Why your baked bread get spoiled after two days

I have had to solve lots of challenges with my clients and bakers I consult for so much last year with one of the highest issue being their baked bread smelling alcohol and getting g spoiled within two days shelf life.

Most of them had this challenge for weeks without knowing how to solve it. If you are running a bread baking or wanting to start a bread baking business or a bakery, I can comfortably tell you that the profit margins is 100% but you must do the right things, apply the right principles as well as have the right recipe.

When I was starting up with bread baking,  I made some mistakes but having a constant and practicing bread coach, consultant and mentor helped me a lot in this game.

And I can tell you that bread baking in Nigeria,  US, India,Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, Canada, or UK is the same basically, bakeries and businesses go and grow through different experience.

Creative and innovative baking involves the 21st century of understanding the science of what goes through mixing of flour, to making it a dough and what goes through the oven till it is cooled, packaged and sent to the market place.

Unfortunately, most loaves of bread you see out there does not last more than two days and it's spoiled. Bakers ask me why bread like Yale bread in Nigeria, or Bfoster in Ghana is able to last long days and still withstand shipping and distribution stress nationwide, were as their neighbourhood bread get spoiled in less than two days.

I had a client in Ikorodu Lagos who lost all his distributors and closed shop because she refused to pay attention to her set of bread that was smelling alcohol after one day. She bakes, supply to distributor, distributor sells and buyers or consumers return the bread to distributor, distributor keeps the smelling bread, when she comes to supply the next day, distributor gives her back all of yesterday bread and takes new one.. next time she comes again, the cycle continues. I am happy I solved her challenges out and she is still now in business.

I know you will immediately point to the fact that you need preservatives for your bread to last longer to 10 days.

My answer is yes and no.  Bread does jot get spoiled because there are no preservatives, but because of wrong ingredients, lack of right ingredients, substituting of ingredients, mixing, baking and packaging.

My bread and those of my clients last ten days and more shelf life and so you can distribute to far country side.

There are several types of baking and item combinations that leads to making a yummy commercial bread that last up to 12 days shelf life and still remain fresh in your customers table.

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