2 days Micro Bread Baking Course Lagos, PH & Benin

2 DAYS COMMERCIAL MICRO BAKERY CLASS N25,000 N10,000.00 (Promo Price Only): (One-On-One Training: N31,000) Learn To Bake Bread and Setup a Micro Bread Baking At Home or In the Community. No Big or Sophisticated Equipment Needed, all From Your Home Kitchen

Testimonial:  The micro Bread Business Training you gave is a dream come true. I am practicing and already getting good results  Akano Peter, Sango Otta

Who Should Attend: This workshop is basically targeting the Unemployed Graduates, Housewives, Sit-At-Home Moms, and Retirees and About to Retire, Workers who want extra Income, Students, etc Those who want to start a bread baking business as a profession etc.

Workshop Fee:  N10, 000.00(Promo Price) N31,000 (One on One Training). Pay a week to training.  We will make preparations and provisions for all participants.

First Group: FEB 5th and 6th
To Register Text MBBC, Name and State to  or call +2348187093502 


This is a whole 2 days hands on commercial bread baking class, no time limit

Class starts 9am sharp until breads are baked around 2-3 pm
Only 15 students per session, 100% hands on, from mixing, shaping and filling, proofing and baking.

You are not just learning how to bake bread but learning to start your own commercial bread baking business from home (backyard, kitchen) or small shop factory to big factory.

- Kindly wear very comfortable shoes. High heels are not encouraged.
-Come with a container around 9 b7 14 for your baked product sample you are taking back home. I don’t always feel comfortable giving out baked products with plain bags that will make the bread all banged up. I like the loafs fresh and not squeezed or ruined.

- Please eat heavy breakfast before coming or bring your breakfast to workshop venue as bread baking is all about timing. 

-**Participating Students are Free to ask questions at anytime as this is an atmosphere of sharing and learning

 **We will make each recipe from scratch. It is important that you get enough rest the previous day before coming to the class. Also wear hair net or hair clam for those with long hair and an apron (optional).

-My story and how I stumbled into this business opportunity
-50 things you need to know before starting a bread baking business


Ghana Long Bread (French type) - Sells fast

-Introduction to Bread baking ingredients and their functions.
-introduction to yeast dough baking, methods and procedures lecture portion
- Just three things to do for your bread to be different from any other bread around your community
-3-4 kilograms of flour per day.
-baker's percentage, function and role of ingredients

-learn how to create variations, different types of bread fillings into your breads, using one dough to create different kinds of breads all in one day production etc.,
-basic food costing, troubleshooting
-Practical baking 

-How you can start your baking  business immediately after the training. 
-How to start with no equipment but just less than N20,000 of your own.
-How to market your bread for success
-Packaging your bread and secret of selling fast.

I am set with my team to produce 200 Professional Bread Bakers in Nigeria  EACH YEAR who would change the bread baking industry from what is obtainable today with innovation. 
This accounts an exclusive coverage of my bread business with the Nation Newspaper on the 20th of May, 2015 . Click Here to Read my Interview with Nation Newspaper

This two days workshop will give you a lifetime business opportunity. I am not saying it to impress you but to impress it upon you.  
We are therefore organizing a 3 days intensives bread baking and bakery business practical workshop for another set or groups who we intend to monitor, mentor and assist in building their bakery business.

I started Bread baking with no single equipment and went ahead to establish  Baking Services Company where I bake my brands of special breads and sell. I specialize in Rolls, Braided or Plaited Bread, Ghana-French Long Bread as well as my special recipe. I am ready to transfer and transform same to you when you attend this training.

This fee covers Course Training and Course Materials (How to start and run your business book and Recipe) and Certificate of participation. Plus a book on How to Launch Your Business in Nigeria

Order your ebook. Learn How to bake home and commercial . Plus how to set up a micro bakery in your home and sell to your community.
$2.99 books, N350, 200KES, GHc8 Click Here to for details

For inquiries and account number for payment Call now.:  Email at syobizn@gamail.com, +234818709350

Foolow us on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/syobizng

To your success
SYOBiz Training

😃Interested in learning a step-by-step process of setting up a successful bread bakery and baking commercial bread that last 12 days shelf life? Then this training is for you.

Join Us today to learn How you can bake different types of commercial bread and selling in your community.

To Get Full Details About the Training And Register, Visit this Link >> http://bit.ly/Learn-Soap-Making20

This course will help you kick off your bread business with profit, show you what works and the secrets to flavouring, right ingredient for commercial baking and how to thrive.

These Are What you will learn From The Online Training 👇

💥Sple Bread Baking Equipment
✅Science of Equipmen
✅Basic Equipments for bread and how to buy them.

💥Commercial Bread Baking Ingredients
✅Five Secret  ingredients for commercial bread baking, what they do and how to buy them
✅How to measure and  premix  ingredients

💥Practical Baking of various Bread
✅Rexiep formulations and baking
✅Why bread spoil fast, don't rise enough and how to correct this
✅Bread mixing, Oven, and baking science
✅practice productions.

💥Bread Packaging and Marketing
✅Bread Nylon, Rubber production and branding
✅How to market your bread.

💥Bread Business
✅ Sustaining your business
✅Getting NAFDAC OR FDA number plus 

You will also learn how to make the following  Products as BONUS

 ✅Yoghurt and Ice Cream
 ✅Cola, Orange and Tropical apple drinks

Now How Much Does This Training Cost?!

Normally, The Value You Will Get from This Trainings worth over ₦10,000.

But my goal is to empower 4000 people.

Anyone Joining This Training Today will pay a token of Ghc20 or ₦1,000

Training FEE as been Discounted to>> Ghc20 or ₦1,000 Only
Training FEE as been Discounted to>> Ghc20 or ₦1,000 Only

📍This offer will end soon, so join us today!

💥Venue for the Training: WhatsApp.

💥Time: You can Access The Training Immediately you Pay Today to Start Learning.

The training as been prepared into modules already on our Groups, So you Can Start learning, Practices and ask us Questions.

💥How is the training delivered?👇

1. Through Already Made Practical Videos
2. Through well-detailed Procedure to make each Product.
3. Through eBook (You will get one of our Soap-making eBook FOR FREE
4. Contacts Where you can Get this Raw Material needed across Nigeria Will be made available.

To Register and Pay for this Training visit our website here now==>>http://bit.ly/Learn-Soap-Making20

Or Call or WhatsApp to Register Immediately (08147067181).

Thank You✍️😃

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