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BREAKING NEWS: 21 Bread Baking Problems and Solutions Exposed

Bread baking is an exact science that need to be mastered. Creating a commercially viable or home baked bread loaves that lasts longer than ten days fresh in terms of shelf life, time after time require a baker to do have all the right ingredients to be used in the right proportions and under correct conditions in order to create the required results. 

On daily basis, my emails, WhatsApp (Click here to join my whatsapp Free Group) and Facebook Page (click Herr to join my Facebook Page) platforms are inundated with requests, questions and complaints from people starting or already running their bakery businesses, as relating to why their bread never cooked well, or bread falling and being hard after baking,  some spoils in few days, so  their customers keep returning their baked goods and more. 

Following tips should help you to create long lasting quality breads and will help you know the problems and solutions in bread baking.

Problem: Not having a Worming Recipe: 

Solution  : Baking is a science and art. There are principles and you must follow it to the later. In my FOUNDATIONAL, VIP and MASTER CLASS Bread Online School as well as my physical live classes with clients, I keep telling them the need for a professional Bread Recipe. Don't reinvent the wheel. Follow what already works. 

I created ULTIMATE BREAD BAKING PACKAGE(Video+Bread Baking eBook+ Bread Costing ebook) package for those who would want to start or having challenges with their baking to follow. Its a complete step by step Bread Baking and Management Home package you can download and follow in starting and sustaining your bread bakery. 

I have also created CHEF HENRY'S PERFECT BREAD RECIPE which is a straight to the point bread recipe that works. This book is based on my spending money on researches, experimenting on various baking methodologies and ways to make good bread, my personal experiences in running a bakery as well as in teaching and establishing bakeries that has been doing well for others others from Accra to Waliwali, Ho, Kuforidua, Takoradi and Kumasi to Sunyani, Bawku, Lagos to Cutonu, Abuja, Awka, Porthacourt, Jos to Asaba, USA, Canada and London.

Get an expert training and make the right bread.


Problem : Inaccurate Ingredient Measurements: 

Solution: Measure ingredients accurately: Like it or not, you must as a matter of fact do the right thing by measuring your ingredients correctly. Use digital electronic scale to have accurate measurement. Don't use assumption when measuring bread baking ingredients as this is going to affect your bread taste and result. Either your bread becomes salty, taste like alcohol due to excess yeast or bread does not rise to normal due to ow yeast.

Grab my ULTIMATE BREAD BAKING PACKAGE(Video+Bread Baking eBook+ Bread Costing ebook) package

Problem: Yeast proofs too fast.

Solution: Don't bring yeast in contact with liquid as this will easily activate it. When mixing, add yeast last to all other ingredients.

Problem : My dough is looking dry while  I mix:

Solution: Climatic conditions affects your dough while you mix. Therefore it is important you check your dough is a good idea. When dryness happens, it is important for you to adda little water at a time.

Problem: My dough is too wet as I mix. 

Solution: Add a little extra flour. You must do this one tablespoon at a time.

Problem: I don't know the type of bread flour to use for making bread. Should I use any?

Solution: Bread is different from Cake making, meat pie, Chin Chin, Achomo Chips or Doughnuts.  Bread uses Hard flour and Hard flour is made from wheat. Try buying any flour that is written hard flour. Pastries uses Soft flour which is made from soft wheat. Soft flours or plain flours are not good for bread because they don't have high enough gluten content. It is also important that you don't buy flours written as "gluten free" as they are not suitable for bread.

Problem: I don't know what quantity of salt to add to my mixing: 

Solution: This is why you must use expert advise and recipe. Salt play a vital role in your bread staying longer, and also has the ability to control the growth of yeast.

ULTIMATE BREAD BAKING PACKAGE(Video+Bread Baking eBook+ Bread Costing ebook)

Changing the salt percentage will affect your bread shelf life, taste and crust during baking process. 

Don't start baking bread without having a scientific and professional recipe.

Problem: I don't know the right  quantity of sugar that I should add to my mixing.

