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Profit Making Bakery Manual & Premium Bread Recipes (eBook Download)


How many loaves of bread can you get from one bag of 50kg flour? How much should make from one bag of flour? What should you do to have a baked bread that rises to have volume? What scaling should you apply for your dough? The solution is here.

The bread baking industry is very lucrative, but many bakers are getting it wrong with the sudden and steady skyrocketing of baking ingredients due to inflation.

Fortunately, this is the best time to be in this business and the reason bakeries of all sizes are springing out daily everywhere you go from Accra to Takoradi, Wa, Kumasi, Nkawkaw to Sunyani, Lagos to Portharcourt, Abuja , Asaba, Awka, Warri, Benin, Leki, Ikeja, Umuahia, Jos, Kaduna, South Africa, Kenya, Cameron, Liberia etc

The true fact about this industry is that most bakers are focusing  on money first (I am not blaming), rather than understanding the science of bread baking, bakery operations and implementing the right Premium Bread recipes that will give them profit and sustainability. This is the reason I wrote their book. 

If you are a bakery owner or want to start your bakery, you must know and understand first about Bakery Operations, Recipes that give you Profit and strategies for marketing your product to succeed.

Following are what bread bakers contend with mostly (and they are sent to my WhatsApp, emails and calls on daily basis):

- Baked bread is coming out hard, collapsing to the center when it is baked, bread is smelling like alcohol and sour .

- Bakery not making profit because bakers don't know how many loaves of bread that will come out from one bag of 50kg flour, don't know what size (grams and kilograms) to scale in order to make profit from N100, N200, N500 or Ghc2, Ghc5, Ghc10 bread dough.

- Bakers are using lots of ingredients that are already being duplicated. For example, you don't need to add bread Improvers in your mixing, and a few other ingredients as these are just duplications, which eats into your cost of production and Profit.

- Bakeries are running losses because most  don't know how to price bread to make profit.

- You dont know how to make bread that has volume, big for it's commercial value, last ten to 15 days shelf life, bread loaf that rise big,  bread coming out crumbly like garri after a day, your bread is not elastic or stretchy. 

- You don't know about unique types of secrete flavours and ingredients that gives your baked loaves the right aroma and taste.

- You don't have a Marketing Plan and How to make more profit form your bread baking if you already make profit.

This book addresses the above and presents Premium Bread Recipes in 5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50kg.

It's a complete 2022 Bread Baking Operations and Profit Making Recipes for Profesional Bread Bakers, Master Bakers and Those who want start a bakery.

Profit Making Bakery Manual and Premium Bread Recipes covers the following among others:

Introduction to Bread.
Ingredients Needed for Premium Bread baking explained.
Bread Baking Troubleshooting/Frequently Asked Questions.
Bread Baking Marketing Plans.
9 Ways to improve your bread baking profits.
How to lower your production cost.
12 Ingredients for Premium Bread Baking.
Science of Bread Scaling and Profit Making.
Bread Baking Premium Recipes and Step by step guide to produce your first Premium Loaf.

How much is this package? 
Considering all efforts, experimentations, investments and money spent in putting this practical ebook together, and what impact is has in changing bakeries for profit, I could have asked for  N15,000, Ghc200 or $80.

But in order to have many access to these secrets to start their own business  and make profit on sustainable living, I am giving this ebook to the first 100 people for N5,00.00, or Ghc80 or $30.

HOW TO PURCHASE WITH IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD (Pay in Naira, Ghana cedis or Dollars).

Pay Naira in Nigeria Bank: Pay N5,000 to Zenith Bank Act:1017249190(Company Account Name: Bakers At work); (Send payment details or Whatsapp: +2349028854666 or 09028854666 along with your email and name and it shall be sent to you instantly on confirmation.

Pay by Ghana Cedis: Request MTN Momo Account by sending WhatsApp message to 0551689453(Ghana) or +2349028854666. You will receive momo details and your ebook is sent instantly on payment confirmation.

In Dollars by Western Union. Whatsapp me on +2349028854666.

Or WhatsApp/Call for details: +2349029854666

Are you still contemplating  if you should buy or not? Take action now and start a lucrative bread baking business. This Promo price is valid till February 28.

I look forward to meeting you in the other side.

Good Luck
Chef Henry

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