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15 Practical Ways to Be Richer One Year from Today

I got an email from a reader who asked me what it will take him to become richer in the next one year and meet his financial goals from today.  He wants me not only write about it for my readers but also for me to make it in detail for anyone wanting to start his journey to a wonderful living. 
I have looked back into my life and that of others, especially what makes people meet their financial goals and what make them commit financial suicide. What I have been able to find out of experience is that we can speak to our finance and take action about it by taking some very simple actions through discipline. In all, the only true answer is that you need to get started today. The most important step, as always, is to get started.

Following are 15 practical ways you can follow to become richer in a year from today.

1. Eliminate Unnecessary Phone Bills
One of the leakages of our income is actually our phone bills. If you start keeping your phone recharge cards you have used over time, you will make a discovery of your phone bills for each month. My advice is that multiply all your usage and you will see what you have wasted over the year which is avoidable. 
You have to be disciplined about this and see that you will be able to save more over the year. I have not said you should not make calls, but you need to monitor your calls, especially social calls. You could peg and decide how much you are spending weekly and monthly on your phone bills and stick to it. There is no need for your being on phone for minutes and hours with no aim. At best, you can make it brief and close leakages. This way, you have more savings.
2. Read News Online Instead of buying Newspapers or Magazines
Time has changed. You do not need to start buying that newspaper or subscribe to that print news paper when you can go online and read them even for free today.  Best of all, whatever you want to read about is online and so you do not need to spend that money on the next newspaper.

3. Live Less on the Internet
The social media craze has come to keep us enslaved in the 21st century. You need to understand that you could be addicted to the internet and thus be affected mentally and financially. Your going online cost you money. Most people keep monthly subscription for unlimited phone or computer plans and keep subscribing for this every other month. You could look at ways you can eliminate more expenses on internet connection and close the leak. Never live your life on social media. And refused to be controlled financially by your internet usage.

4. Reduce all your living expenses by at last 10%
Every one of us knows that cutting off completely our expenses can be very difficult. Therefore I do not advise that you eliminate this completely. But you need to cut off your living expenses by at least 10% across board. Some of the areas you can cut off your 10% are food, entertainment, utilities and gas. When you cut of some percentage of your expenses, you will have the money to save more too. 

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5. Start a Personal Retirement Savings Plan
One of the best ways you can increase your being richer in one year is to decide consciously today to open a savings account that you will save with discipline on weekly or monthly basis with a financial goal for a year. You will be glad you did. One secret about this is that once you start a saving plan, you will be surprise that you will save your way to riches.

6. Use Public Transport
Driving is sometimes expensive. Therefore, keeping your car and taking public transport to work will eliminate some expenses. It will also reduce your expense on petrol and other sundry expenses on your car usage.
7. Never Buy on the Spur
Never shop on spur of the moment or go for shopping spree on those small stuffs. All those stuffs are not needed and a check right now will show you that it has been eating your supposed savings over the years. Shop wisely only what is need and make a list before you buy anything anywhere with a budget. When you get into a mall or grocery store, never buy what is not on your list. 

8. Open a side business
Like it or not, you need more money sources to be able to accumulate wealth and be richer in the next one year. If you work, then you need to explore other ways to open a side business. This could be a weekend or part time business or investing in a trusted person who will run your business and this becomes a stream of income for you. Let me state this;  never despise small beginnings, as even if you are getting just a little extra income added to your own monthly expected income, that is just the right road map for your being richer in your year from now.

9. Dream Big Dreams
Most of us are poor because we dream small dreams and meet our target easily. You need to be a lofty dreamer and meet your dreams with action. You are just equal to your thinking. Therefore dreaming big dream will push you to the next level of riches. 
The fact is that you are unstoppable once you decide to start living a life of financial freedom. In dreaming big financial dreams, you will need to invest in big projects and not live as a mediocre. But in order for this to work, you have to get started, and now is as good a time as any.

10. Change your circle of friends
There is a way being and meeting with negative minded people affect your life and every area of your life including your financial life. It is often said that if you hang out with five people who are broke, in no time, you will be the sixth broke person. Never be infested with poverty fever of negative thinkers. Upgrade your level of friends and start thinking like them. Move to the next level with people who are high possibility thinkers on wealth creation and see you getting richer in a year from now. This must be a very conscious decision.

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11.  Write down Your Financial Goal For One year
The bible says you should write the vision down and run with it. Once put your decision into a written plan, your subconscious mind is triggered to register it and take action. Writing it down and reading it on daily basis will also tell your mind that you have to achieve it. This way, the law of attraction will play itself into your ability to get focused on a consciously directed action. This will enable you achieve results that are surprising to you. 
You could write your goals in several ways. Pictures, words on cards and keep them in several places you will be seeing them on daily basis to read consciously. You could keep different cards of your goal settings in your purse, wallet, office bags, paste them on your door, bed Conner or even make it a jpg on your computer and phone as your screen display.

12.  Verbalize your goal each day
 Writing and pasting your goal cards is one step. But the next step that will eat deeper into your subconscious is verbalizing what you have written with positive affirmation will also remind you of your goal each day. One way to go about this is to read it aloud and meditate on it, seeing yourself achieving your financial goal by the exact date of one year from the day you start.

13.  Save 10% of Your Earnings Each Month
If you are going to be successful in wealth accumulation, then the only way to do it is to have a saving culture and mentality. Save 10% of your monthly earning and resolve to increase the percentage each month with a target.
Once you decide to save with a goal and expectation, you will be able to take action and save diligently.

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14. Sell all the things you do not need again
You have a lot of money sitting in that unused or used stuff in your home. From appliances to phones, clothes, house equipments to electronics. You will need to sell them and convert the money into savings. You can donate some items if you feel you don’t have to sell them.
15. Learn a new skill
Running your own business by learning a new skill will give you financial freedom and make you richer in the next one year. Even if you work now, it is important that you focus on the future rather than now. In any society, skill acquisition is an important aspect of financial freedom as once you have a skill you can establish a business or work for higher income. 
Take a pen and write a list of your financial goal today for one month, Six month, one year and even five years.
Write your plans and how you intend to achieve the financial goal
Write your goal cards and paste in various places.
Let me have your thought.
Write your plans on Savings Account Openings and How you will achieve your saving goal
Write list of leakages in your finance, including phone bills, waste at home and used stuffs in the house and take very conscious decision on how to convert these leakages into savings.
Discuss with your spouse or partner or who you think is important to your financial goal plans and agree with him/her

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