be a winner. He will always persist. Deep down that winner is continuous practice even after the normal practice hours. He learns, thrive and move on even when he stumbles.  

You are a Star, Therefore think like a star. Become Unstoppable

If you know what you have inside of you, you will never lose again. You have been created with bunch of special talent, brought to this earth specifically to where you were born for a reason and as far as I know, you are unstoppable. You do not need to live in quiet desperation, hoping that you will always follow others.  All you need to get started today with winning is to develop yourself to a point where you become psychologically like an irresistible force of nature. In so doing, you will be like a powerful storm that sweeps across the land.

If you decide today to adopt a winning attitude, you will just discover that you have the power to pursue that dream you have in your mind and never attempted to run with it earlier before now. You will find out that you will become confident, courageous, strong and resolute that you can set any goal for yourself and learn all it takes along the way to achieve it and be a winner.
It is your time and there is no other best time except now. 

Write down what you want to accomplish within the next one month and resolve now to do what it takes to accomplish them. 

Write down ways to accomplish them

Get an Accountable Positive Minded Person: Tell a friend that is positive about your goal. It could be your best friend, spouse, mentor etc

Start the process and brief him each day. 


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