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16 Natural Ingredients that will make your bread loaf rise bigger in size

As I consult and conduct micro bread baking lectures and training, beginners and already old time bakers ask me very pressing question on how they can get their bread loaf size big compared to their competitors. I have posted the answer on this blog post.

Where ever you live, be it London, USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Africa - Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya etc bread science is all the same. This is what I will be addressing today.

Before I delve into the science of bread baking which I discuss fully inside my book How To Setup and Run a Micro Bread Baking Business from home, baking 100, 300 to 500 loafs per day,  let me state that you will need the right combination of other ingredients plus these natural ingredients to achieve the desired result. 

Following are natural ingredients you can add to your bread.


When I started baking bread in Lagos, people wondered why I was adding Nutmeg to my bread. Aside the fact that nutmeg is acting as a preservative, it is a great bread enhancer.
I first heard about this from an older lady I simply called Mammy in Accra who was my first mentor on the science of bread baking. She has used this for the past 36 years and her bread turns out wonderfully big and well. 
Nut meg

What happens is that this item works with the yeast to boost its activeness too.
All you need is a quarter teaspoonfuls for every 10kg of bread flour. This item is sold everywhere in the market from in sachets or as nuts.

Dry Milk Powder

I have never baked bread without adding dry milk powder or powdered milk to the mixture. You can either add it directly to the flour or to the water during mixing. Adding two tablespoons of dry milk powder to your bread mixture will not only give it a higher rising but also makes it very soft and also hold the moisture in the bread longer.
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Aside the above, you are adding an item that gives your bread nutrition and health improvement. It also gives it taste and your loaf will come out golden brown.


Salt is an agent that will kill your bread rising when you add it wrongly. First, in my book How To Setup and Run a MicroBread Baking Business from home, baking 100, 300 to 500 loafs per day or during my live training, I teach in details and experimentation the right science of mixing salt and you have to also note that you should add salt to the water mixture instead of adding it to the flour where you add the yeast. 

Salty dough will prevent yeast from being active. Therefore, reduce your salt to make a great bread and have it to rise.

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