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Start a rich Yoghurt Production and Mini Factory

What if you convert your spare time, home freezer to creating wealth with Yoghurt Production or Create another stream of income producing Yummy yoghurt or Greek yoghurt from home or building a mini factory? This is what my clients who are ordinary citizens do to create wealth as well as extra income. it impossible with you too.

 There are business opportunities everywhere. But only a few see and take advantage of them. The first step to making breakthroughs is to ask the WHY and then create value and sell.

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Yoghurt is consumed everywhere and this is the reason when you walk through the section of ice creams and yoghurts in shopping malls like shoprite, westgate from Lagos to Abuja, Port Harcourt in Nigeria, Medina to Kumasi, Achimota and West hills malls in Ghana, you will see displays of yoghurt production brands from Ritabrand, FanYogo, Nestlé, L and Z, to FreshFarm etc.

Why will these conglomerates be expanding into this pro biotic business? Because there is good money to be made. It is possible with you if you look further. Take action now.

Yoghurt is a healthy drink with its main content being PROBIOTIC. It handles lots of health issues including Blood Pressure, Sugar level, Relaxes your body, weight control and prevent or cure Vagina Candida and other STDs. It is used as the right food formula for children of 7 months going and it builds their immunity.

Why will you not produce yoghurt for home consumption if you don't want to make it for commercial purpose?

It takes only 4 to 12 hours at your spare time to produce a healthy, organic and yummy yoghurt, then package it and sell even if you are fully occupied with other jobs. So time is not an excuse.

The first stage of yoghurt production  takes 1 hour and then second stage being only 30minutes out of the 12 hours. And final stage is packaging which tales an hour also. In essence, out of the twelve hours, you only need two hours to have a tummy yoghurt.

This is why this business is for anyone that want to create a second income part time or who want to use their spare time for wealth creation.

Equipments: You don't need any electricity or sophisticated equipment for yoghurt production. All you need to produce yoghurt are equipments  already in your kitchen.

Ingredients: You basically don't need something from the moon as ingredients. In fact, you could buy them same day cheaply with less than N1000  or GHc20 and make yoghurt of over N8000, GHc150. That's the profit secret but you must do it right.

How do I produce my first Yoghurt Chef Henry?

Join my YOGHURT PRODUCTION ONLINE WHATSAPP  CLASS (Take your lecture at your pace now)
PROMO PRICE: N4,000 or GHc60 (Normal Price N5000) only 12 students at a time. 

Or purchase your comprehensive eBook and Video right away for N4000 or GHc55. Delivered instantly through WhatsApp.

You will have three months access to the class at your own pace and time.
To join, call/text/whatapp me.on 09028854666 or join WhatsApp group by clicking here.

To join, call/text/whatapp me.on 09028854666. Email:

What you will learn:
Different types of yoghurt
Equipment for production
Ingredients and where to buy them
Practical production of Yoghurt
Packaging and selling of your yoghurt
How to use yoghurt for curing illness, especially Candida, blood pressure   and sugar level.

Join my yoghurt WhatsApp class here
WhatsApp/Call: 09028854666,

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