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The 10 sure business and money secrets of all time from the old to now

These are basic money secrets, right from the wisdom of Solomon, to Jesus principles to your establishing and running your own business. If you are selling your own product or dealing with customers or want to improve on your own business, they are all the same.These are just the ten secrets you must have to succeed.

(1) There are no other way  around it. Just be able to provide a quality product or service and you are in business. It must be a product or service a lot of people will consume and you are  good to go.

 (2) Help people by putting their own needs first rather than yours and you are also good to go.

(3) Be in control: If you want to make lots of money, then you must offer a product or service that you are in control of. And when I mean control, I mean exclusive control. And if it is something that cannot be found anywhere else, you are in for a big wealth.

(4) Use Money to make money: Be ready to use your money to make more money! Spend money on advertising, promotion and investing in your business in oreder to harvest.

(5) Show and sell more of benefits rather than your image. Consumers of your products are not interest on how big or sophisticated your company is. They are not interested in how wonderful or good a person you are. They are interested in how your product can help meet their needs. Focus more on the benefit of your product or services.

(6) Be ready to offer something for free. It is hard in this way, but it is in offering free things that you can make more money. Be ready to give samples of your product or test products to other. But do this in a way such that they have to visit your store to get it. Or your site. This way, they are able to buy more from you.

(7) Be ready to give them the right treatment as VIPs. All your clients are VIP and should be treated like that. I mean even the least buying ones. Show them guarantee on your products and make them know if they are not satisfied, they can get back their money.
 (8) Create a Heap Stream: You cannot sell your product alone. You need help and you need lots of it. Use distributors and agents to increase your product reach. It is not possible for only you to reach the world.

(9) Plough back  30%! Never eat all you make. Re invest at least 30% of your profit into your business and buy more promos, product or improve on your services and also use part for training your self on the job. Resolve to be better on your line of business than you have been before. This way you can make a lot of money

(10) Be open look for people you want to be like in your industry and know what they are doing! Keep improving and associating.

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