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Understanding the Purpose of Your Life

Imagine in your dream, you were visited suddenly by a strange BEING you could not fathom who he was. This being was looking as flashy and beautiful as you have never seen before, so loving, caring, fatherly, motherly, childlike and very comforting. This BEING woke you up from your sleep and asked you to leave your mortal body and sit with him to have a chat about your life, your cares, burdens and purpose on this seminar called earth.

While you were seated for this meeting, you see your other body (mortal body) lying on the bed. The BEING brings out and hand over to you a blue print of your life – best, comfortable and luxurious houses and cars, fat bank account, happy family, a great relationship and the path to the best things of life.

While you were seated for this meeting, you see your other body (mortal body) lying on the bed. The BEING brings out and hand over to you a blue print of your life – best, comfortable and luxurious houses and cars, fat bank account, happy family, a great relationship and the path to the best things of life.

But just while you were happily engrossed in the new “heavenly” life, He brings another page of this blueprint and stated conditionally, that all the good things of life shown to you above are all benefits that follow, if you will work with him to achieve His own goals of sending you to earth. As this BEING further demanded that you have no choice but to work out the condition, which are very simple, but requires your effort carefully through choices, you became very curious and your interest in knowing more of the-how was aroused.


Suddenly and subsequently, you were handed the last page of the blueprint with the three conditions for the best things of life to be fulfilled. But as you were trying to open and look at the conditions very well to know how to work it out, you woke up with a message that just says “Go to the Earth to work out the real purpose of your life

The above scenario is what majority goes through on earth without discovering what and the reason they are here. While many are struggling and day-dreaming when to launch the next idea, when to take the next step to get closer to their destiny and purpose in life, when to tackle that setback of life, others are succeeding and bringing out the best breakthrough ideas that is changing the world, adding value to humanity, making what people say it is not possible to be possible and seeing the solution to bouncing back from their setbacks and mistakes.
Like the three identities in the dream state, the body on the bed is your ethereal body responsible for going through your life journey on earth. It has a complete body part that makes up a whole being. 

This body houses your mind which has the ability to make choices. This body has a cloak covering it just as you have the yellowish cloak that covers the lighting candle light. It goes through the joy of life, mistakes, success, pain and cares of this life. It has feelings, it is the real work of God that brings ideas that will either add value to humanity or further destroy humanity, that builds your life or destroy it, that takes you into setbacks or bounce backs, that shows you how to grow from your setbacks and mistakes to a bounce back like a champion or be swallowed like a failure.
The sitting body is the spirit of man. It is the messenger of the Higher Power called God. It connects God and man. It has abilities but cannot express it on earth except through the body of man.

Finally, the being that was talking to the seated body is God or Higher Power. He is the creator of all things. 

Just like the electric current that is transformed into energy to power electronics in your home, Higher Power is available to man in his body at all time. All he need is to connect and tune that source to work for him. 

Tuning to God’s power involves only tuning and working into His goals for man. In fact, every manufacturer of any product has a purpose and working condition of that product. The first mandate of man is therefore to know his purpose on earth and this can be done through seeking the goals of man’s manufacturer.

Why is the above important?
Because the world is a ball of earth rotating at 1000 miles per hour, making a total of 25,000 round trips to complete each day, yet man don’t feel or notice it. The sun rises in the morning and set in the evening while the moon and stars are all there doing their purpose too. You wonder all of these are going on undisturbed and peacefully without man knowing the How or mystery behind it. The sun, sea, moon, earth ball, stars are all working their purpose and it therefore simply means, man need to work his or her purpose too. 

When man understands the manufacturer, then just as electronic products in the house will get spoiled if used wrongly, so is man when the setbacks of life hits him. He needs to workout his bounce back through the knowledge of repair, fixing and preventing the cause externally or personal the next time or living with it if he cannot change it.

This is the secret of the ages. Discoveries, inventions and ideas that outlived their starters such as Ford Motor Company, Forbes Magazine and even the 1998 success story of Inc who moved from a revenue of $220,000 in the first year of business in 1999 to almost $1Billion dollars in the fifth year has all gone through setbacks and mistakes but where able to get through the hardest times to bounce into success. 

Unfortunately, according to American real estate diva Barbara Corcoran, no one is interested in remembering how many times you have failed or knowing your setback but only want to know how you succeeded.
Classical successes as the above are not ability-based when you probe, but it is about discovering your talent which is from God and they did all through several failures. Most people who depend on their abilities and ego end up struggling.

Look at the sages of the bible days such as Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Solomon, and Joseph etc and you will see they all prospered in the midst of famine. But do you know that it took them years to accomplish all they did and they were greeted with setbacks? Just take Moses for example. It took 40 years of pain, setbacks but determination and commitment to get his people out of bondage from the hands of the Egyptian Pharaoh.

Your next big idea that will be of great value that will advance the world must come from the working of the source of your life who is the king of the world. This is exactly why Dr. Miles Munroe said in his classic book The Most Important Person on Earth that “The king implements His vision for the kingdom based on his personal will”. 


Your marriage, friendship, career, job, school, and life will go through challenges, mistakes, and test. But in the end, you will succeed, because tough time never lasts, but tough people do according to late preacher and author, Robert H. Schuler.

Most of us are only happy when we pass exams, have a great relationship, when things are going well between us and our spouse, when we are having constant flow of cash and we can spend, when our children are behaving well. But feel depressed, develop emotional imbalance, live with anger, resentment, despair, hopelessness and frustration when it’s the other way round. Pain and gain, mistakes, setbacks and tragedies are all part of living. Once you know that life is suffering according to Bhuda, then it becomes no more suffering.

Suffering and happiness exist in all phenomena. Actually where there is happiness, there will be suffering. They are in contrast with each other. If’ we only say that life is suffering when things do not go according to our wish we are rather foolish.  What then is the real purpose of your life, read on here

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