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What you should know before buying a bread mixer... All about cake mixer, local milling machine

Read all you need to know about various mixers and what you should buy or how to use each mixer and hand for bread dough mixing.

So I have some people who come for my physical bread baking  trainings and online bread classes after buying their equipments, even without consulting any professional or expert before they buy.

They just lookup for equipments sellers online through Google search, and call to  buy bread equipments, then payment is made and supply takes place. You don't buy big spiral mixers and other bread baking equipments without understanding what it does, how it works and how to use it. 

You don't buy mixer that you don't have experience alone from a seller who may not also be a user as most sellers can only explain to you what they know as sellers and not as a user since they don't run a bakery.

However, after buying these machines without expert advise, they come for my professional class and discover they have bought the wrong bread mixer.  

Today, AI am going to teach you different types of mixer and how to use them for bread baking.



1. Your Cake mixer is not for bread. It's a cake mixer. It is used for Soft Flour. Confectioneries or Soft Flour is for Cakes, Pastries, Confectioneries or for biscuits. Hard our is used for bread and has gluten. Gluten is what makes bread to be bread and come out elastic.

2. If you want to use Cake Mixer for mixing bread flour, you have different ways entirely to that. You also need to apply a different proofing method. You are mixing it wrongly and that's why your bread is coming out hard, not elastic, not chewy, looking rough, and spoiling fast. Change your mixing and proofing with your cake mixer and get great bread.

I have covered this science and method fully in my best selling bread baking book. You can get  it now and have the videos too... Visit link below and download.

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3. HAND MIXING BREAD: You can also mix bread with your hand mixing method If you don't have a mixer and bake your bread. I have also covered this process in my book titled Hand Made Bread Recipe. 

4. LOCAL MILLING MACHINE: I have travelled near and far, all around regions of Ghana training my clients who by God's grace are running successfully their bakeries, from Wenchi, Techiman in Bono Region, Takoradi, Bawku, Ho, Waliwali, Nkawkaw, Aburi, Wineba, Bubumbura, Dansoman, Kasoa, Atomic, Hatsho, Madina, Spintex, Darwenya, Atadeka, Dome etc, they all use local milling machine to mill their dough. Only just a few, about 6 bakeries uses the spiral mixers for their bakery work. This local miller is a public machine where everyone goes to mill and go. It is good but not completely hygienic, you ah e to wait for your turn. And sometimes, these operators don't mill it completely as they are win a hurry. 

They could just turn it 15 times and says it's ready. It's is also manually operated and requires a whole man-power energy for the operators 

SPIRAL MIXER: Spiral means winding into a continuous and gradually widening curve and.forming a cone. This is how a Spiral Mixer is made and it's meant to work on hard flour.  Spiral mixer is made Professionally for bread mixing and milling. It has different speed and size- capacity.

Don't buy single speed mixer. It will not work for your bread dough mixing completely. You should buy double speed mixer.

Don't buy mixer with inferior dough hook and timing chain. It could break during mixing. 

A Spiral mixer will mix and mill your dough until is is ready.

You can start a bread baking business by learning from bread equipment to baking bread Professionally and marketing it for profit. 

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