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5 Bread Baking Equipments you should know

Starting a bread baking business or other pastry business successfully require knowing, using and mastering the right equipments if you must succeed. If you want to become a pastry chef or Master Baker, then pay attention to these equipments.

Let me state that in my Bread Baking and Bakery Management Home study course which we have started shipping  or during our live Micro Bakery Classes, we expose students to various methods of baking from using hand kneading and mixing (organic bread), to using the fabricated bread roller or milling machine to the advanced method of using spiral mixers for your bread. We do this for a real purpose and it is to give options and choices to those who want to start a micro bakery with low budget to those who want a massive bakery.

Let look at these equipments here:

1. Bread Ovens: Oven is the first and most important equipment for baking bread. Let me state as I always do that some bread bakers try to buy or use their cake ovens to bake bread. They are two different things entirely. Bread Ovens can bake cake but cake ovens don't bake bread. The simple reason is that bread uses hard flour and a different science from cake which is mainly confectionary or soft flour.

Buying Oven require some very level of knowledge. Don't just walk into an oven fabricator and ask for oven. They don't know about bread science. I have had a battle with an oven fabricator in Lagos whose oven does not bake bread just as many of my later clients had experienced too.

I could write exclusively about Oven here. You need an oven that is galvanized, padded with fibre glass and a host of other factors to bake bread effectively.

I don't recommend the firewood or charcoal oven at this age of digitalization with the dirts, smell and health effect that comes with it.
 It is important that you use an electric oven or gas oven.

Ovens ranges from fabricated gas ovens to deck oven etc.
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2. Spiral Mixer: A spiral mixer is important for bread baking if you are baking on  large scale. There two types of spiral mixers and you must understand this before buying a spiral mixer. Let me also state that cake mixers and different from bread mixers. Spiral mixers are classified into single and double speeds.

3. Bread Rollers or milling machine: A bread miller will help in removing gas from your bread dough and mill your it smoothy. A bread produced with a miller or roller will give a smoother, chewy bread than that of a spiral mixer.

You may not need to have a spital mixer to bake your bread but necessarily need a roller.

5. Bowl for hand Mixing: You can truly go into organic hand made bread and make huge profit, baking with just Oven. There is a science of hand made bread and I have discussed this exclusively in my Video and Bread Baking Manual.
I shall cover other bakery equipments in part two of this writeup.

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