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Basic Items needed to start bread baking in your own locality

My Commercial Bread packaged for Market
It is a known fact that the old styled bread bakery requires very massive and big building and equipment to start. This has discouraged most prospective would-be bakers in the country. Like any other business and life today, innovation and creativity has taken over the bread baking industry and you do not need to break the bank to start a bread baking business. All you need is just a small space from your kitchen, backyard or small factory and you are good to go churning out 200 to 500 loafs of fresh sweet bread that is in high demand each day. This was how I started. In fact, I started with just 5kg of flour baking 30 loafs each day while I was still doing my writing job.
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1.      Food measuring Scale: Scale is needed to measure correctly your ingredients. It is important as this will give you the right combinations. Never mix ingredients with assumptions, as this will not give you the desired taste result. This will give you the right baker’s percentage and it is not a joke.

2.      Oven Thermometer: This is important to measure the thermometer of your baking oven. Fortunately, this can be added to your Oven as a built-in. Never mind as this cost just N1000 or $5 or GHc20 extra. The thermometer is used in measuring the temperature of your oven for maximum baking.

3.      Bowl: You need a bowl for mixing of your dough and ingredients when starting out. It should be a bowl that can mix manually half to one bag of flour.

4.      Knife: You need a kitchen Knife for cutting your bread. Very essential

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5.      Bread Pans: Bread pans are just the very essential for bread baking. Without the bread pan, you cannot bake. Fortunately, bread pans can be manufactured almost everywhere. It is fabricated locally and you should have your own unique bread pan shape that will make your bread unique. To achieve this, you need to work with your pan makers to achieve the shape. I use the bread pan style of Ghana as I gave my sample that I was using earlier to my pan maker and he did a wonderful job by producing a nice one. I was also to get another bread pan shape from South Africa which my pan maker showed me and I had to also add that to my line of bread shape. Agege bread has the same shape and if this is the type of bread you want to go into, then you do not need any variations. Also, pans for Dinner and bread Rolls as well as Ghana or French long bread is different from then normal pans and are easier to produce. Finally, pans for SPECIAL BREAD and Sliced Breads are smaller than the normal ones used for Agege Bread. You have to be mindful of this. You need to tell your pan fabricator what type of bread you are making so he will understand.

6.      Table: You need a table for cutting and molding your dough into bread shape. Never start a bread baking without your table. Note that we are not talking about a large table, but just a small table that occupy a normal space for your business. It could be in the kitchen, backyard or mini factory

7.      Oven: Your oven is an integral part of bread baking business. Fortunately, you do not need to break the  bank to have an oven. You can start your business with micro oven that is also locally fabricated to standard. Bread oven cost just N40,000 and you can start your own bread baking business. In our bread baking class, we take you through how to construct the same oven that we use. You do not need to panic as this is the easiest necessary requirement you can have easily no matter where you live in your country. We will work with you and assist you in getting your own personal oven. However, you can read up how to start your own bread baking business without an oven of your own.

8.      Bread Nylon: Bread Nylon is essential in packaging your own bread products. You have two choices here. If you are baking the normal Agege or local bread, then you can used the low cost nylon which you can buy just a lot that is enough for less than 500N or GHc10 or $3. But if you are going into special type of bread where you want quality consumers to have your product as well as making your product to compete in the market place, then you need branding your bread with a quality nylon. Note that the nylon you will also use should be according to the shape of your bread in this case. You can go to places where you cut nylon and they are made into your own bread size fittings.

9.      Account Book: One thing I have added to my business is using the principle of going the extra miles. I do this by offering my bread distributors and shops the knowledge of Financial Reporting in their business. I ask them very simple question such as “do you have a simple account book where you record both your sales and expenditure?” But the answer I get at all time is something like this “I know them off by heart as they are all on my head”. I will always then show them the need to know about the financial health of their business. This way, they improve and when I come back again, they get happier with me and even buy more products from me. From experience, my advice is to have an account book for supply of your bread, recording of materials and cost of food ingredients you bought as well as money spent in baking your bread. This way, you are able to know the health of your bakery business. I advise you do this right from the beginning.

10.   Distribution Mechanism: This has been one of the areas people see as challenge when starting their bread baking business. My mentors all started with no carriage facilities. Start your own baking now. Once you have a great product, start packing them in small cartons and giving out to people in your areas, supply to shops in your areas and they will soon start calling you on phone and even coming over to collect from you once the product is ready. You can progress from here to getting means of carriage such as Motor Bikes to Car/Van. If you have one already, then you have no reason for excuse.

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