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The power of your mind, how to use it to your own life advantage

One of the biggest secrets that transformed casual worker turned steel merchant, Andrew Carnegie into unequaled success was the power of the mind application. Same was Napoleon Hill who became a colossal success too. “What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve”

What exactly is the MIND?
The mind is a spiritual power, a force that resides in every life. It builds up anything and the body of man can then manifest it. It stands between the physical experience, the spiritual experience and the source of man. 

It is a processor working 24hours everyday. With the mind, man can build, advance the earth, perceive and experience his source. It can also destroy.
The mind feeds the body with emotion to trigger frustration or happiness. The mind will make a man merry or sad. 

The mind is the power house that can start the destruction of a relationship, process and accept hardship, setbacks, and career failures; financial challenges as temporal or permanent phenomena.


Every physical occurrence is a final manifestation of the build up of an issue in the mind.
Let us look at creation and the mind. In just six days, God created the world and man. In His mind’s eye, He has created everything, but the physical manifestation was just an act of spoken words to bring the world and man into reality. 

First, God created the sun, moon, earth and man in the spiritual and saw it was good before the spoken word for the physical manifestation.

The mind has been a tool that has been mastered as an art by successful people. It helps you to think positive, to persevere, learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others, to have courage and push the extra miles towards achieving our goals, to have a focused effort and see our ideas and desires, and be it negative or positive comes to reality. 

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Our mind will give us conviction that we are not consumers but contributors to this world. It will give us conviction that a higher being created us and that there is a purpose for our being here on earth and we can begin to pursue it. The same mind will build up and develop resentment and anger, hate, fear, apathy and other negative emotions. 

The mind when used positively gives us faith in God and the ability to bring products that nature has purposed us to. We are then able to bring products or services out first before asking for payments as an overflow or benefits from out creative works. 

Man also uses the mind to love and in return he is loved. He also uses the mind for deception, helping humanity for good as well as destroying humanity depending on where his mind vibration tilts to and what he keeps dwelling on. 

A man of sense is one who thinks and process life experiences with his mind. He is able to control his thinking to a positive application and reject negative suggestions that could lead him to destructions. He is able to see opportunities even in adversities. 

He does not blame happenings and wrong choices he has made on others. He takes responsibility. 

“The more important things in life are not to capitalize on our gains. Any tool can do that. The really important thing is to profit from our losses. That requires intelligence; and makes the difference between a man of sense and a fool” So says the author of “Twelve against the GodsWilliam Bolitho

Those who have been taught early in life about finding God’s purpose are first convinced in their mind and they keep pushing on, till success comes to the amazement of the world.
When your mind is focused that there is a God or source of your life, and you are convinced of it, every element that is required to make you a success in life will just fall in place on their own as if you had a Midas touch. Note that I am not saying there will not be challenges on the way, but you will take and accept them as stepping stones when you know the purpose and focus on the ideal. This is only possible if your mind is positive. Buddha says life is suffering but not everyone understands this. 

As Del Smith, an infant adopted from the Sacred Heart Orphanage and raised by his grandmother in Centralia, Washington DC, United States of America after the death of his foster father in an accident puts it, “regardless of money, life is filled with rich if it is filled with love”. Most of life’s problem is centered on lack of love if you go deeper.
The mind can be used for good or bad. To love or hate. Let us look at one example of the power of the mind at work. Success Story
You know What you may not know is that it was derived from the computer language acronym html (hyper text markup language) and was originally spelt as HoTMail. This company became a house hold name shortly after launch. And the success came as a result of mind application and belief in the founders. Sabeer Bhatia and his partner Jack Smith had great idea but no capital to fund it. This was a setback enough for them to quit.

 This was challenging and frustrating as it may seem at first. Unable to fund their dream, they resorted to approach a venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson with an estimate of revenue to sponsor the hotmail project but he dismissed it instantly as not workable. However, Bhatia with his optimistic mind refused to drop what his mind told him will work. 

He may have failed in his bid to get funding from Jurvetson, but will not give up as he was seeing light at the end of the tunnel which no one else was seeing.  In that meeting he said to his would-be sponsor who thought the idea was not feasible “You don’t believe we are going to do that”, meaning he will not give up. 
Finally, Hotmail was started as a company on July, 4th, 1996 with borrowed money of $300,000 after series of setbacks. With the power of the mind which gave birth to courage, determination and faith, Bhatia raised the subscriber base of hotmail from 100 in the first one hour to 10,000,000 (ten million) in one year, becoming the fastest company in the history of the whole world to do this. This was mind power in positive action.

On December, 1997, Microsoft bought hotmail for $400 million dollars.  Do you see it that Bhatia and his partner though, went through setbacks but came out growing as champions.
Flip the coin to the other side and see that the same mind if not handled well could be used for negative too. 

The same mind power applied above is being used for deception, poverty, anger, jealousy and a host of other negative things. Most people are poor in mind. They want to be rich and successful, but in their mind power, they push for poverty and lack.  

