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5 DAYS ONLINE CLASS: Bread Baking, Biscuit Making, Cola, Orange, Pineapple Drinks Production, Yoghurt & Ice Cream, Tomatoes Paste Production

Join my 5 Days Online Skill Empowerment Class and learn from the comfort of your home. Ongoing training, 247 access, with videos and ebook

Chef Henry's Perfect Bread Recipe Video and eBook Package.

Chef Henry's Perfect Bread Recipe Video and eBook Package.

Over 300 Successful Bakeries Uses this Package to scale-up their business. Bake bread that last 15 days shelf life, yummy, rich, chewy and stretchy. This Practical Package gives you Bread formula for a bread that does not collapse to the center, unique flavour formulation, mixing and baking.

Ultimate Bread Baking Package Video and eBook: 

Practical Step by step on How to starts and run a successful Bakery. This package comes with live video training Video and ebook covering from equipment to recipes and marketing your bread. Click here for details.

111 Smart Ways To Stay Safe On Facebook & Whatsapp: Detect Liars, Spies & Identity Thieves who may pose as friends 

Over the years many of us have come to love Facebook and spend unprecedented amount of time on the world’s most popular social networking site. Even the advent of Whatsapp has become a way of life since it only involves your own phone number and application.

Unfortunately, not many know the negative side to these sites by the “users” from the other end. This is not because these social sites are not good, but most people use it without understanding the implication of what they do on them
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Online / Offline Article Writing Riches Exposed
 How To Get Highly Paid Every Month, Writing Short Articles for Magazine, Blogs and SEO Companies  Online and offline Part /Full Time. Get paid to write .

  If you are a journalist, writer, author, poet, blogger or just have passion for writing or a novice who want to make extra income writing short articles online or offline to make money from the comfort of your home, then read this as you are on your way to a new shocking business discovery.

Do you know you could make $20, $30, and even $100 writing short articles for online blogs, SEO companies and magazines from the comfort of your home? You can even make money writing poems and even features for online or offline newspapers and  magazines Read More

This ebook will give you the real fundamentals of life's setback and how to bounce back.:$2.99 books, N350, 200KES, GHc8 Click Here to for details

Learn How to bake home and commercial . Plus how to set up a micro bakery in your home and sell to your community.
$3.99 books, N800, 500KES, GHc17 Click Here to for details

Whats holding you back from taking that bold step to achieve your dream or you just have phobia for spider, snake, failure and mistakes. etc.:$2.99 books, N350, 200KES, GHc8 Click Here to for details

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