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Every business has its secrets. Knowledge is power. While the economy is harder and the cost of items is going up in the bread baking industry, I can tell you this is the best time to make money in the baking industry.

1. Learn Practical Bread Baking: Don't pretend about it. You have to learn how bread is baked. Most people would prefer to start a bakery without learning how baking in detail works. I have students who come for bread-baking training after they have failed in their business, and we revamped their bakery. Like any business, you don't start a business you do not understand. 

Have knowledge and shine. You don't have expert advice, you don't have a coach, you don't read books on bread baking, and you don't attend seminars and courses on bread baking.

2. Wrong Bread Recipes: You open a bakery, get a recipe from a friend, or you get a recipe from a bakery near you, then you follow the same steps and start baking. Or you call a baker who claims to have a recipe, and you employ him to start baking. You need to have and develop a unique recipe that's different from what others are baking in your community and hold it as a secret. Develop a recipe that will give you profit. Not every recipe will give you profit.

3. Using ingredients that are not necessary:
I have said it again and again: stop adding improver to your bread, as it's not needed. Most industrial ingredients you add to bread baking already have improvers. Many people are adding ingredients that will increase the cost of production. 

4. Bread Ovens: You see, some bakeries are using the wrong ovens, or ovens that add more cost to their production. 

Deck ovens, for example, in an average bakery, will add more to the cost of production because they use both gas and electricity at the same time.

A fabricated, galvanised, padded oven uses only gas and has a gas economy. Ovens are manufactured with only blue flames, and they use less gas. 96% of bakeries in Ghana use fabricated superior ovens, while most of the ovens used in Nigeria consume lots of gas. Most of them are cheap.

You have to invest in a good oven if you want to save money in the future.

5. Using Distributors: If you are baking less than 3 bags of flour a day, you do not have any business giving your bread to distributors. Sell directly to end users using marketing science or retail shops.

6. Wrong Scaling and Costing: Ask bakery owners and bakers how much they make from one bag of flour, how much it takes them to produce one loaf of bread, and how many loaves they scale from a bag of flour; they don't know. Bread-baking is a business. You must know how to scale and how to cost your bread.

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