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ABC of Starting a Skilled Business That pay well in a bad economy

There is no best time to become innovative with skill acquisition and enjoy a good life. There is no better time to start a hands-on-skill that will last after retirement and transcends to generations after you. This is why I bring you the good news.

As far as I know, we are living in a better time in the history of humanity where you can learn any new innovation swiftly. You have been created perfectly for success and you are the best in this world as far as you can use your imagination and have an open mind to learn.
You were specially created to perform much more than you think now. You are exceptional, amazing and result oriented person. God made you to perform to your peak. That is who you are and I want you to know that you can learn anything you want to learn and become proficient in it. I am not saying this to impress you, but to press it on you that you are superhuman. Just believe it and take action.

Let me state here that most of us may not be satisfied with our present financial situation or not happy about our living condition; But if you have a conscious determined effort, you can change that starting from now. The only enemy to your achieving anything is you.
For example, I never knew anything about bread baking until I made up my mind to start getting mentored.  I took all the actions and was ready to pay the price no matter what it takes. I knocked on doors to know it, I asked questions, I dropped and closed my ear and eyes to the fact that I have a University degree as certificate is only important in the University. And one thing I find out is that successful people are always ready to mentor you if you are ready.
Having been lucky to be mentored by three Ghanaians including a 70 years old woman we simply called Mammy, I took a resolve to live my dream of becoming a commercial bread baker and also empowering others to know the art of bread baking and using it for social change as a business.

What I discovered is that once you start, the rest will be history. Many see me as an expert today on the African and Philippine bread recipes, but it came through as a result of several failures. And till today, I keep improving as I am open.
A single idea can give birth to several ideas and that is the beauty of taking action. From learning how to bake, I have started my Micro Bread Baking Training and also have written a book on Setting up a Micro Bread baking from home.

Start any skill today:
Whether it is starting a micro bread baking business or any other skilled business, it is important for you to know that the type of economy we are today is a consumer based economy where only a few people who are producing are the ones making the money. Look at your country and you will find out that the big guys in your country who made it legitimately are in production, Secondly you will also notice that those who are at the top millionaires are not so educated, In fact, they range from school dropouts, to illiterates and the semi educated.

Kill the Pride
Unfortunately, the fundamental problem of Graduates in Africa today that I have personally identified is PRIDE. They have so much importance to their certificate and are obsessed with the idea of wearing ties, sitting in big offices and having big portfolios and office/names. This is the cause of backwardness in Africa. Our educational institutions are also lacking in terms of purposeful training, Schools are not places to acquire skills but to read and pass exams. A nation that is ready to change her people and their destiny as well as people of a nation who are ready to change their destiny will keep their certificate aside, learn practical and sustainable skills that can put money on the table.

Start Small:
I have been here before and I know how it feels to decide to start small or big. But most multi millionaires and successful people you see today started small. Bill gates started small, Andrew Carnegie started small, Warren Buffet started small, and a host of others.  What is important is knowing where you are going.. Starting a business small will let you start with what you have now instead of waiting till you have everything on ground to start. It is often said that the journey to a thousand miles start with one step.
Think Big:
Majority of the people who want to run businesses aim too low and they meet their goals easily. If you are starting a skilled business, it is important you realize that you need to be focused with the goal of being the best in that field. See yourself as the best and not a mediocre. When you shoot for the stars, if you do not land on the stars, you will land on the moon. See yourself big as you start small, The way you perceive and believe in yourself is who would become. You are a giant and not an ant. See yourself as the best in your chosen skill and do all you can to know it better than anyone else.

Never compete but improve:
Competition is a selfish way of running business. Instead collaborate. See your business as business inspired by the Universe or God. You do not need to compete with others in your field but you need to make good products and satisfy your customers and smile to the bank. This means you need to improve and improve and improve.

Face the Obstacles required for breakthroughs
When you are not doing anything, no one will notice you and non will be angry and jealous. But once you are on the course of fulfilling your destiny, resistance, frustration, criticisms, and higher troubles from within and outside will come to you, especially from those who are close to you, Many will even question why it has to be you or why you should start your business instead of continuing with your day job or staying as a mediocre. These are part of the process to your greatness. Never give up as you will see more of this situation. See them as stepping stones that is building you. You got to be hungry for that goal.
There is greatness within you!

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