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How To Get Highly Paid Writing Short Articles for Magazine, Blogs and SEO Companies Online and Offline locally and globally

Online / Offline Article Writing Riches Exposed
 How To Get Highly Paid Every Month, Writing Short Articles for Magazine, Blogs and SEO Companies  Online and offline Part /Full Time. Get paid to write .

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      Publisher: Henry Omenogor )
      Language: English
      ASIN: B00DEKXOD8

  If you are a journalist, writer, author, poet, blogger or just have passion for writing or a novice who want to make extra income writing short articles online or offline to make money from the comfort of your home, then read this as you are on your way to a new shocking business discovery.

Do you know you could make $20, $30, and even $100 writing short articles for online blogs, SEO companies and magazines from the comfort of your home? You can even make money writing poems and even features for online or offline newspapers and  magazines.

Web sites and online magazines are springing up on daily basis. Companies are fighting for fierce competition and one of the secret they all leverage on is traffic. Therefore, they are very desperate for traffic through content. And you can take advantage of this.

Let me make it very clear that there are three sure ways to make money in any economy be in in Canada, United States, Australia and even anywhere in Africa. I am not talking about short-cuts, so if you need get rich quick method, I advice you stop reading as I am not a proponent of such. There are no short-cuts. You need to work. The three ways to make money are: 1. Have a skill, 2. Have a specialized knowledge that you can sell  and 3. Have a product or service you sell for profit. 

Article writing is a skill you build and make money from continuously. Therefore, if you can write, you can get paid. Best thing about article writing is that is can be done part time.

There are various writing jobs over there for you to write within 30 minutes to 1 hour. I write for SEO companies, I write for various companies in the globe through writing platforms who takes commission from my writings; I write for Magazines, blogs and book platforms too. Surprisingly, I also get paid for other people's article being on some pure blog farms.  I also get paid for articles I have written for years and this works on autopilot without any further work.

Online and Offline article writing has multiple business opportunities.  This accounts for why I have also compiled some of my articles into best selling ebooks that I sell on, and have other affiliates promoting them for commission too.

How Much is this Book and How to Order

Amazon Kindle: $2.99: Online Article Writing Riches Expose Here

Order now for only $2.99(Amazon Kindle Edition), N500 (Naira), Ghc10 (Cedis)

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Note that article writing requires resilience, hard work and goal oriented kind of person. You must work within the given time for writing and delivering jobs.

You can write tutorials, Poems, features, Anchor link SEO’s, Books or e-Books. Name it.
For example, will pay you $30 to $75 per post you write. Tutorial site pays you up to $150 per article approved. will pay you up to $100 for each article your submit about Adobe flash. Forbes, Yahoo, and Smashing Magazines  pay you handsomely for every post accepted.

How to start with article writing business:

You don't need any educational qualification or license to start writing article from the comfort of your home What you really need is understanding how to craft articles that sells and how to get the right clients to work for. One of the hindrances of most online entrepreneurs is actually localizing their site. The world is now a global village and you can impact, affect and make progress in any niche business with a global positioning of your platform. truth about article writing is that you can write and communicate with an audience as if you are speaking to them. Anyone can actually write short articles as long as you have passion for it.

In understanding this business, I have created a guide in pdf and also on amazon kindle that will guide you in getting started.  You can start article writing business with just $10 investment as I did once you have finished reading my book Online Article Writing Riches Exposed. .

You will be learning how article writers in different niche market make money by getting paid for writing from short to lengthy articles for blogs, magazine, for SEO companies, ebooks etc. Best  of all, these articles take just 30 minutes to get completed and then post to online platform.

Note: You can make this money locally in your city, country and locality too. I have added how to do just that.

Some of the areas covered in this ebook include:

File Size: 1784 KB
      Publisher: Henry Omenogor )
      Language: English
      ASIN: B00DEKXOD8
The concept behind generating article and the free tools you need.
Researching any niche and writing any niche articles that are globally accepted and paid for.

How to set up your own blog as this one you are reading with just $10 and no other investment and start reaching the world.
Bringing traffic to your blog as well as ranking it high.
How to write and post original articles on your own blog on daily basis even if you don't know how to write.

How to make money from articles you write today in years to come as I do
How to locate the right companies to write for
How to write articles and get paid part time
How to get an easy and constant stream of writing jobs
Setting up and keeping your site as a product and profitable place
How To Market Your Article Writing Services Directly to companies For SEO articles or Directly to site Owners
47 Sure web sites that are ready to send you available articles on your own blog and how to start there.
10 Web sites that will pay you to just review jobs.
17 Platforms that pay you to write tutorials for them
13 Magazines that will pay you up to $300 per articles. 

Global Buyers Testimony From Amazon Kindle

How Much is this Book and How to Order

Amazon Kindle: $2.99: Online Article Writing Riches Expose Here

Order now for only $2.99(Amazon Kindle Edition), N500 (Naira), Ghc10 (Cedis)

Amazon Kindle Purchase, Click Here

Naira and Cedi Purchase, Click Here 

This is a limited time offer and I will be raising the price at any time. You have no excuse as it is affordable by anyone who is serious about starting an article writing business.  Questions should be directed here and it will be duly answered.

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