Tips for buying bread mixer that works effectively

A lady came from Ibadan to attend our monthly bread baking class and complained of her bread not rising, not smooth and not chewy and attractive.
When I asked her deeper on the type of mixer and how much she bought it, I discovered  she bought a single speed mixer at an exorbitant price. This has been her challenge.

In my best selling Bread baking package, Complete Bread Baking Home Course (Ghc55, N2500) which has produced bakers doing their wonderful bakery and baking businesses in far places like Sunyani, Garu, Takoradi, Accra, Ada, etx in Ghana and various states of Nigeria, I have written fully on the science of Bread Mixer.

In the olden days and still in some community today, bread is baked with hand mixing and kneading. The only challenge here is that it takes longer time and manpower to make hand made bread. Organic bread are hand-made bread are sold expensively.

However, mixers , spiral mixers and industrial mixer are for mass production of bread. And the type of mixer you buy will determine the final result of your baked goods.

Let me state here that many cake bakers in Nigeria make the mistaken of thinking cake mixers will work effectively for bread mixing. The technology is different because cake flours are different from bread flours. Bread flours are made from hard wheat while cake flours are made from soft wheat.
In buying a mixer, you must be careful to buy the right one. Mixer sellers could also be dubious to sell their mixer , even the wrong ones as long as they are paid. You need to tell them exactly what you want.

What mixer should I buy?
You need to buy a spiral mixer. Spiral mixers are of different grades, phase and speed:

Single and double phase mixers: Single phase mixers will enable you plug directly to your electrical wall socket and you start using them immediately.
But with double phase, you will need to run a dedicated connection directly to the source of electricity. It won't work with direct connection. So when you buy a mixer and it does not work when you plug it, it does not mean its not  good.

Spiral Mixers are of fast and slow speed for mixing and milling purposes. If you are a baker, you must understand how mixers work, timing for milling and timing for mixing. I have dedicated a complete chapter to fully describe all processes of how to mix your dough using spiral mixers, local milling machines and by hand and you can find this in my Complete Bread Baking Home Course package. You can start your bread baking even if you don't own a mixer.

Bread mixers comes in various sizes relative to quantity of flour. From 8kg, 12.5kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50kg flour capacity.
When you mix, do not over burden your mixer so it will last longer. Clean your mixer after use and always make sure it is kept in a place not close to your baking oven.

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