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9 things you must know before starting your bread bakery

Bread baking and bakery business is very lucrative. But most people start it the wrong way. While some bakeries are thriving very well in this Covid-19 period, others are collapsing and packing up. 

Like every other business, there are fundamentals you must know before kicking off. Wherever you live, from Waliwali, Ho, Tarkwa, Aflao,, Tema, Darwenya, Accra, Kokomlemle, Kumasi, Kasoa, Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Ekiti, Warri, Benin, Abeokuta, Durban, London, New York, Kaduna, Jos, Calabar etc, starting a successful bakery business require the same principles.

In my Master Class Online Classes, VIP Classes and Foundational Classes, most of my new students present  peculiar complaints of how their bread collapse or fall inside after baking, how their bread wrinkles and some don't rise enough during oven spring and remain small after baking. Some want to know how many loaves they will have from one bag of bread, and others want to know how to market their bread.

One thing is very clear about baking. The truth is that home baking is different from commercial baking. For example, home baked bread may not have the required volume which a commercial bread will have for profit. Home baked bread may also not need to last for days while commercial bread must be baked to last up to 10 days or more and still fresh.

Let us look at 9 things you need to know before starting a bakery.

1. Learn and master how to bake rich commercial bread first. Don't gamble with your baking business. You need the direction, mentoring or guide from an expert or experienced baker to know the rope. In my training, which I conduct on both telegram and WhatsApp as well as physical classes, there groups that have gone through costly mistakes of depending on YouTube Videos and started baking till they meet complicated challenges in their baking, then they decide to take a class. That's the wrong way. Every business has its secrets and you need to avoid future mistakes. 

You need to understand recipe formulation and create a unique recipe as well as understand how to bake and manage your bakery. 

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2. Buy the right equipments: A woman in Ekiti had gone to buy a Spiral Mixer without knowing the science of bread baking equipments. She ended up buying a single Speed Spiral Mixer instead of double speed.

She had all sorts of challenges with her baked bread until she came to my class and during the question and answer section, she mentioned what her challenges were. Aside her challenges, she bought it for a costly price. 

You need an expert guide before buying equipments, so you don't buy the wrong one. 

For example, your Oven must be galvanized and padded if you are buying a fabricated oven, your pans must be galvanised, your mixer must be double speed if buying spiral mixer, you don't have to use cake mixer to mix bread as the technologies are different. And you can use hand milling or  local machine but you must understand how to go about them.

Learn fully about equipment by reading my Ultimate Bread Baking eBook and Watching the Videos. Click here to buy.

3. What type of Bakery Do you want to setup:  Don't just start a bakery. You must know what you really want. But what I see is people just deciding to have a bakery. 

I started a Hot Bread Kitchen in Pokuase and Fise areas in Accra, Ghana. I did this for two years before expanding into a full bakery. What do you want? 

You own a restaurant, you can run a bakery from there, you own a cake shop, you can start from there, you want to start from your backyard, home kitchen or a full fledged bakery house with automated equipments, or you want to mill at the machine and bake at your own location etc, you must figure out all of these.

4. Know type of flour for bread: This is very critical to the number of loaves you will produce from a particular bag of flour. Bread require hard flour while cake flour is soft flour. Yet, most people would walk into shops and buy any type of flour to bake bread, then complain their bread is not good. Hard flour is made from hard wheat while soft flour is made from soft wheat. 

5. Understand Bread Scaling: The first type of question I am asked in my class is always: what scaling should I use for Ghc5, Ghc2, N500, N300, N100 bread loaves? Not using the right scaling will cost you to loose customers or loose money. 

While training a client in Ghana who was taking a one on one physical class in her home, I discovered they have been scaling 400g for Ghc1 bread and people were rushing their bread until her business was almost collapsing. I had to adjust this during training.  Know how to bake, but know how to scale your dough.

6. Have a unique Recipe: Don't bake general bread people are still baking in your community. Be different and have your unique recipe. 

Knowing the right combinations of ingredients is important to the success of your bread business.  Understand unique industrial flavours used by big players in the industry which are hidden from you. 

Don't use water based flavours used by local bakeries.  

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7. Hold your Secrets:  Your workers are good to work with you, but there must be some aspect of your business, especially your recipes that you must keep as a secret. This include your unique ingredients, recipe formulation, percentage of each ingredients you add. In my Ultimate Bread Baking Package, I have described how to handle this. I have demonstrated in the Video what you need to do as you watch me bake as well as added information on complete baking and business of bread in the eBook. Grab it today. .

8.  Naming your bakery and bread: You must be creative in naming your bakery as this will certainly affect your marketing. Good, creative and easy to understand names will push your bread in terms of branding.

9. Your Packaging: While some would want to sell their bread with local nylon or rubber, truth is that this is no longer in vogue as life has changed and so emotion of consumers have also changed. If you don't have a branded, printed nylon or rubber for your bread yet, I will advise that you buy special Bread Nylon or rubber that is written as SPECIAL BREAD which is a universal branding but only available to a few people. You can get this to buy in Accra and Lagos.

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