11 secrets about salt in bread baking and how to use it.

There are lots of confusions and questions about the ideal quantity of salt that should be added in bread baking by bakers and those who want to know about bakers percentage in bread baking.

10 major changes that will give your bread weight

Baking bread is an art and also a science that you must master if you are going to make the right loaf.

What are dough Conditioners and how to use them for bread baking

There are big differences between commercial bread making and home bread.  You may have wondered why your bread is small in size, not smooth, not yummy, not big, crumbling after baking, smells like alcohol after a day while the bread you buy from Shoprite, BB bread in Kumasi, A1 etc looks good, yummy, chewy etc.

1 Week Special Online Bread Baking Class: Ghc52, N2800

Join Our Special Online One Week Bread Baking Distance (ONLINE) Class for Ghc52/N2,800. Videos, Manuals and Practical Class directly at your home.. May 23rd to 29th class, 3rd to 9th June..

Tips for buying bread mixer that works effectively

A lady came from Ibadan to attend our monthly bread baking class and complained of her bread not rising, not smooth and not chewy and attractive.
When I asked her deeper on the type of mixer and how much she bought it, I discovered  she bought a single speed mixer at an exorbitant price, she did not know how to use it effectively and so she is not getting the right results.  This has been her challenge for two years according to her.

How to buy the right bread baking oven - Oven Science

Starting a profitable bread baking business require you to buy the right oven. Unfortunately, most beginners get this step wrong. They hurriedly buy ovens and other baking equipments without understanding the science of how ovens work.

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