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5 Principles of successful living that is Holding you back, how to apply them today smartly

There is no handicap except that of our minds. There is no limit to your potentials except that which is self imposed… Unknown

Everything is possible for him who believes … Mark 9.23 (The Holy Bible)

Man is like Onion. His potential is exposed one layer at a time until all he is known by all. Brian Tracy

When God wants to send you a gift, he wraps it up in a problem… Norman Vincent Pearl

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”- Michael Jordan

We all start life with our friends, brothers, class mates and later on we just discovered we are all apart in various levels of life. While some have likened where they are today to being unlucky out of mediocrity or negative thinking, others have just given up that they will ever become somebody in life because there is a very great gap between their levels and the other guys who are perceived or so as being more successful than them. This is a tragedy of self delusion.

This is why we have to look at the principles that work on all plane of life that determines where you will be in the next few months to years ahead. 

We all start off in life with the same opportunity and potential. But most of our achievements is largely due to our mind, perception as well as one single item that has govern all human race the whole world over – belief. 

According to top world motivational speaker and former state of Ohio Law maker, Les Brown, “We are all born negative” and this negative psyche has eaten into most people that they only see failure and lack of potential as a norm. This is why the Pareto principle which postulates that only a few percent of the world are rich and control the vast resources of the 100% of the people and this also applies to every society, state or country in the world.

It pains to know that most people are in the world just to exist. But I do know that you were created to shine, you were created to be a creator in this world. You were created to live freely and live your potential in this life. You were created giants. You must therefore move from mediocrity, self pity to living your potential now.

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You were created to do the impossible anywhere you live in this earth with no excuse whatsoever. You have potentials that you need to unleash. What I do know is that you can accomplish that dream if you change your mindset about it now. 

There is magic in the power of belief as this is what has brought discoveries, breakthroughs as well as new feats in the area of technology, medicine, religions, engineering..

Let us now look at some fundamental principles that you must consider to make a change in your world, career, generation as well as living your success through unlimited potentials.

You Have Unlimited Capacity for Success but you do not know

One of the principles that most people undermine is that of  capacity for success. And this comes from sight and sound phenomenon that they have acquired over the years, which was not so from the beginning. They react to what they hear, read and see in the society. Check out all the negative influence from the Televisions, Radios, Internet, Friend, Families, News, Society, etc

The fact is that every human being is a walking history book and you will never change anything you are ready to tolerate. If you hate lack, never tolerate it, you can move from one level to the next level only if you know the potential capacity in you and apply it. Most of us are not ready to face big crisis of life and so we are cowed into settling for low life. Challenges and crisis are fundamental part of life. It is a wake-up call. We cannot become what we were born to be by remaining where we are now. This is why you must move your capacity.  The truth is that you are capable of more than what others expect of you, even beyond your most extravagant dreams. 

This is why you must therefore consciously decide to release your potential for big dream and breakthrough today. When you decide to live out your capacity and potential, it is then you will need to take the next principle which is to know the source of your potential and power.

Know the source of your potential for success

In their co-authored book, Cracking the Millionaire Code, Mark Victor Hansen, the classic author of chicken soup for the soul and Robert Allen of the Multiple Streams of Income fame, wrote about knowing who you are and knowing the source of your potential. Money is a spiritual thing, therefore you are able to make it more peacefully when you acknowledge and know the source of your potential and power to get wealth. There is a source or force that gives power to all existence. This source could mean different things to different people in all works and tribes of life. But fundamentally, acknowledging that force is very important, 

The new age wealth principle called enlightened wealth will make you know that once you know and acknowledge that your have the power to get wealth from your life source which is God, you are able to approach success and money with the principle of godliness too. This will not only prevent you from having toxic sources but also having success with peace of mind. You will also have a higher ability to release your potential as you will know yourself, know your source and be unlimited-ly creative like your source.

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Understand your functions for success and take actionable plans

Failures come from not having enough reasons to plan and take action. Your potential will not have power if it lacks plans and action. You must therefore understand your function for success. No one around you need to change if you keep pointing and waiting for them to change in order for you to have success.

If you were born handsome or beautiful, from a rich family, have an uncle who can give you money to pursue your dream, then they are all good as this could help and you must know that you are responsible for your success. But if it is the other way round, you will have to accept it too that you are responsible for your success. You need to understand that no one else around you or circumstance need to change but you. When there is no enemy within, there can never be an enemy outside says an African proverb. What you think about yourself – success or failure, rich or poor- is what you become.

I live by Faith, not by sight so says Apostle Paul in 2Cor 5: 7

In getting to where you are meant to be, there is going to be lots of obstacles. No matter how good the present situation is, there is always a better way. Never give in to being imprisoned by the comfort of the known. Be an explorer not just a passenger. 

You are the fulcrum of your success. You should therefore know your specific function for existence and release all the potential to achieve that specific reason for existence to be happy.

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You Must Do the Impossible
In various trades and industries, you will see the supper-successful acknowledge and  follow clues from role models and those who have lived and were successful in that field. They know that success leave clues and are able to appreciate those who have been there before them. This helps them do the impossible.  

They acknowledge men who do the impossible and they end up doing the impossible. Greatness and succes comes from inspiration and conscious resolve to do what others cannot do. In order to achieve this, you need to look up to role models, have the firm faith and belief in your well set goal and the time frame to achieve that which others has termed impossible.

Those who do the impossible are goal-geters and they do not seat and watch things, but make and create circumstances. Where men of little courage fail, those who decide to do the impossible decide go ahead to pay the price no matter what it will cost, and they end up making big impact in their generation. They take action and keep doing persistently with patience what they have decided to do until they see the result of their goals.

You Must Start Now..
Every successful person must use their potential to start any new feat or venture now. Action is the meat for success. Once you decide to make success, you must go into action right away as procrastination is one enemy of success. It is not necessary to see the finish line in any endeavor in order to start. What is important is taking action to start now. And understanding the power of your mind

For every big dream that has come to reality, there were obstacles but research has shown that most people are not interested in your failures and obstacles but just how you succeeded. Once you decide to succeed, you should be prepared to also go through suffering or challenges. This is because suffering produces perseverance, perseverance produces character, character produces hope and hope will never disappoint you. You must also understand what prevents most people from starting their own business

Final thought.. Who benefits from your success?

History has shown that while success is very relative, we see all around us toxic success. It is known that true joy is found in not what you accomplish but in who benefits from your success. Therefore, never engage in toxic success but enlightened success that benefits humanity for positive. In all these, you will always become who you think you are. 

Therefore, you need to use your mind to settle for laudable and big breakthrough dreams that when you achieve close to it or itself, you would have made a difference in your generation. Shoot for the moon, for if you do not get to the moon, you will land on the stars so says Les Brown.

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