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Tony Egba, Social Entrepreneur Teaches how to achieve success by design

In the field of life, there are those who are master of none and there are those who are versatile and keep going and growing everyday with impact on the world, especially on the younger generation. It is no gainsaying that most people for fear of tomorrow would want to stay put in paid jobs. But there are those who dare and decided to follow enlightened knowledge  by choosing to live life by design, deciding to live freely, fearlessly and daring to succeed against all odds.

This is what our guest in this Interview Engr Anthony Egba, the Founder of RichLife Center represent.  The Ibadan based Entrepreneur, Author , Herbalist, Farmer, Husband and Ndokwa, Delta State of Nigeria born positive thinker bare it all about living life by design, entrepreneurship , agriculture and success in this classical Interview granted to Start Your Own Business e-Magazine.

Talking to him was eye opening, classic and educating. Learning from the positive life mentor who fired his own boss to become a boss after four years of paid employment will help you to refocus. Enjoy the Interview.

SYOB: Good morning Engr. Anthony Sir

EAE: Good morning Henry!

SYOB: Trust your family is keeping well and good?

EAE: Family is doing great!

SYOB: Good. So can we start with this Interview?

EAE Ready!

SYOB: My name is Henry Omenogor, I publish Start Your Own Business Magazine and Journey to Wonderful Living  and I want to thank you for the opportunity to be on this Interview with you. May we know you?

EAE: My Name is Engr. Tony Egba. I am an Entrepreneur an Author a herbalist, Farmer and husband of one female wife!

SYOB: That is wonderful! You are a man with many caps. Could we know your journey into entrepreneurship?

EAE : After my youth service in 1988,  I worked for Sahara Engineers as Production Engineer and then resign in August 1992 to start my own engineering company; Tropical Development Engineering Ltd . That was exactly September 1st 1992 .

SYOB: Thank you so much for the insight. And I believe that deciding to start your own business was first an idea. How did you progress into taking the decision instead of staying in a paid employment. Sir?

EAE : Yes it has always been a dream in my heart to own my own business.

SYOB: And I see that you have long started various ventures including Richlife Center. What is the concept and goal of Richlife Center?

EAE: RichLife Centre is our NGO arm that we use to reach out to men and women to teach that we all technically has the capacity to make empowering choices that will enable us to live a better life

SYOB: You mean empowering them in terms of life choices, peak potential and entrepreneurship as well as building their self esteem? And which part of the country in Nigeria have you been operating this

EAE : Our headquarters is in Ibadan in Oyo state, Nigeria but our presence is Federal and our plan is to expand into other African counties

SYOB: That is wonderful sir. And I see you have done some trainings in Delta State, specifically Warri for Ndokwa Neku Union. I believe you are also giving back to your own homeland with this trainings too

EAE: Yes Development of Ndokwa Land is very paramount to my heart. And I will do all things legally and morally within my power to make Ndokwa Land the New Singapore of Nigeria
SYOB: Let talk about agriculture which is one area you have championed as an agripreneur.. Why is it that the present graduates venture only into white collar jobs instead of taking to agriculture and what is your advice?

EAE: Unless the youth are properly enlighten and re orientate, they will not take to Agriculture as it is now. Government has to do lot of to create a sustainable environment for 4 he young one to take to Agriculture

As long as there are easy money on the other sector of the economy Agriculture will not be attractive to youth.  You have to love and understand Agriculture before you can take to it

SYOB: That is insightful!

EAE: (Cuts in): The orientation of our youth today which is given to us by our elders is that you can make money without working! And that is not possible in Agriculture
Agriculture is work and eat.

SYOB: And what effort would you want government to make including partnerships in order to make these areas attractive to the youth

EAE: The government must be able to provide and create marker for 4 he agricultural produce and they should also make fund available for agricultural activity
The funds in commercial banks today cannot be applied to farming. You cannot go into agricultural venture with 28% interest rate!

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SYOB: That is true. And I also buy correctly your idea that there must first be the spirit of labor of love as it will also be of no use giving loans to those who do not want agriculture in the first case. What do you think Buhari's government should do more in terms of incentive to farmers in Nigeria

EAE: Let the Bank of Agriculture be properly position to give fund at 5% to farmer and you will see the rapid development if agricultural  Let the government continue with the development of Agricultural Value chain. Let them developing private operated marketing board. Let The bank of Agriculture be properly restructure to be in all local government and let them be financed to be able to give fund to farmer at single digit. Let the government subsidized Agricultural Mechanization.

SYOB: These are indeed insightful sir. Let us talk about your books and motivational works. You write so insightful and have a very deep thought. They sometimes sound philosophical and sometimes above it. Who is your role model and mentor?

EAE: I have a lot of role models and mentors both living and the dead. Jesus Christ, Dr. Normal Vincent Peals, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy and many more others

SYOB: That is great! And I see your ideas and living freely from fear but soaring to be who you were born to be on earth has paid you off too from, I believe your studying your mentors. But someone out there could  be tempted to ask why you believe in Jesus and you are an herbalist. Could you explain this?

EAE : Hmmm, people usually confuse an herbalist with a witch doctor. I am an herbalist and not a witch doctor! I study herbs and use it to cure ailment. If you have ever eaten vegetable in your life, you are an herbalist! God gave us all herbs for our uses

SYOB: Interesting! Interesting! What are your book titles and how can it be accessed by our readers.  Also what is your Facebook direct fan page for Richlife center for others to also benefit from your daily inspirational writings?

EAE: My books include : We all can be Rich, The New Dawn, Awake the Entrepreneur in You, Now that you are Married, Live by Design and Leadership without Title. You can have the in bookshops and we also accept new distributors. Some of them are online and I am converting them to ebooks too

SYOB: That is wonderful sir. Lastly, what message do you have to the youths in terms of challenges of life and success

EAE : You are responsible! You have the right to live a great live without Permission! It is your Choice! If you don't like anything at all change it or you endure it! It is your Choice! Chose to be Great today! Live by Design, live the Change you want to see! It is Choice!

SYOB: Thank you for this inspirational words. God bless you sir and thank you so much for your time.

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