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24 hours Dough Proofing Experience with Bread, glowing and rich in result

Most challenges I have seen while consulting with bread bakers has been that of their bread not rising well to that of the bread getting a short shelf life. If you are a bread consumer, you would have noticed some bread which spoil easily.

Aside the above, other have also asked what could happen if a dough is fermented or proofed for a long time before baking. This I had to experiment.

So I mixed the my recipe of a quarter bad of 50kg flour and added just half teaspoon of yeast. I made sure there was enough milk in this recipe. I shaped into pans and kept them to proof. 

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I must confess that I finished adding the dough into pans around 4pm and it was until 9am the following day when I started baking this bread. Not only did the bread rise naturally, but it was a great, glowing and retained its nutrition and weight. The rich content was very noticeable.

Aside the richness, this bread had a shelf life of 8 good days. I never added any artificial preservative on this bread but with just my among natural preservatives.

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The truth is that the longer your proofing and lesser your yeast, the nice your bread will be. If you are an over night baker, your bread will compete favorably in the market place with the right packaging

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