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5 Things that differntiates Visionary Business Leaders from Ordinary Leaders

Most people you will encounter in the process of your life activities will fall into two different category of leaders and business leaders. And time always tells. There are lot of ordinary business leaders in the work place as employees or as business owners. I have often been asked what are the qualities that a business man who want to make success should possess. The only way to also answer this question would be to look and study successful visionary business leaders. As always said, success leaves clues and these clues are what you need to understudy. Whatever kind of business you are going into or wherever you live, be it in India, Canada, Australia or Britain or even South Africa, Bahamas, Ghana or Kenya as well as Singapore, success clues are all the same. In fact, checkout the richest people in your country who are also visionary leaders and you will see that they leave clues of visionary leaders. In this article, I will be briefly looking at the clear differences between ordinary and visionary business leaders.

“The quality of service you render, plus the quantity plus the mental attitude in which you render it determines the sort of job you hold and the amount of pay you receive “ Napoleon Hill writing in his book Master Plan to wealth.

1a. Ordinary leaders achieve results only: The ordinary leader is interested in achieving a desired or given results only and he is satisfied. They do not know or care what purpose it serves.  

1b. Visionary leaders work on their visions to serve a purpose and still achieve results. He is not interested in just results but more interested in the purpose of the result. He looks the purpose of what he is doing and ask questions to making the purpose useful to humanity,

2a. Ordinary Business Leader only ask what is  in for me? He focuses on what he gains in order to start a venture rather than what to give out.  If there is nothing in there for him, he sees it as no venture and will not proceed. 

2b. Visionary Leaders sees in every situation what he can give. He is ready to give himself, his resources and creativity to better humanity. Just when I started my line of VIP Bread Baking business, I had brought in a Manager who would sell and eat the money he made from the business. I had questioned him why he was doing so and he never saw anything wrong as he was interested in what is in for him rather than the vision or providing nutritious bread to consumers and focusing on long term building of the business. I had to fire him..

3a. Success equals Money and Material Things: This is the parochial nature of most people you see in your community every day. Success equals money and business equals just money. This is the way ordinary business leaders think. They see business and leadership as being in terms of the quantity of Dollars or whatever currency. They see business only for material things such as house, clothes and cars. 

3b. Visionary leaders see work and business and life as giving out significant influence to the community and humanity. He wants to give out significant services or products that is qualitative that will benefit humanity. This is what people like Nelson Mandela, Mile Munroe, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc lived and live for. They want to live full and die empty giving out to humanity.

4a. Ordinary business leaders are slave to urgency: They want to achieve a success that will ordinarily take years in just one day or seconds. They want all the gains when they start a business. For example, they set up a website or blog, add content and start trying to make money with it almost immediately. And their urgency gets then burned. 

4b. Visionary leaders see long term and have string freedom from choices. They are in control and focus on long term gain. This is what renowned Author and speaker Brian Tracy describe in his book “No Excuse” as delayed Gratification.

5a. Pressure weakens Ordinary Business Leaders. Once they are under pressure, faces challenges or unforeseen situations, they are weakened and they want short cuts. They are not able to bear pressure.  They do not see hope and faith. They cave in to pressure

5b. Visionary business leaders see pressure and takes strength in them. They are strong willed and resilient. They see every challenge as an opportunity as there is opportunity in every adversity. They know that pressure and challenges are temporal things.

It is said that where there is no vision, the people perish. Vision keeps you going when you have a goal or dream to achieve, You will not be distracted with distractions and you will always be a winner when you take to seeing the good in every situation. But above all, you were created for a purpose in life with a vision to succeed. Therefore be a visionary leader. You can fulfill your purpose in life if you only probe into what the purpose of your life is. Do you want to discover what you were sent to this earth to be? Read how to discover your purpose and also the real purpose of your life.

In conclusion, let me quote late Author, Speaker and Leader from Bahamas, Miles Munroe “Suffering produces perseverance, perseverance produces character and character produces hope and hope will never disappoint you.

Action: I will implore you to resolve today to write take action and become a visionary leader and make a change with your creative talent, use what God has given you as you life purpose. There is no need to become a mediocre and die without giving out the treasure God has stored and bestowed in you for the betterment of humanity. According to Unleash it today and the world will celebrate you. 

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