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Top 10 Reasons why you should go into bread baking business

My special Braided Bread
From the time of the old till date, bread is consumed in the whole world by all classes of families. Bread is a staple food in the whole world. From South Africa, to United States of America, Canada to Singapore, Ethiopia to Nigeria, Ghana to Australia, Ireland to Germany and to Spain, every race at least eat bread and it is eaten on daily basis. Let us look at the reasons you should start a bread business or bread baking business today.

I just took time now to allow my bread dough to right and so I had to use the time to write this article today.. If you are interested in our next baking training, kindly enroll as we have our next training for July Ending.

Below are top 10 reasons you should start this business.

1.      Bread is eaten by all class of people: Bread is not for the rich or for the poor. Almost every types of people eat bread.  No matter where you live or where you are located, I bet if you start a bread baking business, you are sure to see buyers of your own product. Bake bread in the desert and you will attract buyers too. Therefore, it can be started from anywhere. So long as you have a baking skill, you can give people nice bread to eat and ou smile to the bank.
2.   You can start the business from your kitchen or backyard or a small shop: As I always say, we are in the 21st century era and business is not as cumbersome to start as it use to be in the then days. You can start a commercial micro bakery business right from your home and make money selling in your own community. My mentor actually started with baking from home and selling in her neighborhood. She started with just Ghc200, N10, 000 or $50 with borrowed bread pans. She took the baked bread through homes in her area and then the following day to a boarding school and that was it. She just have a single selling spot where she sells in the evening and I bet she bakes 2 bags of flour (100KG) each day.

3.      You can learn the skill easily: Unlike other business models, you can learn bread baking in various ways. Go and become an apprentice to a bread baker without receiving any salary or money and learn this for months and start your own bakery or attend our 3 three days practical workshop on Micro Bread Baking course and start your own baking business from home or with a small factory. What you will learn include practical baking, how to start the business and you will be assisted in starting after your course. See our next class

4.      The Equipment needed are cheap. Unlike what you may be thinking now, you do not need millions of Naira or Thousands of Ghana Cedis or Thousands of dollars to start a bread baking business anymore. With a budget of thousands of Naira or Ghana Cedis, you could kick of with your bread baking business. In fact, you can start your bread baking business without any equipment. You will understand how to go about this when you attend our training. I have written exclusively on Basic Items needed to start bread baking in your own locality.

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5.      It is a retirement home business: Let me reveal this secret to you and I know it will not startle you as I say it. It is actually a secret to many who do not know. Once I show you now, it will not more be a secret. Most homes in Ghana run bread baking and all from homes. They run it as a family business. Bread business is a lucrative family business that can be handed over from father to kids as a generational business. It is a business you can run as a retiree and your family participates in running the business. Best of all is that your children would just know the business by birth and not learn it again. They acquire the skill automatically and will use it anywhere they find themselves in the world.

6.      You can start this business anywhere you find yourself: This is a practical selling skill. If you are traveling abroad or just relocating from part of the country to another, you can start a bakery in that new area. Let me tell you a great story. A man traveled from Ghana to Canada and when he got there, life was hard economically. After a year of sojourning, he decided to think within. He discovered that there were lots of Ghanaians in his area and they were also in need of Ghana Tea bread. Fortunately for him, he was raised up with bread baking as he had baked with and for his parents for years before traveling. He saw the opportunity and started his own line of Ghana Tea bread which blossomed in no time. You can start this business wherever you find yourself, Once the skill is acquired, it is permanent.

7.      The Ingredients are available anywhere: Yes bread ingredients are available anywhere you are. No matter where you live, there are shops that will sell basic bread baking ingredients.  And these ingredients are cheap. All you need is to inquire in your area and buy them

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8.      You Do Not need sophisticated equipment to start this business. As I have said earlier, you do not need to get sophisticated machines to start with your baking business. Read up the 10 basic equipments you need to start your baking business.

9.      You are in control of your business and destiny: Any business in which you are not in control will most probably not thrive much. This is one of the principles of success in business and life as it relates to money.  With bread baking, you calculate the number of pans you want to bake, what sizes and what the costing will be for your maximizing profit.  You dictate your market and you are in control of your product and not someone else.

10.  The Learning Period to know how to bake is short: You do not need to learn bread baking for weeks or months. What you need is knowing the secrets and that is all. You need a mentor who will show you what to do, how to do it and the secrets. This is why attending training for bread baking becomes a must if you have to be successful or to kick off with this business. If you already own a  bakery and you are not doing well, you also need to be trained on the business side of baking bread.

Join Our 2 Days Commercial Bread Baking Business and Start Baking Bread From Home, Shop or Factory

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