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Make money in 2015: Top 24 Boom Businesses to start under N50,000 or GHc1000

Do you want to start your own business? Just know that there has never been a best time or vital time to start it than now. If you are among those Nigerians who are out of work or a fresh graduate or someone who is interested in becoming an employer of labor, or just want to start your dream creative idea and secure your financial future, starting a small business might be your only option. And even if you do already have a job, you might want to investigate easy ways to pick up extra cash and develop a savings plan. Either way, this feature on making money in the New Year is right for you. It will help you develop a plan.
You can engage in entrepreneurial endeavors on a part-time or weekend basis to pick up extra cash, boost your income, save for a dream car, home or vacation.

These top 24 businesses were selected because they bring value to the table in terms of being hot and what the market place want. As I write on these businesses that you can start, I want to assure you that you don’t have to break the bank to start these businesses and they also come with a great return on investment. You will be inspired to make money.

I will advice that after reading each of these business opportunities, you will need to carry out “due diligence” research on whether or not the business is right for you. You need to find our if you love the business, if it fits into your community, or are there already too many competition in your area for this product or service.
If there is competition in your area, ask yourself if there is a way you can present the service/product in a manner that is faster, cheaper and smarter? These are just some of the questions you must ask yourself as you get ready to join the ranks of entrepreneurs who enjoy the flexibility and self-esteem of being their own boss–whether it is on a full-time, part-time or weekend warrior basis.

1. Business Brokerage: Business brokerage is a very viable business. People are looking for what to buy and don’t know where to buy it. People are also having items and are looking for who to buy them. For example, if someone wants to sell a used car, you can locate who is looking for a used car to buy and broker the sale. In brokerage, you will have to bring the buyer and seller together and make your commission from sale.

2. Ice Block making and supply: We all use refrigerators at home. And we know these days there are people holding parties every other weekend. The event owners would always want to have their party consumables chilled. They want their drinks and other stuffs preserved cold. Turn your fridge in the house to money by making ice blocks and selling to your neighborhood, and supplying to parties. Start this today and soonest you will be known as being the one running it. You will make unending income from this daily on daily basis.

3. Counseling/Advice: Do you have knowledge in counseling or giving advice that works and you have been doing it as a hobby, maybe in the Church, school or people come to you to seek advice? This is your opportunity to turn this into cash. You can run a business counseling and advice agency. If for example you have been advising young ladies on dating, couples on how to have a healthy relationship for free, you could do this for money. You can advice people on best ways to get their visa, how to face interviews, how to invest in stock, how to make money etc

4 Mobile Food Vendor: There are eateries where a lot of people who work in corporate offices could go for lunch. Yes, but they must leave their offices to eat in these eateries most time. Besides, some will preference a particular dish; continental or local menu. You can start your business from your home making these foods and packaging them and supplying directly to office workers. They will be happy to see you supply them at their offices exactly what they want to eat and you will start building your client base once you start. This will be very viable in an office area. All they need to have is your phone number and you also have their phone number to call them and ask them the type of menu they want and when they want it.

5 Article Writing: If you know how to write or have flare for writing, then you could convert it into cash. They are looking for skilled writers in particular niches or field. If you know about medicine, children’s health, parenting, traveling etc, you can write for magazines, online magazines, journals etc for money. You can also run your personal newsletter or journal where you write and sell it for money. You can do this locally or globally. Locally, you will need to contact local magazines and newspaper. Globally, you can set up a blog site and start making money with it where you are paid monthly cheques. One of the ways you can make real money writing articles is writing short articles.

6 International Survey: Companies are ready and interested in knowing how consumer perceives their products or services and are ready to compensate you for your opinion on their products or services. Some will give gifts while some will give out money for this. You can visit the Internet and take online surveys and be paid.

7 Apartment Preparers: The truth is that people who rent apartment or homes could damage the premises or leave them in a rather unkempt state. You can start a business from home by coming to prepare the apartment to fit the next tenant by rendering services in the area of cleaning and straightening up to painting, furniture refinishing and more. Your charge should be hourly in order for you to make good money out of these services.

8 Residential Cleaning: You can make money as a residential cleaner. House owners are looking for cleaners who will keep their environment clean. If you have interest in service, this is a business for you and you can start within your community. You will need basic supplies, Advertisement, handbills or flyer to generate customers. You can also use word of mouth.

9 Game Viewing Center: A lot of people are interested in gathering in one place to view football matches for the fun of it. First, they want to identify with other people who belong to the same fan clubs with them. You can set up a viewing center and charge them fees to watch matches. You can start this by converting a space in your home or renting some where no matter how small it is.

10 Web Designing and Hosting: You can start a web developing company for family members, friends, and small business owners in your community. You should be computer-savvy. However, there are plenty of software programs (called What You see Is What You Get-WYSIWYG) that will enable you become a web developer in a day.
Web hosting is a great business. This is a passive income as it requires just the first effort of winning a prospect and then they pay you yearly for keeping their website up and running as long as their subscription is current.

11 Children Party Services: This is a good business for any one from home. You can start a business organizing parties for kids. What you do here is to pick up a space or set up the parties at the homes of the families hosting their parties. Develop a number of themes for different age group. You can even develop this as a mail order business by placing ads offering several themes and packages for different size and group of kids. It’s a party-in-a-box and you are the supplier.

12 Barbecue Specialty: There is a big business here. People would like to relax themselves, after work or during weekends. You can contact owners of relaxation centers and compliment their services by setting up your barbecue. Place an ad in the newspaper as a master barbecue chef. You set up, cook, serve and perform all clean up tasks. This is catering barbecue style.

