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5 World Bakery Building designs you should model

In the course of my conducting Bread Baking Classes over the years, I have entered various bakeries of different sizes, types and product lines.

Bakeries are built on different models and I will be taking you through various bread bakeries, pastry shops and their likes.

Each country's bakery buildings and homes are modeled according g to their food agencies. For example NAFDC or National Agency for Food and Drug in Nigeria, Food and Drug FD in Ghana have their standard in terms of building and operations.

Five Model Micro Baking and Bakery Building To Model Your Bakery should follow as a design are as below.

Next one is a bakery kiosk model. You could establish a hot bread kitchen here.

Next one is also a street built baking shop or kiosk:

And finally the last model

You can achieve it. Even if you don't have the money now, you can call it into reality.

Download it, make it your phone wall paper, print it and paste it by your bed side, have it in your purse, bags etc and see it daily until you achieve the building.

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