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How to make massive money baking & selling bread rolls

Do you know you there is massive profit in bread rolls and you can make Ghc2,000, N80, 000 from a bag of 50kg flour? Yet this type of bread business opportunity is the most neglected by bakers.

Bread rolls are easy to bake, and basically do not need much Proffesional expertise. Anyone can start bread rolls business from home, mix with hand if there is no machine and bake from any oven ranging from kitchen oven to Professional Ovens.

In my FOUNDATIONAL ONLINE CLASSES to my Professional BREAD PROFIT BAKING & BUSINESS VIP CLASS which is for those who really want to go into bread baking as a business, my clients are given the right recipes and baking processes for maximum bread yield.


Why you should start with bread rolls:
Truth be told, most people should be starting with bread rolls before going into loaves. 

First, you can start with any amount of flour, bake little quantity and start selling from home, within your community and then branch into the real market.

Secondly, you don't need any sophisticated equipment as you can start your business with hand mixing and kneading.

Thirdly and very important is that you can sell for N100, Ghc1, Ghc2. 

Infact, even when there is increase in the price of flour, sugar etc, you should smile home to the bank daily with your baking.

As stated earlier, those who have gone through my Bread Baking School or who have purchased my new book BOOK OF
BREAD RECIPES are exposed to the right recipes that will yield the number of doughs that can give you massive income. 

You can make a minimum of Ghc1620 or N74,000 from one bag of 50kg flour.

Lastly, anyone can buy these bread rolls as it's cheap. Kids love them, family want to have bread rolls for each child, others takes it as snacks.

Following are what you should know and need to start profiting:

1. You need the right Recipes to give you increased volume, quantity, long lasting and yummy bread rolls or even loaves.

Most people are contending with bread that becomes hard after baking, spoils after few days, smells or don't have volume, does not draw and so they loose customers. This is the reason bakeries are collapsing and I know how frustrating it can be.
What Industrial ingredients do you need for your bread baking, what is your mixing method, how do you bake the bread, what type of water do you need as it's not just every type of water you should use for bread baking.

2. Wrong Bread Scaling: You don't start baking bread without knowing how to scale your dough for profit.  A baker in Portharcourt wrote to explain her frustration in her one year bakery. She bakes bread, has workers and people are buying her bread, but she is not making profit. Unfortunately, her sale is less than cost of production. A client in Gbagada had to close his bakery because there is no return coming. He attended my class and discovered all his mistakes.
You need to know what a Ghc2, Ghc10, N100, N1000 bread loaves should be scaled.  

See my new book you can download for you to start and run your bakery sustainably.
Buy Now: Recipes covers Butter, Sweet, Sugar, Milk, Wheat, Chocolate Bread Recipes
Details at bottom of article.

3.  You need proper knowledge and expert training to run a bakery. Starting a bakery is one aspect, having a sound and proper knowledge to make profit is another.  Most people just buy equipments and kick off with baking. Some would also call someone who is not experiences to give them a recipe. Your Recipe should be Unique, and stand higher than the bakeries in your area or Community, and you should master the art of marketing and sustaining your business.

Solution: I have made a complete ebook that gives you step by step method of running and sustaining a bakery, how to get your NAFDAC or FDA number, and written exclusively on Bread Recipes. It's a full package of Butter Bread, Sweet(Milk, Sugar Bread), Wheat, Chocolate Bread, Industrial Ingredients that gives your bread volume, make it to last longer in terms of shelf life,  Softened bread that's no hard, chewy and drawing bread rolls and loaves etc. This Complete Download of all the Recipes and Bakery Operations goes today on Promo for Ghc120 or N6,000, $25
 To order this Package, kindly WhatsApp me to request for MTN MOMO number on +233551689453 (Ghana), 

Or Pay N6,000 to Zenith Bank: 1017249190(Bakers At Work), then WhatsApp me with your payment details and email address to +2349028854666(Nigeria) so you can download your packages.
You can also pay by VISA, Mastercard, or in any of your country currency. Visit BUY IN DOLLARS OR YOUR COUNTRY CURRENCY

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