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How to bounce back from life’s setbacks and mistakes like a champion:

"You don't get in life what you want, but you get in life what you are" has been a sage statement.
Life is going to knock you down several times, you are going to face challenges, disappointments, breakdowns and "failures". But it wont matter. What matters is how you face it; either caving in or winning. You can bounce back from any setback if you set your mind on your come-back power. I wrote this book on how to truely face your setback and become a power-being. 

Tom a once bubbling guy had a great job and was doing well financially until 2009 when the global economic crisis swept him off unaware. His once thriving consulting business collapsed. He could not cater for the family. He saw the situation and gave in emotionally and continued to dwell on negative. Ultimately, negative thinking that things will never be good again continued to take over all his being. He attracted all negative emotions into his life. Low self esteem crept in and he became withdrawn from the public and illness took over his life. He lived in anger, resentment and loss of friendship and happiness. He allowed his setbacks to control his life. Finally, he attempted suicide but never succeeded. However, he never recovered from the setback till date.

Flip the coin to the other side. John, an engineer had suffered the same economic situation in 2009, had the same emotional situation after loosing all his investment, the wife suing for divorce and life becoming very hard, but decided out of choice to be positive minded and resilient. He turned his life to the sunny side and now lives better and more successful that what he used to be.

Prosper and Ama has been dating for three years. Ama was born and raised in United Kingdom but returned to her native land at the age of 16. Her orientation and perception about life is different. It has been a troubled relationship and Ama threatened to walk out of the relationship. Prosper became depressed and has been emotionally down. This has affected his performance at the office. He saw all Ama was doing as wrong and the reason for their troubled relationship. 

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While I was writing this book, I met him when he narrated the situation of his troubled love life. After listening to him, I explained all that was needed to be done; he candidly told me that He takes 100% responsibility for the problems and not Ama. That was the end to his love crisis.

In our daily encounter, we go through life with setbacks and mistakes. That is life. Marriage challenges, financial crisis with people getting broke and others making a new breakthroughs, there are heart breaks and lovely relationship. Children’s going astray, people committing suicide because they failed exams or their partner called the relationship a quit. We also encounter those who like to humiliate us, we live with resentment and anger, and we encounter jealous people and those who are envious of our breakthroughs, even those who we perceive as our friends or close associate.

We all go through happiness during good times, but once hard times hit us, we succumb, we want to be pitied, we want acceptance, and we live in despair and allow our lives to be taken over by the circumstances. We end up not enjoying each stage of our lives. This account for various illnesses, war, conflicts, lost love, and above all, negative self esteem that can lead to a lot of other things including illness and ultimately failure.

This book is written to show you that every challenge you go through in the form of setbacks or mistakes is actually an opportunity for greater life. Therefore, you need to embrace it.
It shows you the connection of your emotions and why you have remained in that state as a result of your thinking. It reveals the opportunities in every setback you have had and how to bounce back and be happy from any setback and mistakes of life. 

It goes further to discuss about your nature and how to deal with life itself and be happy in circumstances you can or cannot change.

Finally, you will learn how loving yourself will improve your life and heal illnesses as well as living from now onward for a better tomorrow instead of bottling up and living in resentment against those who offended you in the past.

It is recommended that you read this book and practice what is recommended in each chapter as it will help you bounce back from any circumstance of life you are facing right now. 

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Order now for only $2.99(Amazon Kindle Edition), N500 (Naira), Ghc10 (Cedis)

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