Solution: This also boils

 HURRY! JOIN MY NEXT BREAD BAKING CLASS. CLICK HERE. To recipe. You need to understand the ration and relativity of Sugar to Salt in your bread. When you have the wrong ratio, your bread may become salty. Sugar gives your bread a fast action with yeast, softens the effect of gluten in your flour to give a resulting nice texture.

Problem: Should I add cold water or normal water in my mixing:

Solution: One big challenge of making bread is using the right water. This is also highly dependent on where you are and tour climate. During cold weather, there is no need to use cold water. During warm weather, you will need to use cold water to retard yeast fermentation. For example if you live in Aburi, Ghana and bake bread, your temperature is different from someone who lives in Accra or Lagos and so you must make adjustments.

Problem: How should I mix water and dough:

Solution: There are very secret mixing method used by old timers. You don't just pour water into flour and strategy mixing. I have deeply explained very simple secret methods that have worked for me after series of testing that guarantee tout bread is chewy, last longer and looks very tender.

Problem : When I bring out my bread from the Oven, it collapses.

Solution: This is a disaster that bakers encounter and it happens all the time. You are mixing your dough wrongly. When I bring my bread out of the Oven, I throw the bread and pan on the table. Its stays firm and I pull it out from the pan while it remains firm and will never collapse. Change your mixing method. I have explained and written the right recipe in my CHEF HENRY'S PERFECT BREAD RECIPE book.

Problem: How much do I make from bread baked from one bag if 50kg, 25kg or 5kg flour?

Solution: This is where and why bakeries collapse. Some know how to bake bread but don't know about detailed calculation of costing and profit. You need to understand that business don't fail because they make bad product alone, but most businesses fail because of no profit. I have met bakers who are selling bread of N300, Ghc5, $5 for N150, Ghc3, $2 respectively because they have not learned how to cost and scale bread doughs. This is business suicide. In my ULTIMATE BREAD PACKAGE which comes with Full Bread baking eBook and complete pro Bread Baking Video, I have discussed this fully. You can grab this eBook for N5,000, Ghc80, $60.

Problem : Can I make bread if I don't have machines and how do I go about it?

Solution: If you done have machine, its not a problem. You can knead tour dough. When you have completed mixing your dough, kneading process will commence. When you knead, you will have your dough go through two stages of first rising and knocking down and the pan it to rise again and bake. Knocking down should be done on a lightly floured surface.

Problem: I don't know if I should use margarine or oil in mixing.

Solution: Oils and fats are food for your bread mixing. It helps to enrich your loaf and improve its texture very nicely. You can substitute oil for margarine or butter in any case. However, there are percentages you must use relative to your flour quantity in terms of bakers percentage.

Problem: My dough rose and collapse before my baking.

Solution: Don't allow your dough to rise too much before baking. If this happen in the pan, don't worry, just knock it down gently and allow it to rise again in the pan before baking.

Problem: The bread did not rise enough.

Solution: You may have added year that is not active again or you have too much salt or too little sugar or your water or liquid was too hot.

Problem: Bread collapse or has sunk in the center: Your salt percentage was lesser than the quantity you should add.

Problem: My bread is damp or wet.

Solution: You did not bring out the bread from pan on time after baking or after removing from oven and there was a resulting condensation that formed, thus making the loaf wet. This could reduce your bread shelf life.


Problem: My bread did not cook in the center.

Solution: Try reducing the liquid a little.

Final note: You can make good bread that is attractive, fresh for ten days shelf life and rich in quality that will serve your home or that will guarantee profit for commercial baking.

If you really want to go deeper into successful commercial bread baking or want to learn to make bread for your home, you have the opportunity of joining my Monthly and and ongoing classes or request a One in One bread class or grab your ULTIMATE BREAD BAKING PACKAGE(Video+Bread Baking eBook+ Bread Costing ebook)

You can buy any of the packages and information product below for your successful baking.

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After series of testing, I finally developed a raw recipe to address issues of bread falling inside, collapsing, not cooked at the center, strong, smells alcohol and series of challenges. I have spent lots of money on research, practice and adjust and came up with these recipes... I have explained mixing methods that gives you maximum result, which many are neglecting and that's the reason they have failures in production.

These recipes cover 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50kg..

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