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How To Bake Nigeria Agege Bread: Afro Ethnic Bread in 7 steps

Agege bread is the most popular Nigerian bread eaten daily in western Nigeria. It can be used for tea, beans, Akamu(Ibo), Ogi(Yoruba), Koko(Ghana) or custard. This is one of the best bread recipe I have excessively covered for commercial bakeries in my Complete Bread  Video and EBook Courses

If you are a Ghanaian, Nigerian, Kenyan, South African, Ivorian, Ethiopian and live outside Nigeria, maybe United State (USA), Canada, India, UK, Dubai, Singapore or Inda, and want to serve Africans in your community, you could open an Afrocentric or Afro Ethnic Bread bakery to serve customers' need, baking Nigerian Agege bread.

For African countries outside Nigeria, this is a great business concept too. Agege bread is a brand in US, will also sell lucratively in Ghana. In my first baking shop in Festus, Pokuase, Greater Accra, I ran a purely Nigerian bread and it was a lucrative venture. However, I fused Agege bread with some creative touch and sold massively at circle. I will produce at the baking shop and sell them to Nigerians at Kwame Nkruma Circle. I live this for another article.

I have written below the home baking recipe for Agege bread. For commercial baking of Agege bread for business and how to market it refer to my Complete Bread  Video and EBook Courses

Bow is home baked recipe


Flour 900g flour
Sugar : 180g
Half tea spoon salt
Margarine: 100g
1 table spoon of Vitamin C or Bread improver.
2 tablespoon of yeast

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Step 1.

Add 650g flour to a bowl.
Add Half tea spoon salt
Add 180g sugar
Add 1 table spoon of Vitamin C.
Add 100g or Margarine.
Set Side.

Step 2
Yeast activation(In another bowl)

Add 2 teaspoon of sugar
Add 2 table spoon of yeast
Add 200 ml of warm water
Set aside for 15 minutes to frost.

Step 3
Pour into the flour you have mixed in step 1, add another 300ml of water and knead.

Pour the remaining 300g flour and knead.

Place dough in a an oiled bowl and cover in a warm place and allow to rise for 1hr to 2hrs

Bring it out once it has risen for two hours or twice in size.
Deflate it and knead for five minutes again.

Cut to shape and pan them and allow to rise again for 60 minutes.

Light your oven and set your fire temperature at 180c and preheat for 15 minutes then bake for 30 to 50 minutes until cooked and crusty

You can learn more of other recipes including Butter, Sweet, Sardine, Braided and full commercial  Agege bread recipe in my Complete Bread  Video and EBook Courses.

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