How To Setup and Run a Micro Bread Bakery From Home with Micro Oven: Bake

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For a limited time, you can lay your hands on this practical cook book on Setting up a Micro Bakery from home, shop, kiosk or anywhere and baking bread to sell within your community.

Don't buy any Bread baking start your own bakery without reading this book. Just N3,500, GHc70, $13 (Pay by PayPal, credit card)

My name is Chef Henry and I decided to create a practical cookbook on  Micro Bread Bakery, Bakery business and Bakery setup on the basis that MAGIC happens when you show people the right secrets and rudiments of  bread baking and push them to do the best work of their lives.
Having baked for more than ten years and teaching practical bread science for more than ten years, you can kick off with your bread baking and baker by picking my personal experience, recipes and bread baking business in this book Complete Guide on How to set up and run a successful Micro Bread Bakery from home.

With my ebook, clients have started their own successful thriving bread baking business . I have simplified everything you need to know, from equipment to researching as well as running your business. I have also added various easy to follow recipes that I have developed over the years. I bake in two countries and sell both English and Ethnic Breads including among others Improved Butter Bread,Sweet or Sugar Bread, Butter Bread, Sardine Bread, Tuna, Seeds and Nuts, Tea Bread, Agege Bread, Braided Breadboard

Aside my setting up bakeries, I have trained both physically and virtually (I use whatsapp and Facebook for my distance classes) people who are running their home or shop commercial bakeries using micro ovens.

Three of the basic challenges I have seen after practically baking for more than 9 years in two countries and training bakers across the globe who are running their own bakeries are:

1. Inconsistency in percentage of ingredients. You need to understand the proper percentage of ingredients to be combined to make up a good taste and quality baked bread.

2. Not understanding costing as most of them calculate only turnover in terms of net but not on profit.

Finishing Sardine Rolls
3. Starting big time and falling suddenly like a park of cards because of wrong system. You do not need to break the bank to start a Micro Bakery. That was in those days.

4. Not having a reference or proper mentoring before kicking off with bakery business.

5. Buying the wrong equipment. Most bakers start with buying equipment instead of getting mentored first.

Once I figured it right, I took it passionately  as a goal to train others on the science and art of bread baking and still run my own bakery business.

My activities have been covered in the media including national news papers (Click Here for Interview with The Nation Newspaper Nigeria, Success Digest Entrepreneurship Newspaper),
My Braided Bread Ready for Baking

Whether you live in  USA,  South Africa, Canada and UK,  this eBook will given you the practical step by step of hwta it takes to run a bakery and practical bread baking recipes.

Just N3,500, GHc50, $12 (paypal, bitcoin, visa/mastercard) , Ghc50.

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This updated version of the book goes deeper into the various types of bread and the science of bread baking.

And we're just getting started


You are a great mentor and I am happy to have had you train me. My bread has been very well partonised and see out baked bread with packaging.. Thank you ... Edith from Sunyani
Below is her bakery product already running profitably

You have made it very simple for me. I saw your advert in Britain and decided to have this class. I am proud of what you have done.  Juliana from Kumasi.

Below are products made by her..

"Thanks Mr. Henry, I have started!!!!!!. God bless you always  sir.  Just wanted to surprise you. Your Recipe sooo perfect   and guide so Thanks sir.   Appreciate you so much. My husband    is so excited." Ayeni Omonike Soyombo. Mrs Ayeni Omonike Soyombo becomes the founder  and baker of Freshly Bake. See the picture of her product.below

See me as I bake and Teach Bread Science. Your bread should be as sumptuous, tasty and fresh as mine and should be able to last for 9 to 10 days before getting bad (Shelf life)

Finished Sardine Rolls
“Thanks to you too. I really enjoyed the training. It’s a great investment with great returns. Our bread idea for special shops is our concentration and you delivered. I am from a family that value quality and that’s what we got" Irene, from Adenta, Accra Ghana

"God will continue to strengthen you for building humanity with your ideas. The ice cream making was fantastic. My kids can now enjoy ice cream every weekend. Micro Bread Baking is what every graduate, retirees, and others  need so badly to start a home business with the present tough time. We will commence our home bread baking immediately". Mr and Mrs. Fabian Eni, Ikorodu, Lagos.

"This bread is great. I now have orders from Ghanaian in my community. What a blessing to learn from you. My Wheat bread is so so nice.. Naa B, New York Based Ghanaian (Training conducted through FB).

Ringed Wheat Bread Rolls

Nigerian Agege Bread Packaged
It is as if we have know for long. Thank you for your training. I am enjoying the online one on one training, I made some bread today and I am happy. Aramide, Abuja

“I am truly thankful for your time and consider it a blessing to be able to learn this information from you. I have started baking and truly, I have orders this weekend for Raisins Bread. Pastor T. Blakesley,  California(Training conducted through Whatsapp)

“Thank you for your work. Your vision affirmation section of this training is great. The milk bread, Sardine and Braided bread has improved my baking products. Alhaja Zainab, Ashaley Botwe, Accra Ghana.

Start your own home baking with micro over from your backyard, kitchen or shop.

Baked Bread from my Client

You can also join our practical bread baking workshop, have me train you on my distance class or attend my next one on one class too

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