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Why your baked bread get spoiled after two days

On daily basis, bakers who are either starting or experienced contact me, especially on the challenges they face  with their baked bread getting spoiled between one to two days of production.

Even in my  1 Week Online Distance Bread Baking Class as well as in my Complete Bread Baking Video and EBook Courses, I have written, taught and coached exclusively about this major challenge and solutions that are sweeping bread bakers off their feet.

This situation has ruined so many bread baking businesses as customers keep returning the loaves and would finally not buy such brand again.

Challenges as this could linger for weeks, with bakers not knowing what the cause could be and how to resolve it.

Bread business profit margin could get up to 80% but you must do the right things: right health standard, right ingredients application and right baking.

If you are desirous to grow from where you are to where you want to be, producing rich bread that your community consumes and come back buying, you will need to leave your comfort zone to learn the real science of bread baking. Some of us don't know that a lot of things happen during mixing and baking.

First of what you should be very mindful that can affect your final production, smelling and tasting alcohol is the yeast over-fermentation. Once this happens, there is a transfer of chemical reaction to your pans.

The quality of pan is important. Don't buy low cost pans. Majority of bakeries, especially local bakeries, use these locally made pans which are daily chemicalized. They buy from local road side pan makers, shops with low quality pans etc.

Buy quality pans that last. Don't run your business with levity. Use quality baking equipments.

Once you realize that your bread smells alcohol, the first thing you need to do is to wash your pans with salt and change your yeast and proofing time.

Old and new bakers, especially those who buy into my Bread baking Distance Course as well as those prospect who want to buy into my Complete Bread Baking Video and eBook Course ask me why bread like Yale bread in Nigeria, or Bfoster, BB bread  in Kunasi, Ghana is able to last for long days and still withstand shipping and distribution stress nationwide, whereas their bread get spoiled in less than two days. First thing I tell them to do is to deal with their yeast.

I had a client in Ikorodu Lagos who lost most of his distributors and closed shop because she refused to pay attention to her set of bread that was smelling alcohol after one day. The scenario was pathetic;  She bakes, supply to distributors, distributors sell and buyers or consumers return the bread to distributor, distributor keeps the smelling bread, when she comes to supply the next day, distributor gives her back all of yesterday's bread and takes new one.. next time she comes again, the cycle continues.
I am happy I solved her challenges out and she is still now in business.

I know you will immediately point to the fact that you need preservatives for your bread to last longer to 10 days.

My answer is yes and no.  Bread doesn't just get spoiled because there are no preservatives, but because of wrong ingredients, lack of right ingredients, substituting of ingredients, mixing, baking and packaging.

My bread and those of my clients last ten days and more shelf life and so you can distribute to far country side.

There are several types of baking and item combinations that leads to making a yummy commercial bread that last up to 10 days shelf life and still remain fresh in your customers table.

Would you want to know them? Contact me on WhatsApp,  or Join my Distance  Online Bread Baking Class or Grab your Complete Bread Baking Video and eBook Course.

Send me a WhatsApp message to GH:  +233551689453, Nig.: +2349028854666 .

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