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What to do if you forgot to add yeast to your bread dough during mixing

Chef Henry, pls I forgot to add yeast during mixing, I have kept my dough in the pans for 4 hours and it does not seem to be proofing or rising. Is my product spoiled or what should I do now?

You are not alone. I have been there. I watched my 72 year Old Baba forgetting to add yeast.  I wan under his mentorship.

On my own, one day, I had some meeting at Circle, Accra and my wife was to handle the secret ingredient mixing. When I came back they have added dough to pan. That was really her first time and I was excited and thanking her,  praising her how I was proud of her for helping out since we needed to meet up with supply the next morning. Then, I started asking her the ingredients she added one after the other. Boom! I discovered she did not add yeast as the yeast also looked like one other ingredient we use. 

Four hours, the bread remained at it's flat position, instead was becoming oily due to margarine greasing. I sensed it. NO YEAST ADDED.


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WHAT DID I DO? I brought out all the dough together, poured back into the mixer, added the right percentage of  yeast into a bowl, added little handful of flour and water and mixed them together and then poured into the dough. Started the mixing again as normal for next five minutes for evenness.

Everything was together. Then scale and cut and added to pans again and allowed it to proof normal and well risen and then we baked. Bread came out fantastically.

NOTE: You cannot bake bread without adding yeast. Yeast is the catalyst that makes bread to rise and form and this is different from cake which does not need yeast.

If you don't add yeast, you can not produce bread but biscuit.

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