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7 Things Every CEO Should Never Ever ay to His Employees. Your Need to Motivate them

Your success in managing your employees will be a great factor to your success in your business. Sometimes, our employees kill our motivation with various issues such as lack of motivation, a resistance to what you're asking or one or more. This will go a long way to test your capacity to manage a business. The truth is that you are not immune to the above just because you are the boss. Sometimes we all say things we regret later.
Verbal communication is very vital to your people management skill as the boss. Therefore, when you face frustrations in the course of your business, you need to remain calm and resilient.
Here are 7 statements you should never say to your employees, especially in the strong heat moments .

1 Don't Say - “You're very stupid and the worst person I have ever worked with”. When angry as the CEO, keep your calm and be civil in your comportment especially in terms of professionalism. Never take actions that will make you look cheap before an employee.  Someone noted that while it is inadvisable for a boss to swear in front of an employee, it is absolutely unacceptable to swear at an employee"

2  Don't Say – “You're your attitude to work is terrible”.  There is a need for managers to communicate effectively. It is your duty as an employer to give the employee the right resources, budgets, deadlines, training and support they need to complete an assignment with distinction.  To insure employees fully understand the instructions they are given, employer should ask the employee to repeat the instructions they are given. And if the employee make repeated mistakes, perhaps the task doesn't match the employee's competency or they have been given unclear instructions.

3  Don't Say –  I'm the CEO, So just do what I say." As adults, just know that your employees will not take your hypocrisy. If you are seen by your employees as setting a different standard for yourself and another for them, then they will see you as a hypocrite. And believe me; don't ever expect them to do what you ask them to do.

4  Don't Say – "You're lucky to have a job, others are unemployed." Do you feel this way about your employees? Then you are the one that is lucky to have a job. There is no employee who would be willing to work well in an organization they are made to feel like being indebted to their employer. It is better to deal with an issue professionally with someone who is not performing and find a way to help and correct such person immediately. If you have leadership skill, you should kill the mentality that your employee should 'lick your feet”

5 Don't Say – "If you don't like it, I'll find someone who does." The fact that you are an employer does not make you to be a jerk. A good CEO or manager will use leadership skills to motivate employees. Threatening them with losing their jobs as a way to get them to do what you want, will never be a lasting approach. And believe it or not, they may quit or never have the motivation to perform well in the business.

6 Don't Say "Why are you different, others don't have a problem with this?" If you are dealing with an employee that is permanently resistant or lack performance based on resistance, then you need to tackle this immediately. But if it is an issue with an employee who is relatively cooperative and giving you hard time on a particular situation, then check it as this may be an indication that you are unwilling to see the concerns of the employee fear or alternative ideas. He could also be having a bad day and you need to find out. Do not ask him the above questions at all and do not compare your employees.

7 Don't Say " "Do you have Idea what stress I have." We are all faced with stress of daily life and work. If you have decided to tell people and show them that yours is greater, you are not being professional as you don't have the right to discount others.

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