13 Run an online Blog: A blog is an online diary. Your blog is also called a web blog. With your blog, you make money from advertising networks sharing revenue or writing articles and selling your products and services there. To own a blog, you can either go the free way or you chose paid blog.

14 Creating and selling e-Books: You can create ebooks with little capital and make real monthly profits. Write and package a book on what you know as a solution to a problem in the society and package them on CD-Rom and sell. To do this, write your book, convert it to a pdf file and write them to CD-Rom. Place ad on newspaper and start selling and raking money to your bank account. You can download a free pdf converter at

15 Write a Book and Publish Offline: Yes you can start writing book and selling as an author. You must be passionate about this area before you start. People want to read various kinds of books for solutions to their challenges and for entertainment. From self help books to fiction, there is good money in niche business. Pocket books is one smart way of making good money if you want to start. You can publish a pocket book with small budget per copy and sell for over 150% profit. Do you want to start a book writing or have written book but want it published, visit or send a mail to

16 Editorial Services: Here are some of the editorial services you can provide from the quiet of your own home and you can expand too.
Copyediting. This is where fact checking takes place, and where grammatical, stylistic and typographical errors are caught.

Proofreading. This is the last stop for a “finished” piece. The proofreader makes sure the copyediting changes have been properly made and no new errors are created in the process.
Developmental editing. A developmental editor works with a manuscript on big-picture things like organization and content issues.

Book doctoring. This is an editorial service provided for manuscripts written by experts. They create a manuscript as best they can and then a book doctor puts it into publishable shape.
Ghost Writing. As a ghost writer, you actually do the research and write the book and someone else’s name is attached as the author.

Copywriting. Also known as business writing, this is writing that promotes a product or a service.
Book writing. Do you have an expertise in something professional, such as accounting or interior decorating? Or personally, like knitting? Why not write a book about it?

Magazine article writing. Magazines and newspapers are a great way to get your writing published before tackling the daunting task of writing a whole book.

17 Import and Export Specialist: If you don’t already have work experience with importing and/or exporting, you will have a longer learning curve. You can start by learning the basics and hosting educational sessions to teach others what they need to know to get started in import/export. That alone would probably gain you your first couple of clients. If you keep going with educational seminars and expand your reach to outside your immediate region, you could probably develop a sufficient and ongoing customer base very quickly, but be careful not to outpace your learning curve!

18 Used book sales: Almost everyone has a few boxes of books stashed away in the house somewhere. Why not make a business out of them? In order to gain customers–especially repeat customers–you will need to have some regular shop hours. Make your shop known for something-a specific category (or two) of books, having some first editions for sale, all paperbacks few naira or cedi and all hard-covers the same, and/or a swap program. Maps, illustrations, postcards, greeting cards and magazines are good sidelines to include in your shop.

19 Music Lessons:  You want to stick to the instrument(s) you know, but you may be a skilled enough musician to offer lessons on several different instruments, or those in a particular class, e.g., stringed or woodwind. You can decide to take on individuals or classes, depending on space and availability of instruments. Public schools are continually reducing their commitment to art and music classes for students, so you can try to work with the public school system to supplement their efforts in those areas.

20 Personal Historian: You can start a business as an entrepreneur who makes a living capturing the stories and memories of older generations. This is most commonly referred to as personal historian. As a personal historian, you conduct interviews with the target elder and then use the collected stories and recollections to create audiotapes, CDs, videotapes or DVDs, books, or even family Web sites to publish the results.

To become a personal historian, you need to love the job as it takes passion. The truth is that many of us are busy raising their families during the years that our parents and grandparents are still able to share a wealth of family stories…that we just never seem to get around to turning those good intentions into reality. As a personal historian, you can approach families who can hire you to capture and preserve those precious memories. To start this business, get your company registered, send out letters to the prospect and conduct the interviews. You will need to own a website where you write about your services.

21 Projector Rental Service:  There are a lot of events taking place, especially weekends by people who are running crusades, seminars and workshops, and other types of event requiring projectors. You can buy a projector and start renting it out on hourly or per day basis. This is a great business. All you need to do is print hand bills and flyers to let people know you rent projectors. Advertise on social media, whatsapp etc. You also get business through referrals when you start.

22 Photography: This is a very lucrative business idea. You can make a lot of money from little investment as a photographer. There are four areas you can make it big in this industry, but it requires creativity and being resilient. You can start your photography in the areas of wedding, real estate, stock photos.
With wedding photography, you take pictures during wedding events and turn them into various kinds of platforms including physical photos, photo-books and even online.

Real estate photography involves taking pictures for real estate companies and making it stunning for them. Also, there is a big opportunity in stock photos where you take photographs of places and sell online. You can sell your stock photos on sites such as

To make real money here, you will need a good digital camera and also editing software. Above all of these, you need to price your services well to make good money.

23. Exercise teacher: Many gymnasiums will trade membership and often a bit more for a person willing and able to teach an exercise class. You can also find people who do not want to go to the gym that you can train from home as a personal trainer. If you’re in good shape, this is a great opportunity to earn some extra money, plus it can often lead to additional income with one-on-one teaching opportunities.

24 Online media consultant:  Like participating on messageboards, Facebook, Twitter, and so on? Become an online media consultant and help people promote things. Start small – help local businesses get a presence on Facebook and set them up with Twitter. From there, you can grow to whatever works for you.

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