The society has conditioned your mind mentally from upbringing that you think you do not deserve to be rich or that success is not a reality. Your mind has been polluted with a wrong belief system. This is why many use the mind for immediate gratification rather that on enlightened causes that will better humanity and the world in general. Negative mind goes to war; blame mistakes and life setbacks on others. They apportion blames.

Let us look at one such case that shook the world with the power of immediate gratification with negative mind power.

In 2004, Time Magazine in its annual list of “People who mattered” featured among others a South Korean, Seoul National University Professor of Theriogenology and Biotechnology, Hwang Woo-suk. 

Prior to this honor, Hwang had received several honors for his scientific breakthroughs and researches. No doubt, he was a great intellectual and everyone knows and acknowledges this.
In 1999, he announced that he had successfully cloned a diary cow which made him a national success and celebrity in South Korea. To crown this, he announced in 2004 that he had made a breakthrough in creating human embryonic stem cells through cloning too. This was a colossal success as most experts in that field believed before then that it was impossible to clone any primate as a result of the complex nature of its genetic components.

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Surprisingly to many, Hwang went further to feature an article in the science journal as a media announcement about his new breakthrough. As if this was not enough, he announced an additional breakthrough of his being able to clone an Afghan dog he called Snuppy. All these gave him a pride of place in his country and the whole world. He was regarded as the top expert in stem cell.

All these added together, gave him the opportunity of holding several appointments, including the prestigious Chairmanship of POSCO (Pohang Iron and Steel Company). 

He was also appointed to lead world stem cell hub with his title being “Supreme Scientist” under the ministry of Science and Technology. Financially, he got millions of dollars equivalent as financial support for his work.

As Hwang was enjoying his new status, an American Scientist who was a member of his inner circle team announced that he was pulling out of his team giving reasons as a result of the way Hwang’s research was done through a wrong collection of eggs unethically.
 As this was raging, another member of his team and colleague Roh Sung-il also announced a pull out too. While pulling out, he admitted that he had collected eggs from their junior researchers as well as paid donors for eggs and this ethically violated the standard. Till this time, Hwang claimed ignorance of all these.

There were criticism but he was still supported by his people. However, as the process of investigation started, he offered to resign all his appointments and stated that “he was blinded by work and drive for achievement”. He defended himself and absolved himself of wrong doing.
The Seoul National University was to set up a panel to investigate Hwang’s works just as the science journal that published his “breakthrough’ retracted them through the same medium.
Suddenly, the truth came and the burble busted. The cat was let out of the bag…

On January 10th, 2006, the panel made a conclusive announcement that shook the whole world. Hwang had cooked up and fabricated big lies about his stem cell research.

 And suddenly, all other wrongs about his research were sprouting. Hwang had forced one female researcher to donate her own egg. In the ensuing process, issues were raised on how he spent $2.6 million dollars out of $40 million dollars support fund that was given to him for research.

Finally, on the 12th of May, 2006, Hwang was indicted on embezzlement of research funds as well as violating bioethics law. It turned out that his claim for stem cell researches were all fabricated lies. Hwang was sentenced to a two years suspended prison sentence at the Seoul Central District Court on 26 October 2009, after being found guilty of embezzlement and bioethical violations

Hwang had a great intelligence and mind power, but used it negatively to deceive his country, the university and the science world globally.

Just like Hwang of South Korea, in 1999, Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation returned to a democratic dispensation after an era of the military. A Young vibrant, intelligent and well focused man, Salihu Buhari contested election to the lower house of parliament, the House of Representative and won.

He was outspoken and had political clout. He was influential and above all had leadership ability. This also accounted for his contesting for the speaker of the house which he won. His leadership style was exceptional. He led older people smoothly and carried them along.
However, Buhari never lasted as a member of the house let alone as the Speaker because he was thrown out of the house constitutionally and disgracefully. 

This was because he used his mind power negatively.

What happened? While filling his papers to contest election, he forged and submitted a certificate showing he attended University of Toronto, Canada. From his constituency, the issue of his certificate was raised by political opponents and the house had to set up a panel to investigate Buhari. The University of Toronto when contacted submitted that he was never at any time a student of that University. This ended Buhari’s political career.

Does he have a great mind power? Yes! Does he have great leadership acumen? Can he change the world? Of course yes. But he used the power of his mind negatively.

A positive mind power application, an enlightened mind power will bring a lasting success in finance, relationship, career, marriage and business and value to man, his environment and the world in general. 

Ponder on this. Would you like to have a lasting gratification through mind power like Bhatia of Hotmail or you want immediate and short-lived gratification like Hwang. The choice is yours and I know you want it positive.

Chose from your mind what you want to be and then pursue it with positive mind and see yourself achieving it in your mind’s eye and it will come to pass. 


That marriage, career and goal will certainly come with frustration, challenges, and setbacks as well as mistakes but it is the mind that will make you a champion or a victim.

“People are like iceberg. There is much more to them than meet the eye” says American author, speaker, and pastor, John Calvin Maxwell  

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  1. Nice and informative... If people could learn to use their mind positively, the world will be better


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