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How to Bake Ghana Tea Bread in Ghana, Nigeria or start an ethnic Bread

Tea bread is a brand of popular bread in Ghana. Its the first preferred by consumers. Just as the name implies, it is used for tea, koko and with drinks too.

This Ghana bread which is long in shape is also made in Nigeria in the Badagry area of Western Nigeria and called Badagry Bread. It is made in Benin Republic as well as Togo and can be found with sellers as you travel along the West African borders of Badagry, Cotonou in Benin Republic, Lakonji in Togo till Aflao in Ghana.

In Nigeria, it is used in enjoying a beans delicacy called Ewa Agoyin as well as Ogi, Pap or Akamu.

In French countries, tea bread is known as Baguette and you can find them in shops Luke Shoprites in boh Ghana and Nigeria

If you have passion for cooking or starting a bakery and live abroad Benin in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, etc, you can start an ethnic bread from this idea.
Here I am writing on the basic Tea Bread recipe and you can find the commercial recipe on Bake Like a Pro Bread Baking Home Study Video + Printed Book Course on how to setup your own commercial bread baking from home, baking 100 to 500 big loaves daily in your community

1. Flour 16Kg
2. Margarine: 200g
3. Sugar: 100g
4. Baking powder: 1 tbsp(tablespoon)
5.Emulsifiers: 1.5tbs
6. Improver: 1tbsp
7. Natural Preservatives: 1tsp
8. Yeast: 3tbsp
9. Water: 30%
10. Powdered Milk( 3tbsp)
11. Flavour.

Let's get into the direction of how to make Tea Bread...

Step 1: Pour the flour and all dried ingredients into a bowl or mixer except Sugar and Salt and mix together and set aside. Pls don't add yeast at this time.

Step2: In another bowl, add water, sugar, salt, Emulsifier, and flavour. Mix together.

Step 3: Add yeast to the powdered ingredients, mix together, make a well at the center and pour the liquid mixture.

Step 4: Knead inside the bowl and transfer to a working table and keep kneading until tender, soft but not sticky.

5. Shape your dough and place them on a tray that you have sprinkled with flour.

6. Sprinkle flour on the Doug and keep to rise till double.

7. Heat your Oven for five minutes and transfer the risen dough trays to the oven and bake for 35 minutes.

8. Allow to cool and then package for sales.

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