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How to recognize and develop the infinite spiritual (and psychic) power in you

We all have powers within us endowed from God right from the beginning of time.  As Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and all Theist and even Atheist, we have infinite powers such that when we tap into them we can produce very high results much more than we think.
In the bible, Christ said that the power he has, you can have even much more than to do all possibilities you focus on. Unfortunately, most of us do not think we have these powers. Even Christian faithful s would read with levity without exercising the powers within them with the bible verse that says “I have given you Power (Authority) to trample on serpents and scorpions and any other powers of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you”.

Life is first spiritual before physical. You are a spirit being in a physical body and not a physical being in a spiritual body.  Our everyday life, thoughts, actions and manifestations is first spiritual before it is physical. God created all things spiritually before the physical manifestation which was just the spoken words.

You would have notices that you have sometimes in your life acted based on intuition, premonitions, guiding angel, thoughts, voices and even flashes. These are all spiritual. Unfortunately, some people would have believed that they are crazy or sick and would keep it to themselves until such manifestations occur. Some people see things before they happen. They see it in various ways including dreams, trance and others. We all have psychic powers but unless it is nurtured it will result into nothing. 

It is a tragedy for you not to use your naturally given psychic power for healing and positive effect for the betterment of humanity if you are gifted with it. 

Let me digress a little bit to tell you a story that happened in my teen years as a University Undergraduate and the power of psychic.

Right when I was about ten years, I will see images on the blind of our bedroom and I will call my mother to see the image but no one sees it except me.  Sometimes, I will cry continuously why they are not seeing what I was seeing. I never knew what this was until I gained admission to the University. In my first and second year of my undergraduate study, I had very startling experiences but I was naive. 

While we are reading for each semester exams, I will sleep and my question papers for the exam will be passed to me in the dream.  I will see the questions, and write my exams in my dream and make my A –grade.  So , in essence, I see the questions for an exams before the exam day and I will write and pass in my dreams.

This was not just a singular occurrence but it was continuous. I never told anyone. And even after writing my exams, I will not bother going to check my scores or grade as I will also be handed over my scores and grade in the dream. The one fundamental problem I had was that I did not have control over the dreams or outcome of the dream but it was all positive at all times. So this continued until one day, I told some of my fellow course mates that I use to get questions of upcoming exams in my dream and if they were ready to see it, I will tell them the questions. They were excited and happy and I did show them.

End of the road:
While I showed them the question and they were happy for it, they gathered for another course for me to show them another questions, but that was how I lost the psychic power.  I exerted myself to be able to get attuned and access to the power that provide the platform but I never had access anymore as I was only given a sub-question from a sub-number. And till date, that power never came to my again.

The Truth be told
The truth is that in all practicality, clergymen, leaders of all sects and denominations, mind-healers, Unity leaders, Spiritualist, Christian Scientist, New thought-ers, sun and idol worshipers, and even some infidels and pagans all have developed spiritual powers.
There have been stories of powers in various tribes and races and religious circles that make people wonder as a result of the powers they exercise due to one factor and that is the magic of believing they can do it. There was the story of the Mormons about the Joseph Smith’s revelations on the plates of gold. There is also the dukhobors of western Canada who would doff their clothes when provoked, and in Hawaii, there is the wonderful power of the kahunas who could cause people to die or live by praying.
People have been cured or healed from several kinds of diseases, mental illness, negative self-worth, etc through one element or factor and that is belief. 

All these narrows down to your ascribing to the law of psychic phenomenon.  If you can develop your spiritual and psychic powers and stay focused on the laws or rules, you will be able to do wonderfully above what you can think of. Followings are some of the ways you can know if you have some spiritual and psychic power or gift in you.

You Hear Voices:
Do you hear voices that direct you to do certain things and it works? Then consider it. Maybe it is a voice that tells you things to come, what to do in situations and how to do them. You need to develop it.

You Pray a lot and it works:
If you are attuned and understand the power of prayer and it does work when you pray, you need to check it. You are spiritual and you can begin to use it for humanity.
You Dream and remember your dream plus it comes out physical
If you are someone who dreams and it shows out physically, you need to think and use it. I am not talking about sketchy dreams but real dreams that you remember when you wake up and you can see some of the manifestations.

You Read Minds and Pictures:
Have you found yourself in situations where you can tell about people through their photos or read their minds of what their intention is, and then you have it. You could be a great spiritual person and you need to unleash this for the benefit of humanity.
Qualities you must have to develop a strong spiritual Power and Psychic
I have encountered many “men of God”, Pastors, Spiritual Leaders of various forms who though has spiritual powers but commit lots of blunders and these powers could either reduce or be taken away. 

When God hands over some spiritual gifts to you, it is meant for the good of humanity, however, when you become the central focus rather than the source, you inadvertently falter from the original intent of the giver. You are just a custodian of a power and if handled with pride and arrogance, it could be withdrawn from you by the higher power called Universe or God.

Careless Talking
Some people are naturally careless but this should not be a quality for a spiritual person or a psychic. As a spiritual leader, you are supposed to receive and keep secrets from your followers, clients or people. Unfortunately, so many men and women of spiritual authority don’t keep secrets. They either tell it to neighbors, friends or congregations. This is disastrous.

Powers you seek and its given to you is from God and you are just a channel. The degree of your faith and believing is what you get also from the higher power. The higher power also gives you access to powers based on His wish. It will therefore be unfortunate when you wear the evil spirit of jealousy for not having as much power, congregation or miracles compared to the next man. This is a spiritual travesty and it can ruin all that has been given to you.

Anger also is a deadly devilish daemon that can truncate all that has been given to you spiritually and it will prevent you from being able to use the spiritual and psychic powers in you. Run away from anger.

Be Positive and Advance Boldly
The truth is that you will never get ahead until you start advancing. You need to be bold in all situations. Fear is a chronic sickness and most times, what you fear is not real but a mirage. Your spiritual life is a journey and you will keep growing and getting better, This takes boldness and readiness to advance no matter what obstacles you will face.

Sex will kill your spiritual power or take away your spiritual power. There is therefore the need for abstinence or less of it, Sex is spiritual and lots or much of it is not good for your psychic and spiritual growth.

Much food is not too good for your spiritual well being as it will enable you feed much of your flesh rather than your spirit man, Fasting is therefore a panacea to a faster and higher spiritual growth.
Taking to vegetarian diet or complete vegan lifestyle will highly help you to improve your alertness and spiritual growth.

Lack of self love
Self love is the art of loving yourself no matter what your mistakes are. You need to see yourself the way God sees you and not how the world around you see you, There is greatness within you and you need to know you are god as the bible says :”for ye are gods”. The same bible says “Christ in you is the hope of glory.” Therefore you need to know you have power in you to love yourself and love others. You cannot love people if you do not love yourself and you cannot also love yourself if you cannot love your creator. Therefore love yourself so much. If you lack love for yourself, you cannot grow spiritually.

Projected Empathy
One of the fundamental characteristics of a great spiritual person and a genuine psychic is one with great projected empathy, By this, I mean putting yourself into someone else in every situation before you pass judgment, A pastor of a certain Church had said a member of his congregation had an accident because of his own sinful life. This is being judgmental and such a pastor is not broken yet. You need to put yourself into the position of the victim so you see every situation from a genuine spiritual angle and show empathy as if you are the one the situation occurred to as a victim. This will no doubt improve your life too and build you spiritually.

You have power within you, Exercise it for the good of humanity

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