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How to buy the right bread baking oven - Oven Science

Starting a profitable bread baking business require you to buy the right oven. Unfortunately, most beginners get this step wrong. They hurriedly buy ovens and other baking equipments without understanding the science of how ovens work.
For those who have gone through my Bread baking course or who have my Complete Bread Baking Video, eBook and Costing course. Click here to access it
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If you are going to bake quality bread that will last ten days shelf life for commercial purpose, you will need to understand how oven works. Most Ovens that are fabricated from Accrato Kumasi, WA, Nkoko, Sunyani, Oda, or Lagos, Kaduna, Jos, Benin, Abuja that I have had to used for customers taking my one on one bread baking trainings have been complete disappointments, with a few working well. I would not blame the users because they didn't understand how Ovens work before buying. Some were also given wrong information.

Let me delve into types of Oven. The easiest commercial bread oven is the deck oven. The advantages of deck oven is that it's electrically powered, bake within the computerised timing, the heat is regulated to bake both from down and up onto the pans,  it does not emit much heat outside. However,the disadvantage is that you must have both electricity and gas working at the same time. Deck Ovens are expensive for starters as price ranges from N850,000  or Ghc15,000 for 6 tray Oven to N1,200,000.00  or Ghc22000 for half bag Deck.

There are however new technology that let you buy better deck ovens which I have exclusively covered in the Complete Bread Baking and Bakery Management Video and eBook Course. Deck ovens are however more expensive to acquire than fabricated ovens.

Most people in Ghana and Nigeria starting micro and macro bakeries uses fabricated Ovens that can bake from quarter bags to even five bags at a time. These ovens are good and do their job well.

They are rugged and reliable. However, Ovens in Ghana are extremely good . Wherever you live in Ghana, be it Accra, Kuforodia, Kumasi, Sunyani,  Siege, Aflao, Takoradi etc all the Ovens are well fabricated and can bake good bread. For Nigeria, there are a few that meets the standard.

First, a fabricated Oven must must have fiber glass, well padded and the material should be a galvanized one to meet the standard. Ask your fabricator of all these qualities and tell him you are using it for bread. You may also ask him for references of people using their oven for bread baking.

Our Ovens at Bakers@work is rugged and meet standard. Our clients are enjoying our spiral mixers and fabricated Micro Ovens at affordable prices. Ovens ranges from N270,0000 for quarter bag oven to N480,000 for half bag Fabricated Oven and we send nationwide in Nigeria.

Aside the above features you should look out for when buying a good oven for bread baking, you should also check that the door is opened from right to left and the door should have a measurable part of 80%  that is glass. This helps you see through what you are baking. Your oven should also have thermometer built into it or you can buy a thermometer to attach to it.

Furthermore,  your modern fabricated oven should also come with rolling legs, so that you can move it to any part of your environment.
Further, things you should know about ovens is that no two oven work the same. You must master the regulation of your oven in order not to end up having lots of burnt bread.

In baking your bread, there are  lots of science you need to know about your oven in order to have quality and long lasting baked loaves. I have included how to use baking stones, steaming method and how to buy quality ovens in my Complete Bread Baking Video, eBook and Costing course. Click here to access it
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