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How I healed 20 years old chronic piles or hemorrhage in less than two weeks naturally

I had signs of hemorrhage in early childhood. I see traces of blood when I had every bowl movement. My mum being an auxiliary nurse then before going for her educational degree would give me some antibiotics and I will get relived of it.

I was to suffer chronic pile at adulthood and it was not a nice experience. There were times I would climb the podium during my speaking engagements and I will speak while wriggling in pains unknown to my audience. I have used several methods to cure this ailment both by herbs and orthodox but all was to no avail. Unfortunately, this is also an endemic sickness as I have seen those who went for surgery not coming out of it as some died of bleeding during surgery.

And because Piles is an embracing ailment that comes with pain, most sufferers would rather remain in silent and keep suffering. I can tell you that you can get free from it and this is why I have written this article

What exactly is Piles or Hemorrhage?

Piles is a resultant swelling of blood vessels in, around and out of the rectum. This occurs as a condition due to the obstruction of free flow of blood resulting from insufficiency. This condition is ravaging many men and women you encounter on daily basis unknown to you.

What I have also found out is that it is both a lifestyle generated condition which unfortunately most people are not seeing from that angle. 

Understanding Some Causes of piles

While these are some of the causes of piles in most people, I will like to point further that piles has it’s triggers and I will discuss about the triggers later. So let us look at the generally known or perceived causes of piles.

Piles can lead to impotence or prevent the male from enjoying sexual intercourse as it can cause also quick ejaculation. In the female also, it affects your total well being and affects your sexual libido, job performance as well as anger resistance level generally.

Sugar Intake: Most people I have seen are addicted to Sugar and sugar related product intake. They abuse the use of sugar and high sugar products. Some people are in the habit of drinking Coca-Cola during every meal. I know of close persons and adults who take one to two bottles of Coca Cola on daily basis. This is substance abuse and the consequences will surely result later if you do not stop this habit.

You do not love yourself enough with this toxic habit. Hemorrhage is a great enemy of sugar. Sugar will also break down your other system very later. If you do not know how to stop the intake of sugar and sugar related products that are breaking down your immunity, simply take a 90 days challenge of avoidance or abstinence and you will see yourself leaving it fully. You can if you focus your mind on your health.

Eating Strong Food:
I have met some people who have told me they cannot stop eating strong food such as Eba, Kenke and the rest. Your health is your life and you can start eating soft food which is good for your bowl. Strong foods will not only cause you indigestion or constipation but will also bring discomfort to you.

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Excessive Alcohol Intake:
Alcohol is a great cause and trigger of piles. Most Alcoholics suffer constipation as alcohol does not digest in the body. Also, alcohol could damage some important organs in the body resulting in the breakdown of immunity in the rectal area in terms of the required elasticity during bowl movement. Alcohol will damage your liver and kidney and food processing in the body could be retarded or affected.

Stop Sitting on Hard Surface for too long:

Sitting down on hard surface like chairs during office hours for a long time could trigger and cause piles. This is because blood circulation in the rectal area of your body will be retarded. It is important to understand that you need to sit and stand up after a while.

Major Triggers of Piles or Hemorrhage

While the above have been known and perceived to be the causes of piles in both male and female, there are major and deadly triggers and causes of piles that you need to understand and then avoid. Once you can checkmate these major causes, you are on your way to defeating piles in matter of weeks.

Anger and Resentment:
The biggest sickness in the world is a condition called anger and resentment. Most people are still bottling and living their past. They refuse to forgive someone who offended them in the past and sleep and wake up each day with that condition.
Resentment will kill you psychologically as it will keep your internal condition abnormal and keep causing and triggering constipation. It also affects your blood control and this is what brings most of the perceived conditions we have mentioned about.

Unforgiving Heart:
 There is a difference between anger and un-forgiveness. Unforgiveness is a spirit on its own. It is energy that will take a larger part of your joy and happiness. Holding grudges is a bad spirit. If you live with free spirit, clear anything in your heart that will affect you and your life health wise and spirit wise, you would have gone a long way to improving your life and living long, Why will you spend your precious time on earth not forgiving others when your creator has said he will keep forgiving you also of your mistakes.

Let go of the past.
One way to go about this is to write down the names of people in your life that you have not forgiven and then start to forgive them genuinely right away. You will be free in your heart and your life and you will be healed psychologically of all ailments once you are happy within you.
Once you are able to forgive, you will be happy.

Loving Yourself:
Because you do not love yourself, you see yourself from the way others sees you. This is a human tragedy. Love yourself to the extent of kissing yourself and see all troubles and ailment varnish from your system. To love yourself,  is called self-love. You need to posses it to. God loves you and you also need to love yourself. If you love yourself, you can love others.

I know you will ask me how to love yourself. You love yourself by pampering yourself, taking enough water, thinking good thoughts about yourself, having a high self worth about yourself, not seeing yourself as a mistake, seeing yourself as a success and taking adventures. Creating time to rest and sleep well, loving your work and your God etc.

