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11 Dangerous things to avoid posting on Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site used by so many people. It has become a way of life. We depend on them on daily basis. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the implications of creating and using that facebook account. It could ruin your day, life or future.
It has helped many for connection with loved ones, great friendship and even business. Unfortunately, it has also brought deaths, frustrations and other negative things to owners. We at Journey To Wonderful Living uses our fan page and groups to affect lives for good. You can join our Facebook Fan page if you have not in order to get our real time update.
Even as you read this, people are going through one agony or the other due to facebook engagement.
Following are therefore ways facebook should not be used by you or your loved ones.

Never post comments that are politically negative and charged
One of the negative trends on facebook that most people do not know is that your facebook wall define who you are. Those who are expert in the Science of human behavior could actually tell about who you are based on your facebook timeline posts.  Most people spend more time trying to make a point by commenting on political issues in a charged form. This is not ethical as it could ruin your reputation and career. What most people do not even know is that prospective employers and others could use your comments to conclude your personality traits.
Aside the above, it is of no use making negative comments in facebook social-sphere negatively using all your negative emotions. This could stir other issues. Think deeper about this.

Do not post negative religious opinions
Region is one of the areas that people comment and make opinions in order to score high. Avoid this. Talking against one religion or religious leader or organization or disagreeing with others and making wired comments on facebook do not make you a well cultured person.
This could also spark off violence when it comes to people with low level of tolerance.
Do not announce your travel plans on facebook
In these days of terrorism, attacks and other forms of violence, you could be a victim of this when you take to using facebook as your diary for travels. This is an open and public space.
What you do know is that there are a lot of criminals on facebook watching you. Therefore posting your travel plans and antennary on facebook will make you vulnerable,

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Never create account for your child or for any minor
I have seen this happen severally. Why would you create a facebook account for your child who is a minor or not yet the age to get a facebook account? It is even an offence as some teenagers are using facebook opened for them by their parents or elderly relatives.

Do not share information about your location on Facebook
Some Facebook-ers are of the habit of showing off their location when they make a post in order to show people they have traveled out of their location, Some also inadvertently show their location where they have gone chilling, doing things and all of that. As I said earlier, criminals are on the prowl and showing your location may elicit jealousy or attack.
You also need to check the privacy settings of your facebook. Not all friends you have on facebook are really friends as some could have various motives for adding you as friends.

Never post such wired and outrageous photos of you or others
You just had an outing with your date or your husband or wore those hot clothes that reveal your private areas and then upload and click “post” on facebook. In a matter of minutes, it has gone viral and you cannot retrieve it bad.
This can have ripple effects as it has led to broken conflicts in relationship, divorce and other complex issues. 

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Run away from reposting Hoax that is all on facebook
You just saw a hoax news about someone or sorts of celebrity dying or having sex with the other celebrity or other types of hoax, and you are encouraged to share. Off you click and start sharing. That defines who you are. It could bounce back on you and it does not show you are a morally upright person.
Apart from the above, it is not even decent posting hoax news online as there are implications and you may also lose the respect of friends.

Very personal happenings should not be posted on facebook
Even if you had an issue with your boss, friends or relative, facebook is not where you should post and share such things as that is for your personal dealings.
Personal matters should be addressed the normal way. Facebook should not take your life channels.

Never post photos of your kids and kids of others on your facebook
It is unethical to post photos of your child and other people’s children. Just know that facebook is a public place and such photo may go viral. You need to take permission from the parents of the child if you have to post such photos. Also, you should make sure information relating to their location, their school geographical location as well as their names and not added to such photos.
Information about what you are doing at home or work
Some people have the habit of posting their life story at work. Those photos you post on facebook about your job or work when you should be working might land you in trouble. Your boss may also not be happy with you posting such photographs. They have a lot of implications

Do not show off your acquisition on facebook
This has become a dangerous trend. You just acquired that expensive car, bag, and clothes and the next thing is open your facebook timeline and upload it there to show your facebook friends you have arrived, (most of them are even fake friends) about your acquisition. Unfortunately, you are doing harm to yourself as this may elicit jealousy and you may also not know who is sitting on the other side as your Facebook friend.
Do you have other things people should not be posting on facebook? Share it here for the benefit of others.

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