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The 10 Commandments of Bread baking business. What you need to know about bread baking

My Commercial Bread packaged for Market
Bread baking is not rocket science. You need to work. But working brings value and money. The reason you are going into bread baking business is to feed homes with your quality bread and creative expression. It is a wonderful thing to see people eat what I baked and hear them give complimentary words such as “your bread taste great, it is rich, we need this bread in our locality, where can we buy this bread next time, oh this bread taste wonderful”.  
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In this write-up, I am going to give you the ten commandments of successful bread baking business. If you have not read about my other article on How to bake Bread, I advise you read it up.

1.    Have an Idea about Bread Baking and Recipe before Launching Yours:  If you are going into this business, it is important that you understand about bread baking. No doubt bread baking is lucrative as with any other food business. However, you must not just jump into this business without having a baking knowledge. It is important you have your own baking teacher, learn the trade through seminars or workshop or hands on training. For our next training schedule on bread baking click here. Even if you are going to master baker to bake your bread and man your business for you, you should understand all the processes and recipe. In fact, I advise you have your recipe and do the ingredient mixing yourself for the master baker to bake for you.

2.    Have Unique Recipe and Product for your Target: There are different kinds and types of bread all around. You working out a special and different product for yourself with your target will make you stand out in the market place. Fortunately, this is just very simple to do. I introduced the braided bread in my area when I was starting and this made the different. Your shape, taste and packaging will make all the difference

3.    Fail Forward in your business: The taste of the pudding is in the eating so they say. One of the major treats to success does not want to start because of the fear that your product will not sell or that it will fail. You need to launch your product and keep learning to improve on quality, size and taste. You will understand some practical experience that you can use for your product and business once you start until you have a definite line and clients.

4.    Maintain High Standard: It is important that you do not live a mediocre life in your business. You should aim high and try to be the best in your filed and maintain standard. This way, you will have choice clients and target who are loyal and would be ready to buy your product as well as refer others to buy from you. The worst thing about mediocre life is that most of us shoot for a little goal and we easily reach our goals. Aim high and think big in your baking business.

5.    Never allow other to toss you: It is common for you to be tossed in the baking business with different people who would not start their own baking business telling you how to bake and what to bake. Never listen to them. Stick to your own standard and workout a recipe that will be your own product and brand and maintain it as long as you are with the goal of satisfying your customers. You will get to a point where you meet people who would tell you they don’t add milk or egg in bread baking. That is what they are locally used to and they do not want change but want to settle for the ‘little guys’” baking method. Define your own recipe and niche market and follow it.

6.    Enjoy your business and it will never be work again: it is often said that once you have passion for what you do and love it and never see it as work again, that is your God given purpose in life. Pursue it with all your soul and spirit. You must not see bread baking as work but labour of love if you want to be successful with it. You are feeding the masses and you make money for each loaf that finds its way to homes of families. Enjoy what you do and you will never work again

7.    See the big picture in your business: Start small and see the big picture in your bread baking business. See who you are and what you will be in the next one year to five years now in your baking business. If you do not see it this way, you will see all challenges on the way as problems. Deal with challenges as things you need to deal with in order to get higher and better and make more money in your business.

8.    Never use Bromate in your baking: You should ensure you do not go against the law of your land. Keep food standard and avoid adding cancerous substance called bromate to your bread. It has been banned in most countries and you should see the health and future of your product. Bread baking is lucrative but you must do it right. Never ever use bromate as an ingredient to your bread and it could be tested in the market place and this could ruin your reputation.

9.      Brand Your Bread: It is important that you brand your bread and make it attractive so buyers could spot it easily at bread shops. Use attractive colours and name as well as write the content and benefits of your own brand or bread.

10.  Re-Invest your profit: You must always reinvest at least 30% of your profit into your bread business. Invest in areas including training, attending workshop and seminars to know what is new as well as in buying books to learn more. Also, train your staff and marketers if you have any so they could be able to sell your bread easily in the market place.
If you are interested in our bread baking course, you can now learn from the comfort of your home. The course is a home study course with your DVD and ebook and you will be assisted using whatsapp and facebook as you progress and bake your bread. If you or your church or NGO or any group is interested in learning, go to Micro bread Baking Course page to book for our next class.

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  2. May God reward and bless you for sharing these informations with people. By God's grace I will be participating in your program and request your Ebook. Many thanks for your kindness and generosity.

  3. I need help to generate my own recipe i live in Nigeria


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