How many loaves can I get from 50kg (1 bag) flour..Big Question Answered

Let me ask you a critical question: How many standard loaves will you make out of 50kg bread flour? How many Ghc5, Ghc1, Ghc3, N100, N200 , N300 loaves do you have from a 25kg, 50kg flour?

These questions are what students and clients ask in my Micro Bread Baking and Bakery classes and they need real answers fast.

Unfortunately too, most bread bakers who have been in the bakery business don't known the answer. When ask them, they it may not be important and this is the major reasons bread baking business is collapsing.

In Lagos, Enugu, Abuja etc as well as Accra, Sunyani etc its the same.

In 2017, I was contacted by a baker around Korlebu Area of Accra who was having challenges with her bread baking business. As a consultant and coach, I work with different groups and individuals to either start their bakery, revamp a dying bakery or introduce innovative and creative science of bread baking to them with results.

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When I got there, they were baking and making losses. Why will you invest Ghc200 or N20,000 and make N21,000 or Ghc190? When I asked her how many loaves they bake from one bag of flour, she could not answer.

From Garu in upper east, Aquapim Mampong, Ada, Sunyani, Kumasi to Accra (kasoa, Weija, 37, Darwenya, Team, Atadeka etc), most bakers I have met do not actually know the number of loaves they should get from one bag.

If you are going to be successful in your baking, you are going to consider cost and quantity of product in order to understand profitability of your baking business.

When you go deeper into baking science and technology, you will have the knowledge of the business side of baking: You can bake very sweet, yummy bread, but not understanding costing analysis will cripple your business.

Let me state that there are two sides to bread baking :  You can be a career baker and either make money or not make money. But you can also be a career baker and  business baker. The later is what you need to make money from baking. A business baker is interested in making money from baking and bakery activities. This is why you must know the business side of baking.

50Kg flour will give you about 85 to 95kg final dough after mixing all ingredients and milling. This gives you 100  for local bread to 125 loaves of N300 or Ghc5 or $5 in US.

Note: This percentage I have given you is not the same as all the loaves you see being sold around like chaffs.. I also know you have wondered why your loaf is light and the others are heavy. My advise is always bake unique quality bread to feed the people.

Note also that the quality of your bread pans, commercial ingredients used and their combinations and proofing method matter.

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