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My journey to Micro Oven makers and Ovens you can buy for Micro Bakeries

 Starting a bread baking business is fun. But the real job is in finding the right oven for your bread baking. I use an Oven that takes ordinarily quarter bag of 50kg flour for my business in one of my bakeries. However, I bake one bag within two hours with the Oven.   

I have been asked many times about the best Oven for baking bread and I deiced to take a tour to oven manufacturers. Let me state that at Akiode near Akute,  I ran into troubles with an Oven fabricator and this was stressful for me. Good enough it was when I was starting my business, so it was a good lesson. This Oven was sold for N45,000 but I later discovered after buying that the guy did not know about bread baking Ovens. He actually was dishonest to me in order to get me into paying for the Oven. The oven could only bake cake and pastries and that is what he has been manufacturing Ovens for. One of my vision is for my readers and students to avoid this type of mistakes.

One of the fundamental requirements when buying Oven for bread that is locally fabricated is to ask if the oven is well padded and galvanized. These are two very important factors you have to consider. 

In my upcoming and last training for 2016 in Lagos, titled November Micro Bread Baking Special, I will be discussing fully on all other factors you need to consider in order to buy a good Oven for your bread baking. There are great Oven fabricators I have personally met  from Gbagada, Yaba to Agege in Lagos, Abraka and Agbor in Delta Statge, Awaka, Onitcha to mention a few. There are wonderful Oven fabricators in Abuja still. In Accra, Ghana, you do not need to ask as Ovens are just everywhere on the street for purchase. 

If you cannot attend the training, you can also order the distant coaching program or order your bread baking ebook to study at home and launch your business.

See below pictures of Oven production.


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