Stretch yourself to break the barrier for Success.

Before 1954, everyone believed that no man on earth could run a mile within four minutes in sports. It was not possible. 

But on 6 May, 1954, at Iffley Road track, Oxford, Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister, a British physician, athlete and academician broke that barrier by finishing in 3min. 59.4secs.

Since that time, more than 40,000 people have done it again and again, including high school kids.
Why did they now do it and easily? They have a new belief because someone has done it.
If someone you know has achieved a dream, it means there is nothing stopping you from achieving yours.

You are special, born in the best time of your generation. You are somebody. You have something going good for you.
Regardless of where you are today, things can get better, you can reinvent your life.

Repeat these affirmations:
I can run my own business.
I can defeat recession.
I am going somewhere.
I am created to resonate on earth.
Nothing can stop me.
I came to this earth to build it.
I am valuable.
Then shout this affirmation while calling your name.
Say :'Henry (Call your name here) You can break the barrier' .
Write down one big dream you have for the next one year and start taking little steps from today.


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