Manage Your Stress and Frustrations
Get it right now that you cannot change certain things in your life. You will go through obstacles, disappointments from people close to you, loved ones, business failures, job loss, bankruptcy, lack and abundance. These are part of living. Don’t let worry and stress kill you.
Obstacles are a great part to big achievements and you should learn how to live with facts and solve problems too. Time will make them fizzle away. Keep calm and do not worry your life to the extent of stressing yourself.

Chronic stress is linked to many diseases, including cardiovascular, asthma and autoimmune disorders, so taking steps to de-stress can help reduce your risk.

How I healed myself of chronic piles of years.

I was a king of worry and anxiety. This was what kept the recurrent piles and pains and all of the discomfort from pile. It was that bad. I was suffering from psychological pains that came as a result of wrong thought, emanating from financial difficulties and my lack of drive in my business which was nose-diving at that time with no support too. I saw the world as a place that was negative. My vibration was a complete negative energy and I was resonating illness.

Then one weekend, I took a firm decision that it was time for this ailment to go. I decided I was not going to use any medication which I was using anymore. They were all pain relievers or killers that you insert on the anus each time I experience the attack and pain after bowl movement.

In my intuitive world, I just decided to make a research on why this condition will not go even after doing all that I have been told or read. Voila… It was opened to me! I discovered what I have been ignorantly suffering for long. Anger, Anxiety, Stress, Worry are the main triggers of pile and most of other illnesses and once you do away with them, you would have ended up in detoxifying your body and spirit. You will have resistance.
Dealing with the above will come in various ways or methods or steps. If you are having other challenging illness other than pile, this can also give you a self healing of them. You can do it. And the methods are all simple as below;
Make a List of People You hold grudges or resentment against:
Just take a note book and make a list of people you hold grudges and/or resent against. In doing this, let your mind just flow from your human computer as long as it can. Write their names. Once you are through, verbalize their names and say it loudly and mean it from your heart that you have forgiven them. Never bring them again to your mind.

Forgive yourself of negative thoughts and ways you have acted against yourself
I know this is hard to admit but we all do it. Sometimes, you see yourself as unfit. Forgive yourself of sins you have committed against yourself and make a commitment to love yourself unconditionally by seeing yourself as a great creature who was sent to this earth to experience wonderful things. Love yourself and your surroundings. In loving yourself, start seeing yourself the way you want others to see you, perceive you and threat you.

Write Letter of gratitude
Not showing enough gratitude is one of the critical issues that cause us to bottle up and experience stressful lives. Your parents could not provide you certain things or could not take you to Harvard University, or did not provide certain basic things of life, your mother divorced your father or the other way round, you have alcoholics as parents, just know they are still wonderful persons with weak sides. They are the best parents. If they had the will and means, they would have done otherwise. It is already a fact and I want to tell you they have given you the best of their abilities. They do not have a PHD in parenting. You need to forgive them and write them a letter or call them to let them know you appreciate them. Forgive them and show gratitude to them and live with less stress.

You also need to write to others who have made your life positive in one way or the other to appreciate them. Send an email, text message, or Facebook messages.

Lastly, write down 30 things you are grateful about your life today and dwell deeper on them instead of thinking negative.

Meditate and Practice Spiritual Exercise
I have personally discovered three spiritual exercises that helped me to raise my vibration and got prepared to get personal healing for pile. I followed some Yoga For Pile Healing, I followed Reiki and I followed Meditations. You could google all these on Youtube and use them for pile healing but I recommend that you deeply follow Deepak Chopra whose exercise worked very well for me.

Quit Smoking
Smoking is injurious to your health. It also kills and brings down your spiritual energy. It has been known to cause lots of complications in the body and it also affects digestion and could cause constipation and stress. I know it is hard to quit but you can do it. You can quit smoking in one day guaranteed.

And the real deal
If you have read up to this level, it means you are really desirous of curing your pile. Yes, I did all the above and then you need to eat a particular food for the next two weeks to get rid of this ailment totally.

You need to eat Coco-yam leaf stew and Garden egg stew. 
Make a vegetable stew with Coco-yam leaf as well as another stew with Garden Egg. Eat the stew with rice, Unripe Plantain, Eba, or Semolina or Rice balls or any other solid food you want to eat. Make your food soft and drink enough water each day. Do not smoke, take sugar or alcohol during and after this period. Coco-yam leaf is botanically called Colocasia esculenta  and belong to the Taro family. And in Ghana this stew is called Kontomire Stew.

Coco-yam leaf is It is a food staple in African, Oceanic and South Indian cultures and is believed to have been one of the earliest cultivated plant. In Ghana is is called 
Also, keep eating beans regularly along with the above for two weeks and you will be glad you did.

And finally, think yourself positive each day and night.
This food will flush out phlegm from your system, wash your intestine of impurities and improve your bowl movement.
It will give it a total cure or healing. 

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